A Comprehensive Online Mind Mapping Tool
to Unlock Your Potential Imagination

Except for mind map, Boardmix is also built in with other diagramming tools, including flow chart, fishbone diagram, organizational chart, timeline diagram, UML diagram, etc. All are free for individual users!

mind map

Mind Map

  • Auto layout
  • Multiple layout options
  • Diverse theme styles
  • Add image & hyperlink
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flow chart

Flow Chart

  • Free to drag any flow path
  • Specific button for table global control
  • Snap connections to objects
  • Auto align
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fishbone diagram

Fishbone Diagram

  • Templates available
  • Free to add comment
  • Customizable shape
  • Signature markup
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concept map

Concept Map

  • Focus on question with central idea
  • Show concepts with hierarchical structure
  • Connect key branches with cross-links
  • Sort out connections with closed loop
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Organizational Chart

  • Auto add category with a right click
  • Multiple styles of the hierarchy
  • Intelligent adjustment of the layout
  • Present chart with slideshow
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Create Unlimited Online Mind Maps in a Single Canvas to Visualize Your Ideas

Boardmix allows you to generate as many mind maps as you need on one canvas. More than a simple mind mapping software - with a variety of other tools available, Boardmix helps to visualizes your ideas in a better way.

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create unlimited mind maps
collaborative mind mapping tool

A Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool to Gather Creativity

Share your mind map via a link and invite team members to collaborate on it. Edit, comment, join meeting in the same canvas/screen. Team collaboration has never been easier!

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Collaborative Mind Mapping. It All Starts with an Idea

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Mind Map Template Community

enterprise management Enterprise Management
methodology Methodology
brainstorming Brainstorming
project management Project Management
consulting strategies Strategy Consulting
mind map template in Boardmix community mind map template in Boardmix community mind map template in Boardmix community mind map template in Boardmix community
mind map template in Boardmix community mind map template in Boardmix community mind map template in Boardmix community mind map template in Boardmix community

More Than Just an Online Mind Mapping Tool

Unlike traditional tools, Boardmix offers smarter, more user-friendly options and caters to a wider range of scenarios.

unlimited frames
Infinite Canvas

The canvas can be moved flexibly and extended with no limitation.

one click to switch layout or theme
Switch Layouts and Topics in One Click

Set mind map layouts and topic styles in one-click. Switch between different layouts and styles to polish your works.

intelligent align
Smart Typesetting

Align branches automatically, display numbers in equal spacing and add auto layout to lists.

chat room
Chat Box

Interact with teammates via chat box in real time. Operations like sending, notifying and deleting messages are supported.

present slide show
Demo Mode

Click the demonstrate button to enter demo mode instantly, in which you can switch pages and drag pages for sorting.

intelligent align

Measure time in milliseconds. You can set any countdown to control the conference length and perform efficient communication.

export/import in different formats
Export and Import Multiple Formats

Export and import PDF, PNG, JPG and bdx files. Customize resolution ratio, area and background.

version history management
Manage Historical Versions

Create multiple versions and restore the current file to any historical version in chronological order.

icon library
Icon Library

Preset rich monochromatic and polychromatic icon libraries. Support to change icon size and color.

Ideas Grow in Boardmix

Free for individual users
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