Amplify your ideas with unmatched  AI mind mapping Created with Pixso.  capabilities

Boardmix seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence to enhance your mind mapping experience, providing precision, efficiency, and a dynamic platform for unleashing innovation.

AI Mind Map Generator
Automatically turn your abstract ideas into specific and logical mind maps within seconds.
Customizable templates
Explore a diverse array of mind map templates for personal uses, project management and creative brainstorming.
Various layouts and styles
Discover a spectrum of layouts and styles, including hierarchical structures, radial designs, vibrant color schemes, intuitive icons, and customizable themes, allowing you to craft mind maps that resonate with your unique vision.
Smart formatting
Seamlessly arrange and optimize your complex content, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and organized mind map.
High compatibility
Files, webpages, icons, and images of various formats can be freely inserted, imported, and exported to enrich your mind map design.

Scale your thinking capability with AI Created with Pixso.

AI Assistant is always here for you whenever necessary. Be it complicated mind map or table, one single click in Boardmix can save your precious energy and time.

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smart layout

Limitless canvas aids your boundless Created with Pixso. flexibility

Boardmix limitless canvas unleashes your infinite possibility by allowing all kinds of visualized ideas in forms of documents, formulas, notes and hyperlinks.

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Stay connected with everyone in Boardmix Created with Pixso.

Invite colleagues to work on the same page simultaneously via a link. You can also add comments or initiate video conferences.

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work at any time and any place


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Boardmix template center Created with Pixso.

  • Corporation Management
  • Methodology
  • Brainstorm
  • Project Management
  • Strategy Consulting
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Beyond mind maps, Boardmix has more professional capabilities Created with Pixso.

Unlike traditional tools, Boardmix is more intelligent, more user-friendly, and is suitable for more use scenarios.

  • AI Assistant

    AI Assistant

    Wake the AI Assistant for quick response and innovative ideas.

  • Infinite Canvas

    Infinite Canvas

    Move and expand the canvas without any limitations.

  • Switch Layouts and Topics in One Click

    Switch Layouts and Topics in One Click

    Switch between different layouts and styles in one click to polish your works.

  • Smart Formating

    Smart Formating

    Able to align branches automatically, display numbers in equal spacing and add auto layout to lists.

  • Chatbox


    Interact with teammates via chatbox in real time. Support sending and deleting messages, notifying others of what's updated.

  • Presentation Mode

    Presentation Mode

    Click and enter presentation mode where you can switch pages and rank by dragging.

  • Multi-format Import & Export

    Multi-format Import & Export

    Export and import PDF, PNG, JPG and BDX files. Settings like resolution ratio, area and background can all be customized based on needs.

  • Version History

    Version History

    Able to create multiple versions and restore the current file to any version in chronological order.

  • Icon Libraries

    Icon Libraries

    Utilize and customize icons of both monochromatic and polychromatic icon libraries.

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