Complex business projects are already overwhelming just thinking about them. Companies must ensure all members know their responsibilities and deliver the tasks accordingly to get the job done. The work breakdown structure template lets you organize specific tasks to make them more manageable.

What is a work breakdown structure template?

Some refer to the work breakdown structure template as the WBS template. It's a visual illustration of a project's hierarchical elements which aim to achieve project deliverables. The WBS template is a helpful diagram allowing project managers to illustrate the vital aspects of the project geared towards achieving the ultimate objectives.

The availability of a work breakdown structure template online lets project managers easily create the framework and share the WBS template with the whole team. There are 3 essential types of the work breakdown structure template, including the following:

  • Deliverable-based WBS template. This template provides a clear relationship between the deliverables and the project scope.
  • Phase-based WBS template. Unlike the first work breakdown structure template type, phase-based has no direct relationship between deliverables. While managers must consider multiple elements, they can handle projects in phases with significant time between stages.
  • Time-based WBS template. The final work breakdown structure template uses the time to break down essential elements in project management. This WBS template is rarely used as it does not focus on deliverables.

When to use a WBS template?

A work breakdown structure template can come in handy in most aspects of project management. Here are a few situations when businesses and organizations use the WBS template.

  • Estimating a project cost. One of the deliverables in a project is the budget. Managers will get detailed information about project costs to achieve deliverables with a WBS template.
  • Identifying project schedules and timelines. Project managers always want to have sufficient time to complete their projects. The work breakdown structure project lets you quickly determine how long it will take to complete every task.
  • Tracking the progress of the project. The WBS template lays out the phases within a process. This allows project managers to see the project's progress and track whether it's on schedule.

How to use a work breakdown structure template in Boardmix?

The best thing about online diagramming tools is that you can experiment and customize the design of your WBS template, especially if there are other aspects of the project you decide to add. Here's how you do it with Boardmix's work breakdown structure template.

  1. Log in to your Boardmix account. It's easy to create an account if you don't have one.
  2. Go to Workspace and search for the WBS template. You can also use a blank whiteboard and create your WBS structure. Maximize using sticky notes and colors to emphasize phases within the project.
  3. Once you're done creating, share the diagram with your team members by providing them with the link to the Boardmix project.

FAQs about work breakdown structure

How do you create a work breakdown structure?

The WBS template comes in different styles, depending on the specific areas you must focus on in your project. Also, the framework has several kinds, so WBS templates will sometimes be different. When creating the template, you must remember to set the goals and the project scope, identify the deliverables, and break these deliverables into individual tasks before assigning them.

What is the main purpose of a work breakdown structure?

The primary purpose of using a work breakdown structure is to digest the overall project into individual tasks. Furthermore, the template helps managers visualize the project needs and the outcomes and better manage the team's capacity and resources.

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