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Published on Nov 03, 2022, updated on Mar 15, 2024

Embark on a journey to enhance your work efficiency with a powerful Miro alternative. This comprehensive guide introduces several alternatives that have garnered stellar reputations among users. Dive into the details, read on, and unveil the perfect match to elevate your collaborative experience!

miro alternative

Know About Miro

What Is Miro

Miro (previously known as RealtimeBoard) brands itself as a digital whiteboard that makes it easy to collaborate with others. It enables people, specifically teams, to brainstorm on a project and jot down all their ideas. The software allows you to create notes and designs, move things around, and communicate through embedded video calls or online chats.


The tool also comes with a series of pre-built templates that can inspire or serve as a starting place for your own project work. This technology has been a massive help in the last couple of years when physical contact was limited.

Why Do You Need A Miro Alternative

Unfortunately, Miro is not designed to build a long-term, extendable knowledge base where you can organize and connect different ideas or knowledge pieces via logical links. Once you're done with a specific brainstorming session, whatever happens next probably happens in another tool because you can't add much in-depth knowledge. This forces people to use tools that complement Miro to back up their conclusions – in return, forcing them to lose the place and flow across several apps.

why do you need a miro alternative

One thing that users have noticed is the steep learning curve Miro has. It can become confusing for first-timers, and it takes time to get used to it. That is why we listed some Miro alternative tools you can use if you are having trouble with the said app.

How to Select a Suitable Miro Alternative

When choosing an excellent mind-mapping tool, here are three key features to look out for: 

  • User-friendliness: Using the mapping tool should be as easy as drawing on paper. You shouldn't have to dig through multiple menus to create a simple mind map.
  • Large canvas: A large digital canvas ensures you never run out of space to draw. After all, you can't put a limit on creativity and ideation.
  • Collaboration features: Essential for agile and scrum teams, real-time collaboration features let you share your files with your entire team. This keeps everyone in the loop about the project.  

5 Best Miro Alternatives


Boardmix board

Boardmix is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that integrates various tools to boost team efficiency and free imagination.

Boardmix case

And what makes it the best free Miro alternative is that Boardmix has powerful whiteboard features to help you visually plan and organize ideas, tasks, workflows, and more. Using its drag-and-drop functionality, you can easily organize thoughts, create workflows, and connect tasks to teams. Using a creative and infinite canvas, you can view team members' activities, brainstorm ideas, and turn assignments into visual collaboration opportunities.


  • A cloud-based online whiteboard software, which has the characteristics of being opened and used at any time, and it is more intimate and convenient to use.
  • The functions are all free, the map has no limit on the number of nodes, and the exported pictures will not have irrelevant watermarks.
  • Online collaboration can support multi-person participation, and team members can jointly participate in editing a file.
  • It can support the access of external audio and video platforms, and can realize real-time and efficient communication in remote office.


Boardmix pricing

  • Starter - Free
  • Business - $6.9 per month
  • Enterprise - Custom on need
  • Now Boardmix's lifetime plan is on sale now! You can save up to 95% for lifetime access to this product. boardmix lifetime deal

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Another popular online whiteboard and agile tool on the internet is Monday. Those who like to track the team's progress will undoubtedly like this tool. Monday.com can produce Gantt charts so each member can see who's responsible for which tasks. Besides that, the task box features a comment box that makes it easy to communicate with others. However, this isn't a free miro alternative since subscription fees are required.

  • Built for multiple users. The platform is designed for multiple users. It does a great job of streamlining the collaboration process and provides a base for communication, making it an invaluable tool for companies with remote teams.
  • Great tracking features. Monday.com is excellent for checking the progress of tasks. 
  • The platform has a wide range of alternative views, such as a Gantt chart, a timeline view, kanban board, and a calendar view.
  • It is a powerful communication tool. Teams can invite guests to view boards and timelines. 
  • Basic version lacks important features. The basic package lacks essential features, such as advanced search functions and integrations with third-party tools. 
  • Difficult to track time and expenses.
  • Not user-friendly. It requires a learning curve.
  • Needs more integration options.


  • Personal - $12 per month
  • Business - $18 per month
  • Basic Commerce - $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce - $40 per month



MindMeister is a popular web-based mind-mapping software that lets you collaborate in real-time to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, take notes, and more. However, it can be inconvenient to connect different ideas using this tool. 

  • Full-screen presentation mode to display mind maps as slideshow.
  • Multiple themes with colors, styles, and formatting options. 
  • Comments and votes features for team collaboration.
  • The free plan offers very limited features. 
  • Unable to create free-flowing maps.
  • Formatting may get lost when you undo a move.


This mind mapping app offers a free basic plan. The paid plans start at $4.49/per user per month.



Lucidspark digital whiteboard software enhances your brainstorming process with several project management features.

  • Emoji reactions, voting, and tally features to give kudos to good ideas.
  • Summoning feature to call multiple team members to specific spots on your board. 
  • Pre-built templates to add structure to your board.
  • Inability to integrate Lucidspark with another tool to see your idea through the entire project lifecycle. 
  • It will be sluggish when you import or create a big file.


  • Free
  • Individual - $7.95/user per month
  • Teamteam - $9/user per month
  • Enterprise - contact for pricing

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Microsoft Whiteboard

microsoft whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital whiteboard app that's part of the Microsoft suite. To access the web version on Windows, Mac, and mobile devices (iOS & Android), you only need a free Microsoft account or a Microsoft 365 account.

However, as this is Microsoft, it's not the same deal for iOS and Mac platforms. For example, the Bing image search feature is missing in the iOS app. There's also no desktop app for Mac users, which is a deal-breaker.

  • Supports Android and iOS devices.
  • You can access the whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • You can access the whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • No integration with non-Microsoft apps. 
  • Unable to create tasks using the whiteboard.
  • Whiteboard templates aren't available for the web browser users.


  • Business Basic - $5/user per month
  • Business Standard - $12.50/user per month
  • Business Premium - $20/user per month)


Do you find the best miro alternative for you after reading the post? Compared to other tools, Boardmix is definitely more user-friendly, creative and powerful. If you want to switch from miro to another online whiteboard tool, opt for Boardmix. Just go to the official website and try it for free right now!

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