Every organization has various brainstorming strategies to flesh out new project ideas. Several of them use SCAMPER, an effective problem-solving and creative thinking technique. As you perform this method, remember to use a SCAMPER template.

What is SCAMPER?

The concept of SCAMPER was originally from Bob Erle, an author of creative books for the youth. He introduced the idea 1971 through his SCAMPER: Games for Imagination Development book. This clever technique allows companies to use seven questions to inspire and encourage teams to address problems with those questions.

SCAMPER also means Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify (could be Minify or Magnifty), Put to another use, Eliminate, and Reverse. Upon asking team members to think through problems using the SCAMPER template, you also unlock innovative and fresh insights to understand and solve the problem.

When to use the SCAMPER technique?

SCAMPER template is used if you have to get new ideas for campaigns or projects. It can't be avoided that sometimes, team members become stagnant and outdated when giving out insights during brainstorming. The method is easy to use and understand, so everyone can quickly get the hang of it.

In most organizations, the SCAMPER strategy is one of the most straightforward brainstorming methods. The simple technique comes from the idea that something new is based on something already existing. There are no wrong inputs when using the SCAMPER template; all ideas are welcome.

Benefits of the SCAMPER template in Boardmix

The best way to maximize this framework is using a digital SCAMPER template. With Boardmix, you can explore different templates according to your company's requirements. Here are the primary reasons why creating the SCAMPER template with Boardmix is better.

  • You can play with various designs. The method is flexible enough to use mind mapping, include your seven main categories, and create subcategories using arrows and smaller boxes. A SCAMPER template can even be in columns, so you can utilize lines to separate the seven questions and create subtopics under each column.
  • An online template lets you use colors, insert images and stickers. Your options in creating a SCAMPER template online are almost limitless. Colors are excellent indicators to categorize each question. You can visualize your chart through photos, shapes, or stickers if it needs examples.
  • There's better collaboration using a SCAMPER template with Boardmix. You can share the link to your template with everyone, let them view the diagram, and authorize team leaders to edit it. You need not meet personally, as anyone from anywhere can access the template.

How to use the SCAMPER technique?

  1. Gather everyone and notify members about the problem you are trying to solve. It is also best to set precise goals before scampering.
  2. Work on each letter of the SCAMPER template. The breakdown of the technique and some questions to help you out are as follows:
  • Substitute. What can the company change or substitute? Is it your product, the process, or the service? What other tools or products could I use?
  • Combine. During this stage, consider how you can combine segments within the process. An example question is, 'How can you combine resources and talent to develop a new approach to a product?'
  • Adapt. Look into the elements of your processes, products, or services that you can update or adjust to improve. 'In what context can I place my existing product' could be an ideal question.
  • Modify. How can we modify the product's shape, appearance, or vibe? What elements must I add to modify my service or product?
  • Put to another use. What other markets could benefit from my service?
  • Eliminate. What features must I remove to simplify my process?
  • Rearrange. What aspects of process, service, or product could I rearrange?
  1. Gather all the insights from everyone, narrow them down if necessary, and finalize your template. Review and refine the framework before sharing it with team leaders for approval.


What is the purpose of SCAMPER?

The SCAMPER strategy is primarily used to help organizations explore new insights using seven various perspectives. You can use the structure to ignite the team's potential and boost intelligent decision-making processes.

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