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We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, online wallets, and other payment methods that resonate with your locality. Simply click on the [BUY NOW] button to select your country and explore the diverse range of payment options available to you.

*All payments are securely processed by our partner, 2Checkout (Verifone). Who is 2Checkout (Verifone) ?

If you purchased a subscription with automatic renewal, you will be informed at least 7 days before it expires about the date of the upcoming charge and the amount you will be charged.

You can stop automatic renewals anytime in the following two ways:
1. Follow these steps to unsubscribe in your workspace:

  • Click on your team you want to unsubscribe In the bottom left corner of your workspace
  • Click on the settings icon next to the "Space home"
  • Select "Team Information."
  • Scroll down and click "Unsubscribe"

  • unsubscription-direction

    2. Simply log into your 2CO myAccount--My Products if you have. Then enable the Stop automatic license renewal option beneath the product.

    To find out more about your 2CO myAccount and login instructions, click here .

    After canceling, all team admins will receive an email notifying them that the subscription is about to expire. Unless you reactivate the subscription, they will no longer be able to change the team size or subscrition plan.

    Once the subscription expires, all whiteboards within your Boardmix team will be locked in read-only mode for all team members, and you will be downgraded to the free plan. The whiteboard files will not be deleted.

    The cancelation takes effect after your current billing period. Until then, you have access to paid features.

    Normally Boardmix does not offer refunds for its monthly subscription services once the billing period has started. We advise you to cancel before the next billing cycle to avoid charges.

    For any other inquiry, please contact us and fill in the form with necessary information. You can read our refund policy for more details.

    If you change your mind after canceling, you can reactivate your subscription in the "Team Infomation" tab under "Team Settings" (the settings icon is next to the "Space home").

    Once your subscription benefits expire, you will need to start a new subscription as reactivation will no longer be possible.

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