If you are looking for a decision-making framework, there is no better option than the SWOT analysis. As you will see from the SWOT analysis in healthcare examples mentioned below, this technique isn’t just effective but also very versatile. For instance, you can use the SWOT analysis for hospitals, for nurses, or for any type of organization you might have at hand.

In this article, we will go through several SWOT analysis in healthcare examples to show you how to use this framework in this particular sector. Keep reading.


What Is the SWOT Analysis

Before applying this SWOT technique to the healthcare field, we are going to explain what this framework entails. Generally, the term stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Therefore, you can easily apply it in the healthcare industry by identifying and noting all of the relevant information about the organization at hand. Of course, the same can be applied to individuals, as you can also create a healthcare SWOT analysis for nurses example.


Why Conduct a SWOT Analysis in Healthcare

There are many reasons why a SWOT analysis in healthcare is invaluable. When this technique is used in an organization or a healthcare professional, it can boost their efforts and analyze both the external and internal elements in their environment. Therefore, a healthcare SWOT analysis can become a guiding light for the individual or organization to further their careers in the industry.

In more detail, the reasons why SWOT analysis in healthcare is important are the following:

  • It evaluates the state of the organization – with a SWOT analysis of hospital, you can determine if the institution’s operation is effective.
  • It uncovers issues and threats – the SWOT analysis in healthcare aims to highlight any weaknesses and threats that might have an impact on the institution or healthcare professional.
  • It indicates opportunities – on the flipside to the previous point, the framework can also uncover opportunities that will give a boost to the institution. For instance, a  SWOT analysis for nurses will reveal what the individual can take advantage of to advance their career.

9 SWOT Analysis in Healthcare Examples

SWOT Analysis in Healthcare Example – 01

In the first of our SWOT analysis in healthcare examples, we are examining a healthcare nonprofit organization. In this case, the analysis is necessary to determine whether the organization earns all the resources it needs to assist its volunteering work.

Therefore, the SWOT analysis seems like this:



  • We have created a strong volunteer base,
  • We have the support of the community,
  • We have established partnerships with government health hospitals,
  • We have created an efficient donation system,
  • Local media is showcasing our positive impact on the community.


  • We are dependent on resources that come from donors,
  • Our operation depends heavily on volunteers, thus running the risk of not having the available personnel for our operation,
  • We haven’t adopted any new technologies that might raise awareness of our endeavor to attract more donors and volunteers.


  • We can expand our operation in a new region that isin a healthcare crisis,
  • We have the chance to advocate for a policy change that will improve the healthcare system in our region,
  • We can get some volunteers that are familiar with new technologies to modernize our organization.


  • The economic crisis has impacted the amount of donations we receive,
  • Increased public skepticism about nonprofit transparency,
  • We find it challenging to find volunteers for the long term.

SWOT Analysis in Healthcare Example – 02

The following one of our SWOT analysis in healthcare examples is about a pharmaceutical company. In this case, the company wants to evaluate its operations to see how it can improve its business, tap into new opportunities, and become more profitable overall.

Here is how does it look like:



  • We are leading in innovation with our efficient R&D department,
  • We have established global distribution channels for our drugs,
  • Our new innovative drugs have passed the clinical trial successfully,
  • Our profits allow us to dedicate more budget to research and expansion.


  • Our profits depend on the success of a few drugs,
  • Increased research and development costs for drug discovery,
  • Our marketing efforts for our new launches don’t seem to be effective,
  • Our drugs are popular in the counterfeit drug market.


  • Our research has indicated some unmet healthcare needs that we can expand to,
  • We can collaborate with academic institutions for research partnerships,
  • We can invest in the development of generic alternatives for off-patent drugs.


  • New government regulations affect our drug prices,
  • The competition from generic drug manufacturers has significantly increased.

SWOT Analysis in Healthcare Example – 03

Our SWOT analysis in healthcare examples wouldn’t be complete without exploring the case of a medical device manufacturer. This is a company that is closely related to the sector as they provide the devices necessary for numerous medical procedures.

In this case, the SWOT analysis in healthcare examples will look like this:



  • All of our devices are compliant with the international quality and safety standards,
  • The team members in our R&D department are highly skilled,
  • We have secured partnerships with hospitals and doctors.


  • The high production costs prevent us from having competitive prices,
  • The launch of new products takes a long time due to lengthy approval processes,
  • We are prone to vulnerability to technological obsolescence as there are rapid advancements in the industry,
  • We have a reliance on third-party suppliers for key components for our medical devices.


  • We could expand into different countries and regions,
  • We can start investing in research for the next-generation medical device technologies,
  • We can try customization of existing devices for personalized patient care.


  • New overseas manufacturers are offering competitive prices for a similar medical device,
  • There have been supply chain disruptions that have hindered our production line,
  • There have been some patient safety concerns in a particular batch of devices.

SWOT Analysis of Hospital Example – 01

We will now move to a SWOT analysis of hospital example that examines a general hospital located in an urban area. As you can imagine, a hospital like this is very busy and needs to implement efficient operations to give the best care to its patients and not overwork the medical staff.

In this case, the SWOT analysis of hospital example will look like this:



  • Fully renovated medical facilities,
  • Diverse and specialized medical staff,
  • Strategic location in the heart of the city,
  • Efficient urgent and emergency care services.


  • Often facing overcrowding since we receive high patient volume,
  • There are limited parking and transportation options,
  • Challenges in retaining nursing staff as they are often overworked.


  • Integrate the new government digital health platforms to limit bureaucracy,
  • Develop a specialized chronic disease center,
  • Introduce community health education and preventive care programs.


  • Budget constraints prevent us from getting new medical devices,
  • Decreased public perception due to long wait times and not enough available rooms for patients,
  • New clinics in the city are attracting patients.

SWOT Analysis of Hospital Example – 02

In the following SWOT analysis of hospital example, we will shift our focus to a rural community hospital. This is a smaller institution that needs to deal with all the medical needs that the rural population has since some of them aren’t able to go to the city for specialized care.

Therefore, this is the SWOT analysis of hospital example for this case:



  • Able to provide general healthcare services that satisfy the needs of the surrounding rural population,
  • We have medical staff that deeply cares about the community,
  • Our volunteer program has high participation.


  • We have limited specialized medical equipment and staff members,
  • We can’t provide incentives for specialized professionals to join our hospital,
  • Some remote areas in the region face transportation barriers.


  • We can reach out and partner with urban hospitals for patient referrals that require specialized care,
  • We can organize health education and preventive programs,
  • We can arrange training programs for our existing medical staff.


  • The declining government funding for rural healthcare initiatives,
  • There have been shortages in the healthcare workforce in rural areas,
  • The population has been decreasing in the rural areas.

SWOT Analysis of Hospital Example – 03

The next SWOT analysis of hospital example focuses on a teaching hospital. In this case, the institution aims to educate and train future and current health professionals. The analysis aims to uncover any areas that might need improvement to offer the best education possible to the medical staff.

The SWOT analysis of hospital example for this type of institution will be like this:



  • We are affiliated with some of the most prestigious medical schools in the country,
  • We focus on medical research and clinical trials,
  • We offer comprehensive and integrated patient care services,
  • We are using cutting-edge technology for medical education and training.


  • We depend on government and research grants,
  • Bureaucracy hinders our decision-making processes,
  • We are slow to adopt all the new technological advancements.


  • We have received offers of collaboration from pharmaceutical companies for research and clinical trials,
  • We can integrate telemedicine for distance learning to students in other areas of the country,
  • We can organize health education programs for the general public.


  • Government funding for academic medical research has been reduced,
  • There has been an imbalance between our educational and clinical priorities,
  • Accreditation standards for medical education programs are ever-evolving.

Healthcare SWOT Analysis for Nurses Example – 01

In the following healthcare SWOT analysis for nurses example, we are going to focus on an individual rather than an organization. In this particular case, we will examine the internal and external factors that affect a registered nurse in a busy urban hospital.

Therefore, the healthcare SWOT analysis for nurses example will be like this:



  • They are highly skilled and trained in critical care,
  • They have showcased excellent communication skills with the nursing staff,
  • They are adapting quickly even to the busiest shifts.


  • They face a high risk of burnout due to demanding shifts,
  • They haven’t been able to get any new certifications in modern practices,
  • The hospital doesn’t offer opportunities for career advancement.


  • There is a new training program that will give them specialized certifications,
  • They can join the mentorship programs for junior nurses,
  • They can work in different departments in the hospital.


  • The institution faces a shortage of nursing staff, which increases the workload,
  • Technological advancements require adapting to new nursing practices,
  • They are facing emotional strain from witnessing the suffering of patients,
  • Lack of recognition from the general public.

Healthcare SWOT Analysis for Nurses Example – 02

In the next healthcare SWOT analysis for nurses example, we will analyze the case of emergency room nurses. This is a critical position, where the healthcare staff needs to provide immediate treatment for all types of medical emergencies.

This kind of healthcare SWOT analysis for nurses example is like this:



  • They have proved their ability to remain calm and make quick decisions in high-pressure situations,
  • They can deal with diverse patient needs,
  • They show compassion toward the patients and their families.


  • They face high levels of emotional stress from constant exposure to critical cases,
  • They work long hours that cause physical strain,
  • The shifts are always unpredictable that makes them feel uncertain,
  • They have limited opportunities to continue to care for the patients they treat in the emergency room.


  • They can complete specialized trauma training to help them deal with the critical cases they treat,
  • They can move to a different department to gain more specialized skills,
  • They can join a program for disaster preparedness and response initiatives.


  • Staffing shortages are causing longer shifts,
  • Hospital budget constraints are affecting the emergency department resources,
  • Overcrowding in the emergency room harms public perception.

Healthcare SWOT Analysis for Nurses Example – 03

The final healthcare SWOT analysis for nurses example moves away from the hospital and examines the case of home nurses. In this instance, the healthcare professional offers personalized treatment to suffering patients.

The healthcare SWOT analysis for nurses example looks like this:



  • They are providing personalized care in a comfortable setting,
  • They are building strong patient-nurse relationships because of the close proximity,
  • They have shown adaptability to diverse home environments,
  • They are supporting emotionally the patients and their families.


  • They don’t have many resources for urgent medical interventions at home,
  • They have limited access to specialized medical equipment and supplies,
  • They are always facing the risk of visiting an unfamiliar or unsafe home.


  • They can adopt new technologies to boost remote communication with patients throughout the day,
  • They can partner with local doctors to provide specialized care,
  • They can join a training program for family caregivers to gain new skills.


  • Increased competition in the home care services,
  • Economic crisis affects the pricing of the services.

SWOT Analysis Template & Tool

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