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A feature-rich flowchart toolkit

Boardmix maximizes the possibilities to take your flowchart-making to the next level, and minimizes the limitations that may hinder you from creating flowcharts freely.

Customizable templates

Choose from a wide range of ready-made flowchart templates to fit your specific needs.

Rich shape resources

A vast collection of flowchart shapes, symbols, and diagrammatical components can be easily accessed and directly used in the shape library.

Smart connectors

Features like connector absorption, dynamic connection, freeform lines, as well as drag-and-drop functionality collectively enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of complex flowchart-making.

Smart formatting

With preset guides and advanced formatting options, objects can be aligned automatically, and flows can be adjusted dynamically.

Customizable styles

Shapes, sticky notes, connection lines, strokes, tables, images, hyperlinks, almost everything in a flowchart can be customized to the way you like.

High compatibility

Files and images of various formats can be freely inserted, imported, and exported to enrich your flowchart design and for future use.

Make flowcharts in seconds with Boardmix AI

Ask AI Assistant to generate flowcharts by simply providing a theme. Or you can select a ready-made flowchart template to get started quickly.

Wake the Boardmix AI Assistant for instant access to knowledge on the flowchart, such as its definition, usage, and symbol meanings.

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Design flexibly on the infinite canvas

Create all kinds of flowcharts on the infinite canvas, where you can freely drag in and out text and graphics. You can also enrich your creation with imported images, files, tables, formulas, sticky notes, hyperlinks, and more.

Work online at any time and any place

No matter where you are or what time it is, you can log in to Boardmix and start to work with your teammates efficiently.

Data is automatically stored in the cloud, allowing team members to simultaneously edit the same file. Additionally, the version history feature enables editing, restoring, and copying of any previous version.

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Beyond flowcharts, Boardmix has more professional capabilities

Unlike traditional tools, Boardmix is more intelligent, more user-friendly, and is suitable for more user scenarios.

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