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Boardmix Privacy Policy

1. Data controller and representative

Through our Websites (the “Websites”) and desktop applications and mobile applications (the “Applications” or “Products”), Boardmix and its affiliated entities (collectively, "Boardmix", "us," or "we") implement the processing of personal data listed below. Boardmix is committed to protecting your privacy. We understand that the security of your personal information is important. We provide reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security controls to protect your personal information.

The data controller is BOYUN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, and its affiliated companies, Room 1204, San Toi Building,137-139 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong, China. Privacy-related questions can be directed to support@boardmix.com.

Please read carefully the following privacy policy which provides you, as the User of the Websites and/or Applications (the “User” or “You”), with the relevant information regarding the various processing of personal data implemented by Boardmix.

We highly value and prioritize the security of your personal information. We consistently instruct our employees to legally safeguard your personal information. We actively provide professional training and informational campaigns to our staff regarding the protection of personal information. We keep our employees informed and updated on relevant laws and regulations related to personal information protection through timely training sessions. Additionally, we have established and implemented measures to protect personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

2. Data processing implemented by Boardmix

2.1 Processing of personal data related to your visit to our website and the purchase and use of our products

Boardmix only records data when users visit our website or use our products through the website or application. We do not collect data on users' visits to other websites or other behavioral data related to users' devices.For your personal information, we adhere to the principle of minimizing impact. After pseudonymizing your personal information, only a limited number of authorized employees with specific permissions are allowed to process your personal information. The processing is strictly confined to the scope you have previously consented to. Unauthorized employees are prohibited from accessing or processing your personal information, and internal circulation and processing of your personal information within the company are strictly prohibited.Boardmix treats the processing of personal data in accordance with:

2.1.1 Data we collect if you visit our Websites

- information about how you visit our Websites (including the webpage that led you to an Boardmix Websites, the search terms entered into a search engine which led you to an Boardmix Websites);
- Your operations and clicks to our Websites;
- Date and time of the visit and the duration of use of the Websites.
- Information about your device (device type, browser type and version, settings, installed plugins, operating system).
The above-mentioned personal data is referred to as Website Usage Data.

2.1.2 Processing Purposes

We process website usage data to allow you to browse the website and ensure its functionality. We also process website usage data to analyze the performance of the website, continually improve the website, and correct errors to ensure IT security and the operation of our systems. Additionally, we process this data in aggregated or pseudonymous form for further analysis of trends, website management, tracking user activities, collecting demographic information about our entire user base, or enhancing marketing (including providing you with personalized, interest-based advertising) and ensuring the security of our IT systems and improving the user experience on our website.

2.2 Data we collect only if you submit it to us

2.2.1 If you submit personal data to us through data collection forms during the purchasing process or other processes, the personal data we collect includes:

2.2.2 Processing Purposes:

We use account data to assist you in creating an account and maintaining records of your product licenses (i.e., for anti-piracy verification and periodic validation of your rights in the product) and enable the provision of maintenance or support services to you. We will also use this information to provide in-product messaging containing information about the products, features, or services provided by Boardmix.

We will use transaction data to fulfill your orders, for billing purposes, and for internal accounting and refund management purposes.

We will use comment data to improve our products and provide better, more transparent information to consumers and potential consumers about Boardmix products. Boardmix may use comments (with your relevant information) that you post for marketing purposes, so others can better understand and use our products.

To fulfill the contract between you and Boardmix and provide you with the products you have purchased.

We will not collect or process data about your payment instruments, such as credit card numbers, bank account information, or PayPal accounts. This information is collected, processed, and stored by our qualified payment processors.

We may contact customers directly through mail, email, or phone from time to time to inform you about upgrades, new products, promotions, or special offers that you have indicated interest in receiving (including our newsletter). The subscription to the Boardmix newsletter and the provision of related personal data are voluntary, and the processing of the collected personal data depends on the user's consent. If you wish to opt-out of the above purposes, you can contact support@boardmix.com.

2.3 Data we collect if you use our Products

2.3.1 If you use our Products, the personal data we collect includes:

We have different kinds of products and different products may collect different data. Generally, we may collect below data if you use our products.

- your product serial number;
- We collect information about the products which you use and how you use them, including but not limited to Launch data, Feature usage, Page clicks, Sign-in information;
- Your local device information, including but not limited to your device information, device hardware, operating system,Username, your Boardmix ID, location, IP address, operating log information, the size and format of the files you are working with;
- Crash data and the information of the files you are working with. If the User meets with a crash problem, we will enquire if the User agrees to send the original document to Boardmix. Only if the User agrees to send Boardmix the original document, Boardmix can have access to the original document;
- Documents and files you submit and store on our cloud storage system.

2.3.2 Processing Purposes

We process product usage data and product installation data to facilitate, evaluate, and verify your use of our products and services. We also use product usage data for our internal statistical and analytical purposes. By identifying customer preferences and analyzing crash data, we assess and enhance users' experiences with the product. If you wish to opt-out of the above purposes, you can contact support@boardmix.com.

For Boardmix to provide the User with the ordered product(s) or the performance of a contract to which the User is party,

For providing customer service or support;

2.4 Legal Basis for Processing Personal Information

In general, we only process your personal information with your consent. However, according to the provisions of laws and regulations, we may process your personal information without obtaining your authorized consent in the following circumstances:

(1) Necessary for the conclusion and performance of a contract in which you are a party;

(2) Necessary for the fulfillment of legal duties or obligations;

(3) Necessary to respond to sudden public health events or emergencies to protect the life, health, and property safety of natural persons;

(4) Necessary for the implementation of news reporting, public opinion supervision, and other activities for public interest, within a reasonable scope of processing personal information;

(5) Processing personal information within a reasonable scope as stipulated by law when dealing with personal information that has been voluntarily disclosed by individuals or other personal information that has already been legally publicized;

(6) Other circumstances as provided by laws, regulations, and administrative rules.

3. Cookies and tracking tools

Boardmix implements a number of industry-standard information-tracking tools to collect information about your use with our Websites and Applications. When the User consults the Websites and/or the Applications, Boardmix implements cookies on the User's device.

Special note: For the Google Drive, Boardmix's use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Other third-party tracking tools are listed below, but it doesn't necessarily mean each of our Websites or Products uses all the tracking tools listed below.

Boardmix offers AI features. If you choose to use these AI features, we will process your data by providing it to AI models for analysis, including:
- If you use AI to generate images, we will send your original reference images to the selected AI model for processing, resulting in the creation of the desired images.
- If you use other AI features, we will send your original documents to the ChatGPT model for semantic analysis, generating interpretable content. This content will then undergo secondary processing and presentation on the canvas for your review.


Name of third-party tracking tools

Data collected by tracking tools

Purpose of data collection

Used on Website or product


Adwords, Bing, Criteo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora

Website usage data

targeting and advertising purpose




local device data
product usage data
data submitted by the User

better understand how the products work and crash and make improvements.



Google Analytics

Website usage data
product usage data
local device data

better understand how the Website and product work, and make improvements




crash data

better understand how the product crash, and make improvements




User's comments to Product and Website

better display and manage User's comments




Website usage data

better understand how the Websites work and make improvements




Inquiry information and other data submitted by the User.

In order for Boardmix to contact Users to follow up the inquiry.


3.1 How Do I Turn Off Cookies?

Some cookies are essential, as without them, we cannot provide you with our website or services. However, there are also some cookies that can be disabled, and most browsers allow users to manage cookies according to their preferences. In certain browsers, you can set rules to manage cookies on a site-by-site basis, meaning you can allow cookies only on sites you trust. Browser manufacturers typically provide help pages related to cookie management. Click on the link below to learn more about cookie management from common browser manufacturers:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Safari (Desktop)

Once again, a reminder that if you disable certain cookies, some parts of the website or services may be unavailable or may not function properly.

4. Storage Period

Boardmix will retain the collected personal data within the necessary duration required to fulfill our contractual relationships or legal obligations, and as permitted by applicable laws. Beyond this duration, we will delete personal data in accordance with applicable legal requirements. In order for Boardmix to substantiate rights, contracts, or legal obligations, relevant personal data will be stored through intermediary agencies, and the archival period will not exceed the strict necessary time for the storage purpose and applicable legal requirements. Regarding banking information, once payments have been processed and become effective, withdrawal timeframes may apply additionally. The number and expiration date of credit card information (excluding the CVV security code) may be stored through intermediary agencies within the time limits specified by applicable laws, archived for evidence in claims related to payments.

5. User's rights

To the extent required by the law of your jurisdiction, you may have below rights. Before you exercise below rights, you may consult your legal counsel if the laws of your jurisdiction stipulate below rights. Residents in the EU have below rights according to GDPR.In addition to the rights listed below, if you are entitled to other rights under the laws of the European Union member state where you reside, you have the right to exercise those rights, and we respect your rights. 



The right to be informed

The User has the right to be provided with clear, transparent and easily understandable information about how Boardmix collects and uses personal data and its rights. This is the reason why Boardmix is providing the User with the information in this privacy policy.

The right of access

The User has the right to obtain access to its personal data (if Boardmix is processing it), and other certain information (similar to that provided in this privacy policy).

The right to rectification

The User is entitled to have its personal data corrected if it's inaccurate or incomplete.

The right to erasure

This ‘the right to be forgotten' enables the User to request the deletion or removal of its personal data where there's no compelling reason for Boardmix to keep using it. This is not a general right to erasure; there are exceptions.

The right to restrict processing

Under certain circumstances, the User has the rights to ‘block' or suppress further use of its personal data.

The right to data portability

The User has the rights to receive its personal data provided to Boardmix in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format and has the right to transmit those data to another controller.

The right to object to processing

The User has the right to object, on grounds relating to its particular situation, at any time, to the processing of its personal data.

The right to lodge a complaint

The User has the right to lodge a complaint about the way Boardmix handles or processes its personal data with its national supervisory authority (in France, the CNIL).

The right to withdraw consent

If the user has given its consent for specific processing of its personal data implemented by Boardmix, the User has the right to withdraw its consent at any time. In case the User does so, it does not mean that anything Boardmix has done with the User's personal data with its consent up to that point is unlawful).

The right to define instructions

The User has the right to define general or specific instructions regarding storage, deletion, and use of its personal data after death.

However, to register with Boardmix, create a Boardmix account, and use some Boardmix Websites, products or services, the provision of some information such as the email the address is mandatory: if relevant information is not provided, then we will not be able to administer an Boardmix account to you or provide you with the Websites, products, or services requested. All other provision of your information is optional. Providing optional information will help us offer you a better experience, such as more personalized or tailored content or offerings.


6.Collection of Children's Information

Boardmix's website and products are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 16, and we do not intentionally collect any information from users under the age of 16. If you do not meet the applicable age requirements, please refrain from using these websites and products. If parents or guardians become aware that your child has provided personal data to Boardmix, or if we inadvertently collect such information, please contact us at support@boardmix.com so that we can promptly remove the information from our servers.

7.Revision of this Privacy Policy

If there are updates to laws and regulations such as GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or if there are updates to our products/business that necessitate us to fulfill or adjust relevant obligations according to legal provisions, we may change this privacy policy (or other documents related to the privacy policy) accordingly. This is done to ensure that Boardmix, while complying with legal requirements, may use or share your personal data in different ways. If we do, the links to the policy on our Websites (which are generally found in the footer of the Websites) will indicate that the policy has been changed. For new users, the change will become effective upon posting. For existing users, if the change is significant, it will become effective 30 days after posting. We encourage you to periodically review the privacy policy for the latest information on our privacy practices.

8.Contacting Boardmix

If users wish to delete the data collected by Boardmix services or need to contact us for any reason, including exercising their rights regarding data protection, please contact support@boardmix.com. We promptly undertake relevant tasks and provide feedback upon receiving your email.If we have doubts about your personal identity, we may verify your identity before processing your request. Depending on the circumstances, we may require you to provide relevant proof documents.Boardmix will act on the User's requests and provide information free of charge, except where the requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive (in particular because of their repetitive nature). In such cases, in accordance with GDPR or relevant legal provisions, Boardmix may charge a reasonable fee (taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information or communication or taking action requested), or refusing to act on the request.


Room 1204, San Toi Building,137-139 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong