This article reviews 10 awesome automatic AI slides generators to help you improve efficiency when making presentations and achieve twice the result with half the effort. With the rapid development of science and technology, AI has deeply affected all aspects of our lives, including the way we work. Regardless of work or study, slides is a good way to show our ideas and plans, but the traditional method of making slides is not simple. Now with the blessing of AI technology, I believe it can bring you surprises!

1. Boardmixboardmix-presentation-01.png

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This is a cloud-based AI online whiteboard software allows the creation of  AI slides, AI drawings, AI generated mind maps, etc. for various purposes. It provides a variety of slides template styles. You only need to enter the slides theme to quickly generate a complete slides. It also supports generating slides based on the outline. After the slides is generated, the text content can be expanded through AI, using Boardmix's graphics and chart tools or AI to generate pictures. Function-rich slides content expression form, fast import and export. Additionally, it supports online sharing and team collaboration and online presentations.

2. Tometome.png

Tome is also an AI-based slides generation tool. Users can quickly obtain a complete slides by inputting relevant instructions. It has strong AI generation capabilities in both design and content, and can provide users with rich and beautiful slides templates and content suggestions. Compared with other tools, Tome is unique in the application of AI technology. It has a block editor experience similar to Notion, supports the rapid combination and layout of content blocks, and allows the embedding of text, pictures, videos, bookmarks, web page fragments and other content. Block, integrating Twitter, Figma and other website content, can provide users with a more intelligent and personalized slides production experience.

3. Gammagamma.png

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This is a tool to generate high-quality slides with one click through conversation chat. Users can enter a topic, and Gamma will automatically generate a slides outline. If the result is not satisfing, users can also modify it manually. After choosing your favorite theme style, wait a few minutes and a beautiful slides will be created. The quality of the slides generated by Gamma is very high, especially the pictures are very beautiful. But it should be noted that both the free and paid versions only support exporting to PDF format.

4. SlideHunterslidehunter.png

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SlideHunter is a powerful automatic AI slides maker that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide users with a fast and easy slides production experience. Not only can it automatically generate high-quality slides according to user needs, it also provides a wealth of slides templates covering various themes and styles. Users can choose the appropriate template according to their needs and edit it personalizedly. In addition to providing templates, SlideHunter also allows users to customize each element of the slide in detail. Users can adjust fonts, colors, layout, etc. to ensure that the slides meets their own requirements.

5. Sonixsonix.png

This is a powerful automatic speech recognition (ASR) tool that can quickly convert audio files to text. For users who need to add voice content to slides, Sonix is undoubtedly an artifact. It features high accuracy, fast speed, and supports multiple languages and audio formats. Users only need to upload audio files, and Sonix can convert them into text in a few minutes and automatically format them into slides format. In addition, Sonix also provides some advanced functions, such as automatic punctuation, keyword extraction, etc., which can help users complete slides production faster.

6. Slidebeanslidebean.png

Slidebean is an intelligent slides generator. It uses AI technology to automatically generate beautiful AI slides based on the input speech topics and keywords. It has built-in rich pictures, icons and templates, and can be customized according to your needs. The content automatically adjusts the layout to make each slide look more beautiful. It is suitable for various scenarios, such as corporate presentations, academic reports, product launches, etc. It can help everyone save time and energy in making slides and improve work efficiency.

7. GPT-slidesgptppt.png

This is an AI slides maker that utilizes the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) model to generate relevant, high-quality content. Users simply enter the title of the presentation and the tool generates content consistent with the tone and style of the presentation. Additionally, it allows users to customize the generated slides and text to meet specific requirements, saving time and effort. This tool is ideal for professionals creating presentations for meetings, conferences, or educational purposes, businesses developing sales pitches, marketing presentations, or investor pitches, and educators preparing classroom presentations.



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This is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to help users create beautiful, professional, and efficient slides presentations. It can automatically adjust the layout, color matching, fonts, charts and other design elements of the slide based on the content entered by the user, allowing users to create impressive presentations without spending too much time and energy. It provides hundreds of Slide templates of different types and styles cover various scenarios and topics, such as company introduction, product display, data analysis, storytelling, etc. Users only need to choose a suitable template and enter their own content to quickly generate beautiful slides.

9. Decktopus


This is a cloud-based software that allows the creation of customized presentations for various purposes. It provides customizable slides templates that can be edited with various layouts, colors, images, text, fonts, etc. The built-in AI content assistant helps everyone create presentations easily and quickly, and they can be easily shared online or streamed during the presentation.

10. SlidesAI


This is an AI slides maker plug-in based on Google Slides that can be installed and used in Google Slides. This AI slides generator can turn any text into visually appealing slides with just a few mouse clicks. Moreover, it provides a variety of themes and templates for users to choose from, including general scenarios, education, sales and meetings, etc. Users can choose the corresponding slides type according to their needs, and can also customize the layout, color, font, etc. of the slides to Meet specific needs. In addition, AI  slides maker supports multi-person online collaborative editing of slides, which facilitates collaboration and communication among team members. It currently supports more than 100 languages, including Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, etc., making it convenient for users of different languages. use.



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The above are 10 practical AI slides generators recommended for everyone today. In terms of ease of use, Boardmix supports full Chinese environment support. It can accommodate content in various formats such as pictures, files, audio and video, and hyperlinks. , it also provides various creative tools such as brushes, text, notes, charts, tables, and mind maps, allowing users to express their creativity; Boardmix also supports multi-person online collaboration, easily convening team members, initiating brainstorming, and gathering team wisdom. Whether you are working or studying, Boardmix is your right-hand assistant. Sign up now to experience it for free!

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