Drawing a technology roadmap is an inevitable task in the research of graduate students. Whether it's for group meetings, thesis presentations/graduation defense, article publication, project application, etc., technology roadmap tools are essential to express our research ideas. In addition to scientific research, technology roadmap tools are also used in enterprise technology forecasting, knowledge management, technology management, product development management, project planning, and other scenarios.


Graduation Thesis Experimental Technology Roadmap

So, how to draw a technology roadmap? The more commonly used tools are Word and PowerPoint (PPT), and some may use PS and other drawing tools. However, considering the functionality and convenience, we recommend using Boardmix whiteboard to draw technology roadmaps, which as a digital whiteboard tool for online real-time collaboration, can efficiently draw technology roadmaps, mind maps, flowcharts, and other practical work diagrams. Its template community offers a vast free technology roadmap to use, click to get the technology roadmap template to use immediately!

Understanding the Basics of a Technology Roadmap


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The term "technology roadmap" has a wide range of applications, which refers to a display, document, or chart that illustrates an organization's technology adoption plan. Also known as an IT roadmap, it aids internal teams make strategic decisions around their technology infrastructure. Typically, there are several types of technology roadmaps:

  • Internal IT Technology Roadmap
  • DevOps Technology Roadmap
  • Infrastructure Technology Roadmap
  • Architecture Technology Roadmap
  • Software Technology Roadmap
  • Internal Systems Technology Roadmap
  • Hardware Procurement Technology Roadmap

Depending on their execution level or scale, technology roadmaps can be further classified as company-level, industry-level, plan-level, and project-level technology roadmaps. Based on the drawing process, they can be categorized into market-driven, technology-driven and science-driven.

Free Tools to Aid in Drawing a Technology Roadmap

Whether drawing a technology roadmap or any other type of diagram, it is common to use different symbols to differentiate between different types of content to, intuitively, and logically present the content of diagrams.

The Boardmix whiteboard tool has built-in graphic symbols of many categories, including common graphic libraries, connecting lines, mind maps, tables, and sticky notes, as well as process flows, entity relationships, circuits, etc. To facilitate drawing technology roadmaps, we can directly select the corresponding technology roadmap symbols from the Boardmix graphics library and apply them, and it is professional.


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Distinctive Features of Boardmix: Drawing technology roadmap

  • The whiteboard contains various visualization tools, including pictures, documents, multi-dimensional tables, formulas, sticky notes, hyperlinks, and others
  • Supports multiple users' real-time collaboration with automatic cloud storage for collaborative content.
  • Allows for easy sharing of files through links after completing the technological roadmap.
  • Online meeting functions (supporting platforms including Tencent Meeting, Feishu Meeting, DingTalk, Zoom, Zhumu, and WeChat Work) enable real-time adjustments to the technology roadmap.
  • Simple operation page, clear guidelines, and comprehensive tools to assist in quickly and efficiently drawing technology roadmaps.
  • Including vast technology roadmap templates that can be applied for free

Steps for drawing the technology roadmap

Technology roadmaps can be presented in data charts, text reports, etc., commonly use charts. With the right roadmap tools, drawing a technology roadmap becomes easy, and the Boardmix is a great choice for drawing and sharing technology roadmaps. Start by choosing a technology roadmap template and then follow the steps to draw an exclusive template.

Step1:Preparation: Determining the Methodology for the Technology Roadmap

Before drawing a technology roadmap, it is crucial to clarify the research content/direction of the paper and formulate research logic. That ensures the final production of the technology roadmap is clear and gives the reader a sense of clarity.


Technology Roadmap for Corporate Behavior and Supply Chain Emission Reduction Coordination

This technology roadmap, derived from the Boardmix community, juxtaposes the introductory chapter with the theoretical foundations, and builds on this by examining, in turn, short-run dynamic games and long-run dynamic games in government regulation. The leftmost column shows the main body of the game in each chapter, the main body specifically shows the research content, the rightmost column shows the research methodology, and finally, the conclusions and outlook are presented

Step2:Mapping technology roadmap relationship paths

The Boardmix Online Whiteboard uses connecting lines to represent the path relationship between flowchart components. When the mouse is placed on the graphic, an arrow appears, drag it in the desired direction and perfectly interpret our layout on the whiteboard.

If we need some pictures and information for visualization, we can also directly insert pictures and links to add to the technology roadmap.

Environmental Risk Assessment Technological Roadmap


Human Proteome Microarray Technology Roadmap


Step3: One Click Sharing Technology Roadmap

Real-time collaboration and communication are the biggest features of the Boardmix online whiteboard tool, which supports multiple people's real-time online editing. After we finish drawing the technical roadmap, click the ‘Share’ button in the upper right corner to share the document with others, and invite team members to collaborate and edit online.


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Comprehensive technology roadmap tools can help the audience and readers to clarify the research ideas, and a vivid technology roadmap can make the report more fascinating, and improve the winning rate of the project proposal. Using Boardmix whiteboard drawing tools can be more efficient for each industry to create simple, practical, fancy technology roadmap template. Free registration, click Boardmix can be used online!

What are the three phases of technology roadmap?

The three phases of a technology roadmap are generally recognized as the preliminary phase, the development phase, and the follow-up phase.

In the preliminary phase, the groundwork is laid for the entire roadmap. This involves identifying and clarifying the strategic objectives that the technology will support. It's about understanding where you are now, where you want to go in terms of technological advancements, and what resources or capabilities you currently have that can contribute to reaching your goals. This phase is like a compass, setting the direction for your technological journey.

Moving on to the development phase, is where the rubber meets the road. Based on the foundation established in the preliminary phase, specific plans are formulated detailing how exactly to achieve those strategic objectives. This could involve developing new technologies, enhancing existing ones, or even acquiring technologies from external sources. The key here is creating a detailed action plan that outlines what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.

Finally, we arrive at the follow-up phase. But don't be fooled by its name - this phase is not just an afterthought. It's a critical part of ensuring that the technology roadmap stays relevant and effective over time. This involves regular reviews and adjustments of the roadmap based on changes in the business environment or advancements in technology.

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