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presentations made in a
lightning-fast way
Type a topic in the bar and you'll get impactful slides in several seconds.
Select from multiple styles of templates to satisfy different needs.
Support editing all slides elements, including text, images and the rest.
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Elevate your presentations
Elevate your presentations from ordinary to
Leave visual issues to the automatic color matching and formatting features.
Visualize all the information using built-in line charts, bar charts and more.
Polish the content to perfection using AI Assistant.
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Auto layout
Generally, the presentation making process is
time-consuming and can be a tough task for many people. However, BoardMix presentation maker powered by AI really boosts the efficiency to design slides. Everything gets done in just several seconds!
Product manager
Unlike the traditional way to make a presentation, BoardMix provides various ready-made templates, and enables us to customize text, images, colors, fonts and so on. Slides made by BoardMix clearly stand out among traditional ones!
UI designer
Create, edit, 
present together with AI
Collaborate on slides with teammates and share the file via links.
Create, edit and present your slides, all within BoardMix workspace.
Export slides quickly in various formats.
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immersive presentations
Dive into immersive
Interact with all participants to enhance their
engagement during the presentation.
Captivate audience by following the presenter's
Set different permissions for participants to avoid
accidental operations.
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ai presentation toolkit
AI presentation toolkit at your fingertips
Vote online for better decision-making.
remote meeting
Video Conference
Integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meeting and Skype.
Set a timer to accurately control the presenting time.
You are presenting...
Presentation Mode
Follow the presenter's perspective for more details.
roadmap/PPT preview
Roadmap/PPT Preview
Switch between slides freely and locate any of them on the canvas.
interactive/slide show
Interactive/Slide Show
Choose a mode based on needs
Multi-format Export
Support exporting files in PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF formats.
Immersive Interaction
Interact with teammates via comments, emojis and stickers.
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