The SWOT analysis is one of the most well-known frameworks for evaluating the internal and external factors of your environment. Therefore, a SWOT analysis for interview is a powerful tool for you to utilize your advantages. A SWOT analysis for an interview showcases your strengths and finds the opportunities in your circle. At the same time though, it also identifies your weaknesses and threats, thus allowing you to become better.

In this article, we will explain the SWOT analysis for interview and show you some personal SWOT analysis examples for interview to help you understand how to use this framework. Let’s get started!


What Is the SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique that analyzes the internal and external factors that are around an organization or an individual. The internal factors are the strengths and weaknesses, while the external factors are the opportunities and threats. The personal SWOT analysis is an insightful tool that allows you to determine your strengths and find areas for improvement. If you are on the path of self-growth, then read the personal SWOT analysis examples for interview below to understand how to create one for your particular case.  


Why Is a SWOT Analysis for Interview Important

A SWOT analysis for interview is a case of personal SWOT analysis that prepares you for one of the most stressful moments of your life. During a job interview, you need to be able to showcase your strong points and show that you are a better pick than the other candidates. This is exactly why a SWOT analysis for an interview will benefit you. In more detail, this framework will help you:

  • Prepare which personal traits you must showcase – in the personal SWOT analysis for interview, you are writing down all of your strengths. This will allow you to determine which of your personality traits are attractive to the particular position you are applying for. Therefore, you can prepare for the relevant interview questions accordingly.
  • Explain why you are the right candidate for the position – in the SWOT analysis for interview, you get the opportunity to not just showcase your good personality traits for the job, but also your skills. Therefore, you can create your case that you are the best possible candidate for the position as you combine the desired skillset with the right determination.
  • Show that you are self-aware – one of the greatest things about a SWOT analysis for an interview is highlighting that you are a realist. Through this methodology, you are acknowledging that you also possess some weaknesses that you aren’t trying to hide. Instead, you take them into consideration to find ways to improve yourself and become a better employee and person as a whole.  
  • Indicate that you have a deep understanding of the industry’s opportunities and threats – in the personal SWOT analysis examples for interview, you also include the opportunities and threats that are present in your industry. This means that you can show a deep understanding of the market and how you can take advantage of this knowledge.

How to Conduct a Personal SWOT Analysis for an Interview

As you may already realize, a SWOT analysis for interview has numerous benefits and the candidates that have used it will have a significant advantage over the rest. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to conduct personal SWOT analysis for an interview.

The detailed steps for the interview SWOT analysis are the following:

  1. Think about your strengths – the first thing that you need to do is write downyour strengths. These include your education, certificates, training, and special talents and skills you have acquired. Moreover, you also need to identify your good personality traits and the values that make you the right candidate.
  2. Face your weaknesses – the next section of the SWOT analysis for interview is dedicated to your weaknesses. For instance, these can be the skills that you don’t have or the skills that you haven’t honed yet. In this section, it is also useful to note any characteristics that might affect your work.  
  3. Recognize the opportunities in your environment – this section has to do with your environment and the industry. Examples are the new technologies that you can leverage or some gaps in the market that you can take advantage of. These are all factors that are perfect to mention in a job interview.
  4. Realize which are the threats in your environment – on the flipside to the previous section in a SWOT analysis for interview, there are the threats. These also refer to external factors that are found in the industry and they include technologies and trends that are putting obstacles for the company and your work.  

How to Take Your Personal SWOT Analysis into Interview

Now that you realize the benefits of the SWOT analysis for an interview, you might be wondering how you actually take into it. The truth is that there are a couple of ways to use your personal SWOT analysis for interview in various settings:

  1. Prepare answers to the most popular interview questions – the first way to use the personal SWOT analysis for interview is to prepare for the questions you are expecting. Regardless of the industry and the position you are applying for, there are some questions that are common. For example, the HR staff will ask you to explain why you are the right candidate for the position.
  2. Enhance your skillset – by conducting a SWOT analysis for interview, you will be able to evaluate if you have all the necessary skills for that particular position. If not, then you can join a training program or read relevant resources to enhance your skillset and become a more attractive option.
  3. Improve yourself – in continuation to the previous point, you can also use the SWOT analysis for an interview to improve yourself. For instance, you might recognize that you are too shy, a thing that prevents you from speaking your mind. Therefore, you can try to overcome this weakness and grow as a person.

3 Classical Personal SWOT Analysis Examples for Interview

Personal SWOT Analysis Example for Interview – 01

One of the personal SWOT analysis examples for interview that we are going to see is about someone that has applied for the position of software engineer in a tech company. In this SWOT analysis for interview, the individual showcases their skills and has identified opportunities in the industry. At the same time, they are also noting their weakness and threats.

Therefore, the example will look like this:



  • I am proficient in multiple programming languages,
  • I have shown strong problem-solving skills and ability to work in agile development environments,
  • I have a diverse portfolio since I have worked on numerous projects.


  • I have limited experience with the specific development tool that this company has implemented,
  • I have only worked as a freelancer before, so I don’t know how teamwork will go.


  • We can integrate blockchain technology for secure and transparent transactions,
  • AI-driven applications offer opportunities for enhanced user experience,
  • I can hone my skills by contributing to open-source projects.


  • The technological landscape is constantly changing and I need to quickly adapt to these shifts,
  • Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and I need to focus more on cybersecurity,
  • This is a very competitive industry with many tech companies developing similar tools.

Personal SWOT Analysis Example for Interview – 02

The second of our personal SWOT analysis examples for interview concerns the customer service manager position in a retail store. This is an excellent example that you can use regardless of the industry and position that interests you.

The SWOT analysis for interview for this case will be as follows:



  • I have extensive experience in managing customer service teams,
  • I am good at receiving customer feedback and implementing it into our operations,
  • I can deal with difficult customers and de-escalate challenging situations.


  • I have never managed a retail store in this industry before,
  • I find effective staff scheduling challenging,
  • Sometimes I’m too lenient with the staff.


  • There is a seminar on an advanced CRM system that will enhance my skills,
  • A customer loyalty program will boost the shop’s sales.


  • The brand is affected by negative online reviews,
  • The physical store faces competition from numerous e-shops,
  • There is a shortage of staff.

Personal SWOT Analysis Example for Interview – 03

The final personal SWOT analysis example for interview is about the position of the marketing manager in a small business. In this case, the professional needs to convince the small business that he can help them with their marketing endeavors to reach a wider audience.

Therefore, the SWOT analysis for an interview will be like this:



  • I have a strong understanding of digital marketing trends,
  • I have showcased my creative thinking and the ability to develop innovative campaigns in my previous projects,
  • I have a proven track record of increasing brand visibility and customer engagement through effective campaigns.


  • I have limited experience in marketing in traditional media,
  • I’m used to working on a big marketing team,
  • I don’t know how to apply budget limitations.


  • I have connections to some social media influencers that might help increase brand exposure,
  • I can implement some data-driven marketing strategies for better targeting.


  • We will be competing with larger companies that invest a substantial budget in marketing,
  • The digital marketing is constantly evolving,
  • Audience preferences are shifting and sometimes the changes are unpredictable.

SWOT Analysis Template & Tool

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