If you want to know more about a favorite character from a series or movie, you can use a character mind map to learn more about them. For example, if you want to create a Mr Birling mind map, you can establish the character's flaws, objectives, qualities, looks, and past. You can also make Inspector Calls character mind maps if you're a fan of stage plays and you want to know the characters more deeply.

What is a character mind map?

A character mind map is an organizer that summarizes the whole existence of an individual or a fictional character. The mind map allows you to introduce characters simply yet comprehensively so your readers can understand them better. Most importantly, it gives depth to the character as the character mind map also lets you visualize their personalities.

Character mind map examples for beginners

When structuring a character mind map, it's beneficial to use diagramming software so you can easily drag and drop arrows, shapes, and other special characters on your template.

Harry Potter character mind map

You can create a straightforward illustration through a mind map to explore more about Harry Potter's world. The diagram should include the main and supporting characters, the antagonists, and other characters.

Sherlock Holmes character mind map

While Sherlock Holmes is a famous character, not everyone knows the specifics of his character. This is why creating a character mind map is an excellent idea to learn his skills, personality, and profession. Along with these aspects, you can also include his foe, the setting of the story, and the gadgets Sherlock uses.

Hamlet character mind map

A character analysis can also be done by exploring the people in the story. Instead of developing a study that centers on one character, you can have the novel's name as the central concept and create branches to represent the significant characters. For each character, include some descriptions and their relationships with other people in the novel.

Macbeth character mind map

Besides developing a Macbeth character mind map, you can also explore every character's relationships in the story. For example, a Macbeth mind map presents the significant characters and describes their relationships. As you know, Macbeth is another book by William Shakespeare with several adaptations.

Romeo character analysis mind map

Romeo is one of the protagonists in Shakespeare's novel Romeo and Juliet. As you structure his character analysis, remember to include his character development, personality, relationships, and possible flaws in the book. It could also be helpful to provide some symbolism associated with Romeo. Mind maps are not only about lines and shapes. Most diagramming tools today let you customize colors and add stickers to give life to characters.

Juliet character analysis mind map

To complete the Romeo and Juliet mind map, it's essential to create a character analysis for Juliet. You can include in the diagram Juliet Capulet, which is her real name, her characteristics, relationships, background, and the themes associated with her in the novel. Most importantly, it will be helpful for the audience to write Juliet's character arc in the story, her motifs, and symbolism.

The Big Bang Theory character mind map

As you know, a character mind map may also focus on the other characters in the story. If you plan to structure The Big Bang Theory character mind map, you can divide the diagram into different sections and present the main characters and supporting characters, including the members of each family. Mind mapping allows users to use more branches to provide more details for each character.

Friends character mind map

Friends is a famous American TV series which ran for ten years. If you're a fan of the series, you know numerous characters are on the show. However, with your character mind map, you can focus on the main characters and expand each one by presenting more details about their personalities, occupations, relationships, and friendship dynamics.

Character timeline mind map

A character timeline mind map generally visualizes the journey of any individual. It starts with the character's birth, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood and ends with death. Within these milestones, you can also add the people the character has met and the significant activities they have done.

The Old Man and the Sea character list mind map

The Old Man and the Sea is another classic novel by Ernest Hemingway, his last major fictional work published before he died. Your character mind map needs no specific orientation. You can illustrate a character analysis vertically or horizontally. While creating the mind map for the novel, it may be ideal to include the theme and setting of the story. This way, it also touches other aspects of the story besides the characters.

Character relations mind map in Jane Eyre

Classic literature enthusiasts know who Jane Eyre is. It's an 1847 novel that follows the journey of Jane Eyre from childhood to adulthood, including her love for Mr. Rochester. Since the novel focuses on the protagonist's growth, you can structure the diagram by dividing it between Jane's interaction with other main characters and the supporting ones.

FAQs about the character mind map

When will you need a character mind map?

You need a character mind map to learn more about a person or a fictional character. This could also be used in school, especially when students learn more about significant historical personalities.

Why make a character mind map?

A character mind map is necessary as it provides a clear and straightforward illustration of the character's behavior and personality in the story. This is also an excellent tool for some audiences who have yet to watch a show. They can look at the character mind map to understand how characters are when they see them on the show.

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