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Affordable Excellence - Enjoy All Miro Features at a Fraction of the Cost

Price $4.9/month or Lifetime Plan
Save $133/Year
Real-time collaboration
Mind map
Flow chart
Infinite canvas
Version history
Extensive template library Limited
Customization options Limited
AI flowchart
AI mind map
AI image generator
AI business model canvas
AI ppt
AI chat

Why Choose
as Miro's Alternative for Team Collaboration

Customizable Templates

Boardmix offers a wide range of customizable templates that are designed to cater to various needs. Whether you're brainstorming, planning, or collaborating on a project, our templates can be easily tailored to fit your specific requirements.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Boardmix allows multiple users to collaborate on the same board in real-time, making it an excellent tool for remote teams. Users can see changes made by others instantly, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Boardmix provides all the essential features at $4.9 per seat per month, while Miro cost you $16 per month. This makes it an ideal choice for startups and small businesses who need a robust online whiteboard tool but have budget constraints.

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Superior Support

At Boardmix, we pride ourselves on our responsive and helpful customer support team. We offer various feedback channels, promptly address user inquiries, and prioritize user experience. We attentively listen to user suggestions with care.

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