In the past, we needed to rely on professional designers to create visual content, but now, AI-generated images breaks through the limitations of traditional design methods, and has significantly improved speed, efficiency and innovation. The article has compiled 10 AI-generated image artifacts to provide a comprehensive reference and help you take your creative process to the next level!



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Boardmix Whiteboard is a powerful and easy-to-use AI online generator, which uses advanced AI technology to automatically generate high-definition and fancy images according to the prompt word entered by users. It also provides AI generated PPT, AI generated mind map, AI generated flowchart and other AIGC functions. Meanwhile, it also supports online collaboration and remote team collaboration, which can meet the different needs and is very suitable for beginners and novice users to get started. 


• AI Text-to-Picture: Users can input some keywords or descriptions, and AI generates corresponding images based on this information. Boardmix AI also provides a rich library of prompts, including characters, products, scenery, picture effects, and composition descriptions. Users can Easy to reuse.

• AI Image Generator Picture: Users can upload images and choose from 5 reference methods, including intelligent reference, geometric perspective, line drawing transformation, light and shadow depth, and posture recognition to generate images intelligently.

• AI separates images: Boardmix supports intelligent identification of people and backgrounds in photos and separates them to achieve automatic keying. Its features is that it can automatically complete online keying with one click, saving design resources, being professional and convenient, and improving work efficiency.

•Various styles: Boardmix AI supports five basic styles: photorealism, character simulation, ACGN, 2.5D rendering and product design. It also provides Lora models and dozens of customized style models.

• Multiple sizes: Boardmix AI supports generating five commonly used image sizes and three resolutions to meet different design needs.

• Batch generation: Boardmix AI supports batch generation of multiple images, generating beautiful and commercially usable professional images quickly, which improve creative efficiency.


Enter description content in the input box, which quickly generate high-quality works of art, and supporting five picture styles including photorealism, character simulation, ACGN, and 2.5D rendering.

Applicable Scenarios:

Boardmix AI generator is suitable for a wide range of scenarios. Whether you are a beginner learning to draw or a professional designer, you can find intersting and inspiration in the  software. Here are some examples of applicable scenarios:

•Looking for inspiration: Designers can use Boardmix AI to generate images that match the description, providing new ideas for design.

• Lack of suitable pictures: Content creators can use Boardmix AI to generate images based on the content of an article

•Interpreting the new content: Educators can use Boardmix AI to visualize abstract concepts during the teaching process to help students understand and remember.

• Enhancing the effectiveness of communication :In commercial advertisements or marketing activities, Boardmix AI can be used to generate attractive images to enhance the advertising effect.


• Provide personal free version

• Personal Pro, Personal Lifetime and Team Pro versions are available, prices are subject to official website.

2.DALL-E 3


DALL-E 3, as a well-received AI drawing online generator developed by OpenAI, which breaks people's perception of drawing technology. This product draws on the essence of cutting-edge deep learning technology to produce images that are both realistic and delicate. It has the function of adjusting image size and resolution to meet the needs of creators pursuing high-quality creations.

Compared with DALL-E 2, DALL-E 3 has been upgraded to a higher level. In addition to the visual enhancements, it has also seamlessly integrated text and images, overcoming long-standing challenges in the field of AI. Click to view the recommendations for AI automatically generated painting software in 2024.


DALL-E 3 uses stable diffusion technology to generate images.

• Generate realistic images

• Remove noise and fancy shade from images

• Focus on stability and minimize artifact


Learn how to use the functions and features of DALL·E 3 to create images and generate diverse artwork with different text descriptions.

Applicable Scenarios:

It is suitable for design innovation, education and learning, entertainment games, etc. For example, designers can use it to quickly generate concept sketches, and teachers can use it to help students better understand abstract concepts.


• Provide personal free version

• Upgraded version: $20/month (billed monthly)

• Team Edition: $30/month (billed monthly); $25/month (billed annually)

• Enterprise Edition: Contact sales for pricing



Midjourney is an AI image generator that gives anyone the opportunity to create art in different styles. This art generator takes your text prompts and converts them into impressive graphics using Discord bot.


• Operate easily and interesting

• Continuously optimize the image quality of web design works created by AI

• Embedded in Discord, with a strong sense of community


The interface is simple and clear, and users can easily find the functions and information they need. Each menu has clear icons and text descriptions, so it’s easy to find the function you want.

Applicable Scenarios:

It not only meets the needs of professional artists and designers, but is also very friendly to AI enthusiasts.


Basic version: $10/month (200 photos/month; commercial access provided)

4.Stable Diffusion


This is an AI drawing generator that uses diffusion model and has the ability to generate detail images quickly. It uses cutting-edge deep learning technology to create relevant images based on user-supplied text descriptions or reference images. Even more exciting, it supports a variety of parameter adjustments, giving users the freedom to customize the style and details of the generated images.


• With the ability to generate real and detailed pictures, which can be used in many aspects such as image synthesis and super-resolution reconstruction.

• Users can control the parameters to adjust the clarity and diversity of the generated samples.

• Compared to other generative models, the stable diffusion model is easier to understand.


It is easy to use, users only need to provide a simple text description to generate images with rich details.

Applicable Scenarios:

Perfect for innovative illustration artists, game design specialists and advertising companies.


• Basic version: $9/month

• Standard version: $49/month

• Pro version: $149/month



Prisma Painting Online Generator is an online tool that uses artificial intelligence technology to create paintings. It uses a neural network algorithm to convert user-supplied photos or images into paintings with different artistic styles.


It provides variety of artistic styles filters, such as Impressionism, Expressionism, Modernism, etc. Users can choose the corresponding style to creation according to their own preferences.


Prisma's operation is simple and easy to understand, users only need to upload their photos and choose their favorite art style.

Applicable Scenarios:

It is suitable for individuals and businesses who interested in generating images.


• Free basic version available

• Pro version: $49/month

• Business version: $299/month



Craiyon is a web-based tool and main function is to create artistic images. The developers have even released a free version for the users. You may be more familiar with this service by its former name, DALL·E Mini. The best thing about this platform is that you only need to provide a written description and it will generate the corresponding image. Furthermore, the user interface is designed to to be very easy to use.


• The user interface design is unique and friendly, simple and easy to operate.

• Free version to allow more people to try this innovative tool.

• The ability to turn AI-created images into wearable art treasures.


Even if you are new to the art field, there will easy to learn. Enter your ideas into the generator and in a flash, you can witness the birth of art.

Applicable Scenarios:

Everyone from AI enthusiasts to professionals in the fields of marketing, graphic design or art, and even novices who have a strong interest in art and pursue a simple way to create, can benefit from it.


• Provide personal free version

• Junior version: $5/month (billed annually)

• Premium: $20/month (billed annually)

• Enterprise Edition: Contact sales for pricing

7.Wombo Dream


Wombo Dream can transform text or photos into into high-quality AI-generated artwork. The APP is designed for art lovers and artists. Wombo Dream-generated artwork tends to be colorful and whimsical.


• Unique artistry: Easily create unparalleled artworks.

• Intuitive interface: Easy to use for novices.

• High-quality finished product output: Always produce excellent work.


It’s easy use to ensure you won’t get confused.

Applicable Scenarios:

Suitable for artists and illustrators.


• Free download available

• Some services require purchase in-app



NightCafe is an AI drawing software designed with creativity. The software is community-centered, with many ordinary users sharing their own AI art creations or launching art challenges.


• Diversity art styles (oil painting, pixel art, illustration, etc.)

• Different AI algorithms

• Daily AI art challenges bring a good community atmosphere


From surrealism to cyberpunk styles, there are opportunities to create more than 20 unique artworks every day.

Applicable scene:

NightCafe serves users that from individual art fans to enterprises looking to enhance their brand. For those looking to enhance their home décor, NightCafe provides a platform to create unique artwork based on their personal aesthetic inclinations.


• Free: 5 points per day (bonus points for participating in community events)

• AI Beginner: 100 points/month $5.99/month

• AI Enthusiasts: 200 points/month $9.99/month

• AI Enthusiasts: 500 points/month $19.99/month

• AI Artist: 1400 points/month $49.99/month

• Points Pack: 100 points for $7.99

9.Bing Image Creator


This is an AI drawing generator from Microsoft, available in Microsoft Edge, which is the only browser with an integrated AI image generator that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to generate corresponding images based on text descriptions entered by the user. In addition, this generator supports multiple languages for global users.


• You can use it through your Microsoft account.

• Utilizes advanced AI technology and includes DALL-E 3 features to create realistic and lifelike images.

• Provides custom settings to help optimize image output.


Bing Image Creator is a user-friendly and versatile AI image generator. It can be accessed directly from a web browser, eliminating the hassle of downloading.

Applicable scene:

• Art creators are looking for a multifunctional tool that can create personalized artworks.

• Content producers are looking for ways to give their content a unique visual impact.

• Innovators who remain inquisitive about the latest AI image generation techniques.


• Offers initial free access and “upgrades” for faster image processing

• Option to earn more rewards through Microsoft Rewards program

10. Jasper Art


Jasper Art, the AI generator, has been helping people create unique and eye-catching content. However, the key of Jasper Art is not text, but visuals. Simply enter a few keywords—perhaps about mood, certain style, or artistic medium like watercolor—and let it transform your inspiration into vivid, vivid images.


• Fast image generation: With Jasper Art, you can generate stunning AI-generated images in 10 seconds. This speed sets it apart from other free and paid options.

• Commercial use: The generated images are watermark-free and royalty-free, making them suitable for immediate commercial use.

• Creative capabilities: Jasper Art not only generates AI images, but its wide range of creative capabilities make it a versatile career tool.


Jasper Art simplifies the image generation process, and users can use it with a few clicks.

Applicable scene:

Catering to a variety of people, from marketers to content creators to business owners.


• Personal Vision: $49/month

• Team Vision: $125/month

• Business Vision: Contact sales for pricing

Among the ten tools introduced above, the Boardmix AI online picture generator provides a full Chinese operating environment. It provides a wealth of prompts and image materials, supports text and image interaction, AI intelligent keying and other functions, and is equipped with unlimited Bordered whiteboard and a variety of creative tools, which is very suitable for creative design and professional graphic design and other fields. New users get free AI points for signing up, register now to experience it!

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