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link flowchart

Link Flowchart

Create a clear flowchart simply by adding subflows in one click. Export the chart as a HD PDF, PNG and JPG file without watermark.

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conference flowchart

Conference Flowchart

With preset auxiliary lines and sticky notes, the information can be aligned automatically, notes can be took quickly, and flows can be adjusted dynamically.

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organization chart

Organization Chart

The organization chart helps a lot when visualizing the contribution milestone cross department. It also helps sort out complex connections.

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Mind Map

Every team can create remarkable mind map by grace of the automatic typesetting, multiplayer collaboration and online comment functions of Boardmix.

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UML Diagram

UML diagram visualizes the modeling language of software system, simplifying the communication among programmers.

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user story map

User Story Map

User story map can be used to analyse users' actions and thoughts, thus helps to seize market opportunities.

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Integrate Various Flowcharts to

Boost Team Work Efficiency

  • Mix text and graphics on the flowchart of Boardmix
  • Multiple teammates can collaborate on the same file in real time
  • Insert images, files, tables, formulas, sticky notes and hyperlinks into the flowchart for the better visualized expression
integrate flowchart
work at any time

Work Online at

Any Time and Any Place

  • Login to Boardmix with a browser on any device
  • Automatically store data to cloud and update changes in real time
  • Edit, restore and copy any historical version

Share and Demonstrate

Your Idea in Multiple Scenarios

  • Secure data by sharing links that can be encrypted and set access permissions to
  • Support online comment and video conference to get quick feedback
  • Add flowcharts to the roadmap to get a clear global view
use Boardmix in multiple scenarios


Integrate Various Flowcharts and Bring You Brand New Experience

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Flowchart Template Community

enterprise management Enterprise Management
methodology Methodology
brainstorming Brainstorming
project management Project Management
strategy consulting Strategy Consulting

More Professional Capabilities to Create Flowcharts

Unlike traditional tools, Boardmix is more intelligent, more user-friendly and provides more scenarios

infinite canvas
Infinite Canvas

The canvas can be moved flexibly and extended with no limitation.

switch layout and topic in one click
Switch Layouts and Topics in One Click

Set mind map layouts and topic styles in one-click. Switch between different layouts and styles to polish your works.

smart typesetting
Smart Typesetting

Align branches automatically, display numbers in equal spacing and add auto layout to lists.

chat box
Chat Box

Interact with teammates via chat box in real time. Operations like sending, notifying and deleting messages are supported.

demo mode
Demo Mode

Click the demonstrate button to enter demo mode instantly, in which you can switch pages and drag pages for sorting.

smart typesetting

Measure time in milliseconds. You can set any countdown to control the conference length and perform efficient communication.

export and import multiple formats
Export and Import Multiple Formats

Export and import PDF, PNG, JPG and bdx files. Customize resolution ratio, area and background.

manage historical versions
Manage Historical Versions

Create multiple versions and restore the current file to any historical version in chronological order.

icon library
Icon Library

Preset rich monochromatic and polychromatic icon libraries. Support to change icon size and color.

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