Create, Collaborate, Conquer with  Boardmix AI Created with Pixso.

Boardmix pairs advanced AI technology with the flexibility and simplicity of a whiteboard, making it easy to brainstorm ideas, analyze data, draft docs, visualize information, on your own or with others.

From Boardroom to Classroom, AI Whiteboard
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AI-powered Product & marketing Research

Collect and analyze data of competitors to create an industry-leading product.

AI-powered Design Research

Get inspired by the best designs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

AI-powered Intelligent Education

Spark creativity of both students and teachers. Get well done with syllabuses, study notes, class assignments, almost everything, in Boardmix thinkspace.

AI-powered Marketing planning

Design activity flows and marketing strategies from scratch, in 1 minute.

AI-powered Business management

Draw insights from administrative methodologies of globally reputable enterprises.

AI-powered Presentation

Various presentations are at your fingertips. Transform hours of work into minutes.

AI Online Whiteboard Created with Pixso. to Implement Collaboration

Besides AI-related features, Boardmix is also equipped with multiple useful tools that serve you well during the collaborative teamwork and creation process.

  • AI assistant

    AI Assistant

    Wake the AI Assistant for quick response and innovative ideas.

  • infinite canvas

    Infinite Canvas

    Move and expand the canvas without limitations.

  • switch layouts and topics in one click

    Switch Layouts and Topics in One Click

    Switch between different layouts and styles in one click to polish your works.

  • Voting


    Help groups reach a consensus or decision in a democratic way.

  • chatbox


    Interact with teammates via chatbox in real time. Support sending and deleting messages, notifying others of what's updated.

  • presentation mode

    Presentation Mode

    Click and enter presentation mode where you can switch pages and rank by dragging.

  • multi-format import and export

    Multi-format Import & Export

    Export and import PDF, PNG, JPG and BDX files. Settings like resolution ratio, area and background can all be customized based on needs.

  • version history

    Version History

    Able to create multiple versions and restore the current file to any version in chronological order.

  • icon libraries

    Icon Libraries

    Utilize and customize icons of both monochromatic and polychromatic icon libraries.

Template Center  Created with Pixso.
- Expand Your Boundaries

Break the boundary between pro and non-pro using high-quality templates preset in Boardmix, each with a detailed use case.

Interview Checklist

Interview Checklist

Work Plan for Q4

Work Plan for Q4

Team Meeting Record

Team Meeting Record

Voting for Next Project

Voting for Next Project

Daily Handbook

Daily Handbook

Gratitude Tree

Gratitude Tree

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