There are countless types of flowcharts, each designed for different industries, tasks, or situations. Here are 20 common free flowcharts frequently used in various work scenarios! All these flowcharts are sourced from the Boardmix online collaborative whiteboard community, which you can access for free by registering. Let's check them out!

Boardmix is a powerful professional tool for creating flowcharts. It offers a simple and intuitive interface with a wide range of features, including a complete set of professional flowchart symbols. You don't need drawing skills—just drag and drop to create. You can freely adjust themes, change shapes, and resize elements. Boardmix also supports various visualization tools like images, documents, multi-dimensional tables, formulas, sticky notes, and hyperlinks. Once your flowchart is complete, you can export it as a PNG or PDF, making it easy to share and use.

Business Flowcharts

Here are five essential business process diagrams that offer valuable insights into various operational workflows. These diagrams, available in the Boardmix community, can be useful across multiple business functions.

1. New Media Operation Workflow

New media operations can vary, but a typical workflow includes topic selection, production, review, distribution, and delivery. This Boardmix template details the tasks and deliverables at each stage, making it an essential guide for anyone involved in media operations.


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2. UI Standard Design Process

As design teams grow, maintaining a consistent process becomes challenging. The UI standard design flowchart from Boardmix helps UI designers align on best practices, improving the quality of design outputs. This diagram is crucial for any UI design team looking to streamline their workflow.


3. Sales Process Flowchart

This sales process flowchart is invaluable for senior sales consultants. It outlines key stages of the sales cycle, helping sales teams understand and refine their strategies.


4. HR Recruitment Workflow

Boardmix offers a detailed HR recruitment workflow template, covering areas like recruitment needs analysis, process management, and cost control. This diagram is a must-have for HR professionals seeking to improve their recruitment strategy.


5. Product Development Flowchart

This product development flowchart provides an overview of the entire development process, from concept to launch and beyond. It covers stages such as concept development, market research, design, prototyping, testing, product development, launch, and maintenance. Product managers will find this diagram especially useful for coordinating cross-functional efforts and ensuring successful product launches.


These business process diagrams offer practical guidance and can be customized to fit specific organizational needs. Explore the Boardmix community for more templates and resources.

Process Flowcharts

Here are some process flowcharts that explain various business operations and scenarios.

1. Employee Termination Workflow

This flowchart outlines the steps for terminating an employee who violates company policies. The process includes submitting a termination report, obtaining approval from the supervising director, conducting an HR investigation, getting HR director approval, final decision-making, and employee offboarding. Find this template by searching for "Boardmix" online.


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2. Digital Tube Program Flowchart

This flowchart describes how to control a digital tube display, commonly used for numbers and letters. It involves initializing I/O ports, setting input/output parameters, and configuring port numbers. This template is available on Boardmix.


3. Online Store Order Exchange Process

This flowchart guides you through the steps to exchange an item ordered from an online store. If you've received the wrong size or item, this Boardmix template shows how to apply for an exchange.


4. Copyright Registration Workflow

This flowchart illustrates the steps to register a work on the China Copyright Protection website. It provides a simple guide for initiating the registration process.


5. User Journey Flowchart

This flowchart outlines the key steps a user takes when visiting a website, from logging in or registering to using the core features. It's a valuable tool for understanding user behavior and experience.


These flowcharts are available on Boardmix and can be customized to meet your needs.

Data Flowcharts

Here are some common data flowcharts that illustrate various data management processes.

1. User Data Management Flowchart

User data management typically involves several steps, including data collection, storage, analysis, summarization, and archiving. User data is often used for personalized experiences, targeted advertising, and marketing. Boardmix offers a user data management flowchart template that can guide you through the process.


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2. Employee Record Management Data Flowchart

This flowchart outlines the process for managing employee records, from receiving records to processing by HR and final handling by management. You can find this template on Boardmix, which helps organize the workflow efficiently.


3.  Project Implementation Data Flowchart

This flowchart covers the steps involved in implementing infrastructure projects, including project planning, engineering payment processes, worker wage distribution, investment tracking, design changes, and on-site modifications. It's available on Boardmix and provides a comprehensive look at the project lifecycle.


4. Student Information Management System Data Flowchart

Designed for schools, this flowchart is used to manage large volumes of student information. It provides a detailed view of the student information management process and can be customized to meet specific needs.


5. Warehouse Management System Data Flowchart

Warehouse management systems (WMS) handle inventory, resources, and distribution operations to improve efficiency. This Boardmix template outlines the key elements of a WMS and is a useful tool for procurement teams.


Boardmix offers a wide variety of flowchart templates, including organizational charts, meeting flowcharts, ER diagrams, timelines, and UML diagrams. With such a comprehensive collection, users can quickly find the right template to create detailed flowcharts.

Procurement Flowcharts

1. Production and Scheduling Workflow

This flowchart outlines a standardized process for production planning and scheduling, involving the Marketing/Customer Service Department, Manufacturing Center/Production Workshop, Quality Management Department, Marketing/Warehouse, and Finance Department. It ensures efficient production operations and is essential for production departments. To access this free template, search "Boardmix" online.


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2. Supply Chain Management Workflow

The supply chain management workflow involves coordinating logistics, information flow, and cash flow across various stages of the supply chain. By implementing this workflow, companies can manage and optimize their supply chain, reducing costs, improving quality, and boosting competitiveness. This workflow, created with Boardmix, demonstrates the key steps in supply chain management.


3. Customer Order Management Flowchart

This flowchart visualizes the lifecycle of a customer order, including order receipt, processing, follow-up, and delivery. It helps businesses understand the order process to ensure orders are completed smoothly. Use the Boardmix template to streamline your customer order management.


4. Complete Procurement Flowchart

This flowchart details the procurement process, which involves obtaining products or services from the supply market to support company operations. The Boardmix template helps you map out the complete procurement process, from sourcing to purchasing.


5. ERP Inventory Management Flowchart

This flowchart outlines the basic processes for inventory management in an ERP system. It provides an overview of key steps for managing inventory, offering a comprehensive view of the flow. The Boardmix template is a useful resource for getting started with ERP-based inventory management.


Boardmix offers a variety of flowchart templates for procurement, supply chain management, and other business processes. With these templates, you can quickly create and customize flowcharts to meet your specific needs.

Project Flowcharts

Here are five key flowcharts for project management, covering various stages and methodologies. These templates from the Boardmix community offer valuable insights and are useful across industries.

1. Agile Project Management Framework

The Agile Project Management Framework flowchart visualizes the Agile process, providing a clear structure for team members. This flowchart is essential for Agile development teams, offering a step-by-step guide through Agile project management.


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2. Project Development Flowchart

This free flowchart template outlines the entire project development process, from requirements confirmation to project closure. It includes stages like project execution, testing, tooling, and 2M connections. By following this flowchart, project managers can ensure tasks are completed in the correct order and the project meets deadlines, budgets, and quality standards.


3. Project Management Flowchart

The Project Management Flowchart outlines the steps for project initiation, guiding you through the early stages of a new project. This visual aid helps clarify the initial processes and is a useful reference point.


4. Cross-Department Project Management Flowchart

This Boardmix flowchart template details the project management process for cross-department collaboration, covering requirements, review, planning, development, integration, testing, and deployment. It also shows how different departments work together. This template is crucial for project managers overseeing cross-functional teams.


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5. Software Project Development Flowchart

This flowchart outlines the key steps in software project development, from feasibility studies to final product delivery. It covers five main stages: project initiation, requirements gathering, design, development, and testing. This template is ideal for software project managers looking to streamline their workflow.


These free flowcharts are essential tools for project managers, helping them visualize processes, improve collaboration, and ensure project success. Find these editable templates and more on Boardmix, available for free personal use.

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