In the realm of collaborative tools that enhance brainstorming, Miro stands as a strong contender with its unique features designed for effective brainwriting. By offering a seamless platform for both individual ideation and collective contribution, Miro is transforming the way teams brainstorm. This article aims to provide an in-depth look at Miro, its relation to brainwriting, and an exploration of its brainwriting capabilities. You can also learn a more cost-effective option for brainwriting. Let’s dive in!

Miro and Its Relation to Brainwriting

Miro is an online whiteboard platform built with a key focus on facilitating collaborative processes such as brainstorming and brainwriting. It acts as a shared space where team members can simultaneously write down their ideas, allowing individual thought processes to seamlessly blend into collective idea generation.

Brainwriting, which involves independent idea generation followed by group discussion, is made significantly more efficient with Miro's easy-to-use features and interactive interface. The tool is designed to cater to teams of various sizes and different working styles, making it a popular choice for facilitating brainwriting sessions.

Detailed Exploration of Miro's Brainwriting Capabilities

A closer look at Miro reveals several distinct features that make it particularly suitable for brainwriting.

Virtual Whiteboard

Miro’s expansive virtual whiteboard allows for unlimited idea generation without spatial constraints. It serves as a visual and interactive canvas where participants can record their ideas, making the process of brainwriting highly efficient and engaging.

Real-Time Collaboration

Miro enables simultaneous idea generation by providing real-time collaboration capabilities. Participants can see what others are writing as they jot down their own ideas, fostering a truly collaborative atmosphere.

Template Variety

Miro offers an array of brainwriting templates that users can choose from. These pre-set layouts help structure the brainwriting session and can be customized to meet the unique requirements of the team.

Integration Capabilities

One of Miro's standout features is its integration capabilities. It pairs well with a variety of project management and communication tools, ensuring smooth transitions from ideation to action planning.

Asynchronous Contribution

In addition to real-time collaboration, Miro also allows for asynchronous idea generation. This feature caters to remote teams across different time zones, ensuring that everyone can contribute regardless of when they log on.

Miro presents a dynamic platform for effective brainwriting, bridging the gap between individual thought processes and collective brainstorming. With its rich array of features and seamless user experience, Miro truly revolutionizes the way teams carry out their brainwriting sessions.

Benefits and Limitations of Using Miro for Brainwriting

Miro offers numerous benefits that make it a top choice for brainwriting sessions.


  • Efficiency: Miro allows real-time collaboration, which can significantly enhance the efficiency of brainwriting sessions.
  • Inclusivity: The platform ensures that all participants have equal opportunities to contribute, fostering an inclusive environment for idea generation.
  • Flexibility: Miro’s virtual whiteboard offers infinite canvas space, removing the spatial constraints of traditional brainstorming.
  • Diverse Templates: Miro offers a variety of customizable templates, making it easier for teams to structure their brainwriting sessions.

However, like any other tool, Miro comes with its share of limitations.


  • Learning Curve: New users might require some time to familiarize themselves with all of Miro’s functionalities.
  • Dependence on Connectivity: As an online platform, Miro requires a stable internet connection, which might be a constraint for some users.
  • High Price: Miro is one of the most expensive whiteboard tools in the market, which may cause high cost to individuals or teams.

How to Run a Brainwriting Session on Miro

Running a brainwriting session on Miro can be accomplished by following a few key steps:

  1. Set Up the Virtual Whiteboard: Start by setting up the virtual whiteboard according to your requirements. You can choose from various templates or create your custom layout.
  2. Invite Participants: Invite team members to the board using the 'Share' feature. Make sure to grant them 'Can edit' access.
  3. Brainwrite: Ask each participant to write their ideas on sticky notes on the board. Encourage real-time collaboration but also ensure everyone contributes independently first.
  4. Discuss: Once everyone has added their ideas, initiate a group discussion. Team members can move around sticky notes, cluster related ideas, and even vote on them.
  5. Conclude and Follow Up: At the end of the session, summarize the main points and discuss next steps. Miro’s integration feature can help in transitioning these ideas into action plans on project management tools.

While Miro has some limitations, its benefits for facilitating brainwriting are far-reaching. With its real-time collaboration capabilities, diverse templates, and seamless user experience, Miro can transform the way teams conduct their brainwriting sessions.

Supercharge Your Brainwriting with Boardmix - Miro's Best Alternative

In the universe of online collaboration tools designed for brainstorming and brainwriting, Boardmix shines brightly. While Miro has been a common name in this arena, Boardmix has steadily gained popularity due to its user-friendly design and powerful features. This part takes you on a deep dive into how Boardmix can supercharge your brainwriting sessions and emerge as a formidable alternative to Miro.

Boardmix: An Overview

Boardmix is a comprehensive online tool that prioritizes efficiency in collaborative brainstorming sessions. Unlike traditional brainstorming techniques, Boardmix encourages brainwriting, enabling team members to independently generate ideas before sharing them with the group.

Why Choose Boardmix Over Miro

While both Boardmix and Miro provide digital solutions for effective brainwriting, several factors make Boardmix a more enticing choice.

Ease of Use

Boardmix takes pride in its intuitive user interface. New users can navigate the platform with ease, significantly reducing the learning curve often associated with Miro.

Advanced Idea Management

Boardmix excels in the management and organization of ideas. Its sophisticated tagging and categorization system enables users to easily sort and filter ideas, making the follow-up process more streamlined than in Miro.

Greater Flexibility

Boardmix provides greater flexibility in accommodating diverse team sizes and meeting types. It allows a larger number of participants compared to Miro, making it ideal for larger teams and brainwriting sessions with many participants.

Competitive Pricing

While both tools offer free versions, Boardmix provides more features in its free tier, making it a more cost-effective solution, especially for startups and small businesses.

In conclusion, while Miro offers several commendable features for brainwriting, Boardmix presents itself as a strong alternative. Its emphasis on user-friendliness, superior idea management, flexibility, and competitive pricing make it a valuable tool to supercharge your team's brainwriting sessions. Just give it a nice try!

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