In an era of high-speed internet and advanced digital tools, working remotely has become not just an option but a necessity for many companies. One indispensable tool for remote teams is the online whiteboard, a platform that brings interactive collaboration to the next level.

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The Advent of Remote Work and the Need for Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards, in essence, are cloud-based platforms that serve as digital canvases. These platforms allow team members, regardless of their geographic location, to brainstorm, plan, and strategize together in real time. Interactive features like sticky notes, shapes, text fields, and sketching tools offer teams the flexibility to convey ideas visually.

With the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic in early 2020, organizations had to swiftly switch gears from office settings to remote work arrangements. The immediate requirement was for tools that could replicate the office ambiance virtually, thus ensuring seamless team collaboration. Among such tools, online whiteboards emerged as an effective solution.

What is the Purpose of the Online Whiteboard for Remote Team?

The purpose of the online whiteboard for remote teams is multi-faceted and deeply rooted in enhancing collaboration, communication, and creativity. It serves as a digital canvas where ideas can be sketched, plans can be mapped out, and concepts can be visually presented. This tool is designed to mimic the experience of a physical whiteboard, but with the added advantages that come with digital technology.

In the age of remote work, geographical barriers can pose significant challenges to team collaboration. That's where the online whiteboard steps in, bridging distances and creating a shared space for brainstorming sessions, project planning or even casual doodling. It's like having a virtual meeting room that's accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Moreover, it fosters real-time collaboration. Team members can simultaneously contribute their thoughts and ideas, making brainstorming sessions more dynamic and productive. Changes made on the board are visible instantly to all participants, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Another key advantage is its ability to integrate other digital tools. You can import files, add links or embed videos directly onto the board. This multimedia approach enriches discussions and makes presentations more engaging.

Lastly, an online whiteboard provides a permanent record of what was discussed or decided during meetings. Unlike traditional whiteboards that get erased, digital ones store information securely which can be revisited or shared later.

In essence, an online whiteboard is not just a tool but a catalyst for fostering innovation and productivity in remote teams. It breaks down barriers and facilitates effective communication in an increasingly digital world.

The Practicality of Online Whiteboards: A Real-life Example

To better understand the application and benefits of online whiteboards, let's consider a software company – 'EdrawSoft' This global enterprise has remote teams spread across different continents working on various projects. A task requiring brainstorming for new feature developments on an existing application would typically demand a meeting room with a traditional whiteboard. In the context of remote work, however, EdrawSoft chooses to use an online whiteboard.


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A session on EdrawSoft’s online whiteboard begins with the team lead sketching out a basic framework of the application. The rest of the team members subsequently join in, adding their suggestions in the form of sticky notes. Simultaneously, they can draw flowcharts or scribble on the board, providing a real-time exchange of ideas.

In EdrawSoft’s case, the online whiteboard served as an efficient brainstorming tool, but its benefits didn't stop there. In addition to capturing everyone’s input in real-time, it also ensured every idea was captured and made available for future reference. Unlike traditional whiteboards that get wiped clean after each session, online whiteboards retain their contents until deliberately cleared, enabling teams to revisit ideas or discussions at any time.

Beyond its primary function as a collaboration tool, EdrawSoft found additional advantages in using online whiteboards. The ease of access from any device, at any time and place, means all members could participate actively in discussions. Additionally, team members who missed the session could catch up later by simply accessing the saved board.

At EdrawSoft, the use of online whiteboards not only facilitated a smoother transition to remote work but also enhanced team collaboration, creativity and productivity. After implementing online whiteboards for their brainstorming sessions and strategic meetings, EdrawSoft reported an increase in successful project completions and overall employee satisfaction.

EdrawSoft's experience validates that online whiteboards offer immense potential to bridge communication gaps and foster collaboration among remote teams. The accessibility, flexibility, and collaborative features they offer make them an indispensable tool in the contemporary workspace. With remote work projected to be part of our new normal, investing in online whiteboards could indeed be a wise decision for businesses aiming to succeed in the digital era.

Can your team use whiteboard outside of a meeting?

Absolutely, you can use an online whiteboard outside of a meeting. It's a fantastic tool for brainstorming, organizing ideas, or even just doodling during your free time. The beauty of an online whiteboard is its flexibility and accessibility. You can access it anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connectivity. It's not confined to the four walls of a meeting room.

Not only that, but it also allows for real-time collaboration. This means you can invite others to join you on the board, regardless of their location. You can work on projects together, share ideas, and give instant feedback. This fosters a sense of teamwork and unity, even when physically apart.

Moreover, many online whiteboards come with features that enhance productivity and creativity. These include sticky notes, templates, drawing tools, and more. They are designed to cater to different needs and preferences.

In conclusion, an online whiteboard is not just a tool for meetings. It's a platform for collaboration, creativity, and productivity that transcends physical boundaries and time constraints. So yes, feel free to use your online whiteboard whenever inspiration strikes or when collaboration is needed - meeting or no meeting!

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