Aligning each team member is essential for the success of a project or campaign. It pays to start on stable ground using the project kick off meeting template. This template allows businesses and organizations to set the tone for how projects' schedules will run. You can also have this document as a project manifesto where all members involved can view the objectives, the project's core values, and the processes at any time.

What is the kick off meeting template?

kick off meeting

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The project kick off meeting template is a framework that lets teams and companies define all the significant steps to perform the project accordingly and align with project participants on their responsibilities.

Generally, the development of a project kick off template takes place after identifying the statement of the project or work, and all stakeholders are ready to go. The kick off is the team's opportunity to work efficiently, decide how all members work together, and establish a common project goal.

What should be included in a kick off meeting template?

A project kick off meeting template is a framework that has various components. The following might already be familiar if you have made such a template. 

  • Introductions of all stakeholders in a project. Introducing the team members to your project kickoff template sets the stage for everything. Knowing the team's stakeholders is essential. Avoid assuming that everyone knows each other. Reintroductions will be beneficial.
  • Project plan review. Developing a kickoff meeting template is not the stage where you'll solicit feedback about the project plan. While all stakeholders are already familiar with the project goals and processes, the project kick-off meeting template helps teams ensure deadlines are specified on the calendar, review essential milestones, and check deliverables.
  • Discussions about the roles and responsibilities of a project. Your kickoff meeting template should also lay out the specific duties of involved members. Discussing who among the stakeholders will be the backup in case the lead is unavailable is beneficial.
  • Communication channels.Establishing what media to use and when before starting a project is necessary to reduce lost messages and redundancy. Whether it's the phone, email, or other online networking platforms, be sure to specify these channels on the project kickoff meeting template.
  • Software used. A project management solution is also essential for the project to flow smoothly. It can be any software to ensure the project's efficiency and within the budget.
  • Integrations and automation. The project kick-off template must also include various digital tools to optimize and integrate processes for more efficient project processes.

Kick off Meeting Templates

Product Development Kick Off Meeting


This kick-off meeting aims to bring all involved departments together to communicate the product vision, development roadmap, and expected deliverables, and to ensure cross-functional collaboration throughout the product development lifecycle. The product development kick-off meeting is a crucial step in this process, as it establishes a shared understanding of our goals, scope, and expectations from the outset.

Project Kick-Off Meeting


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This project meeting marks the beginning of a significant endeavor, and its importance cannot be overstated. The kick-off meeting serves as a critical platform to ensure all team members and stakeholders are aligned on the project's objectives, scope, and expectations. By clearly defining roles and responsibilities and discussing the project plan, we set the foundation for successful collaboration and execution. Let's start with brief introductions, followed by an overview of the project background, objectives, and our roadmap ahead. 

Marketing Campaign Kick-Off Meeting


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This meeting is an essential step in launching a successful campaign. The kick-off meeting ensures that everyone involved understands the campaign's goals, scope, and strategic approach, providing a solid foundation for our collaborative efforts. It also helps us define roles and responsibilities, identify key milestones, and establish our communication plan. We'll begin with introductions, followed by an overview of the campaign's background, objectives, and project plan.

Benefits of using a kickoff meeting template

Making a project kick off template involves various moving pieces. However, once you have completed the document, you're assured of a smooth-sailing project process. You can use a digital template for much quicker creation. 

  • The project kickoff meeting template ensures a standardized project process for the whole team.
  • You can make a centralized conceptualization, execution, and follow-ups using the project kickoff template.
  • The template lets you share agenda times and roles without doing extra work.
  • Managers can assign owners to every discussion topic through a project kickoff meeting template. It clarifies who's responsible for specific tasks and how they should prepare.
  • If there are priority changes, use the digital kickoff meeting template to update the meeting agenda.
  • With a digital template, you can add images, documents, contextual information, presentations, and videos on tasks.
  • The kickoff meeting template lets managers assign presenters tasks with deadlines so they can come prepared.

Best practices for project kickoff template

The project kick off template will be successfully created if you follow the guidelines below. Of course, the creator's experiences vary, and there might be other elements that you must include on the list.

  • Let every stakeholder's voice be heard. Creating the project kickoff template is not a one-person show, and input from other members will be vital for an excellent template.
  • Address all the questions during the brainstorming.
  • Review the project objectives and expectations before finalizing the project kickoff meeting template.
  • Discuss the high-level project processes.
  • Ensure the creation of a project kickoff template with an upbeat and personable tone. If you wish to take breaks in between, you can do so.
  • Invite all the stakeholders working on the project.
  • Share the work statement.
  • Discuss the project's scope.

How to structure a kickoff meeting?

You can use the template provided by Boardmix. It's a predesigned structure, so you only need to fill in the sections to complete the organization. The platform also lets you use a blank virtual whiteboard for your design. Here are some steps to structure your project kickoff meeting using the template.

  1. Gather all the necessary information for the project. This includes goals, key players, success metrics, and background information.
  2. Discuss with stakeholders the objectives and possible hurdles for the project.
  3. Clearly define the project's goals by addressing the five W's: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
  4. Provide what the success of your project looks like.
  5. Outline the work capabilities and elements for potential project learnings.
  6. Identify possible challenges through the project flow and create guidelines so team members can anticipate and provide solutions to potential workflow concerns.
  7. Wrap up the project kickoff template with concise action items for all stakeholders.

Creating Kick off Meeting Template in Boardmix

Boardmix is an ideal collaboration tool for multi-disciplinary teams. Its templates are perfect for conducting meetings, organizing resources, and planning and tracking deliverables. 

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Account

The first step is to sign up for a free account on the Boardmix website. You can do this by providing your email address and creating a password.


Step 2: Create a New Board

After signing up, log into your Boardmix account. Click on "New board" on your homepage. Name your new board according to the type of tasks it will contain.


Step 3: Use the Kick off Meeting Template

Once you've created a new board, you can start creating a kick off meeting. You can do it quickly by employing the ready-made template offered by Boardmix.


Step 4: Customize Your Kick off Meeting

Each card can be customized with further details about the task. You can add descriptions, assign members, set due dates, attach files, and more.

project planning board

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Step 5: Save Your Work, Share and Collaborate

When customizing your kick off meeting Template, Boardmix autosaves your progress, but it's good practice to manually save before exiting.

Next, share your activity plan to collaborate with your team. Click on the "Share" button on the top right corner of the screen, copy the sharing link, and send it to anyone whom you want to collaborate with. People can join this file to edit and collaborate on this file in real-time by clicking this sharing link. We encourage your team to leave comments, suggest edits, or ask questions online so you can adjust it in time.


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FAQs about the kick off meeting template

What is the objective of the kick off meeting?

The primary purpose of a kick off meeting is to ensure everyone knows that the project has started. While you can quickly gather and notify everyone, the project kick off template allows you to remind team members of their respective tasks and timelines.

How long should a kick off meeting be?

A kick off meeting technically lasts for one to two hours. Of course, it would depend on the project size; the content of your project kick off meeting template will be longer if the involved project is complex.

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