What is an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer?

An Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer is a visual tool used to structure and plan for opinion or persuasive writing pieces. It assists students in structuring their ideas and arguments in a logical and coherent manner. Let's delve deep into its components:

  • Main Opinion Box: This is where the writer states their primary claim or stance on a particular issue. It should be clear, concise, and debatable.
  • Reasons/Evidence Boxes: These are typically three boxes (or more depending on the complexity of the topic) where the writer provides supporting arguments for their main opinion. Each box should contain one reason and the corresponding evidence or examples that substantiate it.
  • Counter-Argument Box: This section is for acknowledging an opposing viewpoint to the main opinion. By considering and addressing counter-arguments, the writer can make their own argument more robust and balanced.
  • Rebuttal/Conclusion Box: Here, the writer refutes the counter-argument and restates their main opinion, reinforcing their stance. The rebuttal should logically counter the opposing viewpoint, while the conclusion should succinctly summarize the key points of the argument.

Using this organizer, students can visualize their argument's structure before they start writing, ensuring a well-articulated and persuasive essay. It promotes critical thinking as students have to consider various viewpoints, gather evidence, and build a strong argument.

Moreover, it's not just limited to educational settings - anyone looking to structure an argumentative piece of writing can benefit from this tool. Whether you're drafting a letter to a local newspaper editor or preparing for a debate, an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer can help streamline your thoughts and create a compelling argument.

When to use Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer?

The Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of contexts:

  • Educational Setting: This tool is frequently used in the classroom to help students organize their thoughts for persuasive essays or debates. It aids students in constructing coherent and persuasive arguments, which is an essential skill not only in language arts but also across different subjects.
  • Content Creation: For bloggers, writers, and content creators, the organizer can be used to plan out convincing opinion pieces or persuasive articles. It ensures that the content flows logically and all the important points are covered.
  • Professional Environment: In the workplace, the organizer can be useful in preparing for presentations or meetings where a certain point needs to be argued or a proposal needs to be convincingly presented.
  • Public Speaking: For speeches or debates, the organizer can serve as a useful tool for speakers to clearly present their opinion, support it with logical reasoning and evidence, address counterarguments, and effectively conclude their speech.
  • Personal Use: On a personal level, it can help organize thoughts before making an important decision. Listing down opinions and reasons can provide clarity and lead to a more informed decision.

Whenever there is a need to present an argument persuasively, whether in writing or orally, an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer can prove to be a useful tool.

Benefits of Using an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer

1. Organizes Thoughts Clearly

An Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer aids in laying out thoughts and arguments in a clear and organized manner. It ensures that all important points and evidence supporting the opinion are included and properly structured.

2. Enhances Persuasive Writing Skills

By visually breaking down the components of a persuasive argument, the organizer helps in understanding and improving the structure of opinion writing, leading to more effective persuasion.

3. Encourages Critical Thinking

Using this organizer prompts writers to consider various aspects of an argument, including counterarguments. This fosters critical thinking and allows for the creation of well-rounded arguments.

4. Facilitates Cohesive Argument Building

With a clear structure in place, transitions between points become smoother, ensuring a cohesive flow in the written piece.

5. Assists in Addressing Counterarguments

One of the key features of persuasive writing is addressing counterarguments. The organizer includes a space to list possible counterarguments and rebuttals, ensuring that the writer addresses opposing views effectively.

6. Serves as a Helpful Reference Tool

While writing, the graphic organizer can be referred back to at any time. This ensures the writer stays on track with their argument and doesn’t miss out on any crucial points.

In summary, an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer is an effective tool that enhances opinion writing by providing a clear structure, fostering critical thinking, aiding argument construction, and serving as a reliable reference throughout the writing process.

How to Create an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer on Boardmix?

Boardmix, being a versatile and easy-to-use tool, allows you to create various types of graphic organizers, including the Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer. This guide will walk you through the process.

1. Log In to Boardmix

First, visit the Boardmix website and log in to your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create one for free.

2. Start a New Project

From your dashboard, click on 'New board'. This will open a blank canvas where you can start creating your Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer.

3. Choose a Suitable Template

Boardmix offers numerous templates for graphic organizers. You can select one that closely aligns with the structure of an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer or start from scratch.

4. Input Your Main Opinion

Your Main Opinion is the primary claim or viewpoint that you will be arguing for in your piece. Put this opinion in the central or top section of your organizer.

5. Add Reasons and Evidence

These are your arguments or supporting points that validate your main opinion. Each reason should ideally be supported by evidence or examples. Put these in the sections around or below the main opinion.

6. Consider Counter-Arguments

Anticipate potential counter-arguments to your main opinion and include them in your organizer. Addressing these opposing views can strengthen your argument by making it more balanced and credible.

7. Write Your Rebuttal or Conclusion

This section should respond to the counter-arguments and reiterate your main opinion, summarizing your key points and providing a compelling conclusion.

8. Customize Your Organizer

Use Boardmix's design features to make your organizer more engaging and visually pleasing. You can alter fonts, change colors, add images, etc.

9. Save and Share Your Work

Remember to save your work periodically. Once finished, you can share your Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer with others straight from Boardmix, either via email or by generating a shareable link.


Creating an Opinion Writing Graphic Organizer on Boardmix can help you structure your thoughts and develop a strong, persuasive argument. This step-by-step guide should provide you with the basic know-how to create effective organizers on this platform.

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