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Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Published on Jun 03, 2024, updated on Jul 19, 2024

In today's technology-driven society, artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic, with each advancement sparking media frenzy. This article introduces 12 innovative AI website tools that offer limitless solutions across various industries.


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AI tools are software programs or applications that leverage AI technology, particularly machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to perform various tasks. These tools can simulate human cognitive functions such as learning, reasoning, self-correction, perception, and understanding language. AI tools have broad applications, including data analysis, image and video processing, natural language processing (NLP), automation and robotic process automation (RPA), and recommendation systems. As AI technology advances, these tools are becoming more powerful and widely used across different sectors.

Benefits of AI Tools

AI tools offer numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced errors, personalized services, and enhanced decision-making capabilities. Here are some key advantages of AI website tools:

1. Automation and Efficiency Improvement: AI automates repetitive tasks like data entry, customer service, and routine management, saving time and boosting work efficiency.

2. Data Analysis and Insights: AI tools can process and analyze large datasets, helping businesses uncover patterns, trends, and insights crucial for market research, customer behavior analysis, and strategic decision-making.

3. Personalized Experience: By analyzing user behavior and preferences, AI provides personalized content, product recommendations, and services, improving user satisfaction and loyalty.

AI Drawing Tools

1. Boardmix AI

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Crafted by Boardmix, this innovative AI feature breathes vitality into static sketches, morphing them into lively animations within the digital realm.

Key Features:

Animated Artistry: Transforms initial hand-drawn sketches into captivating animated sequences, infusing dynamism into static compositions.

Effortless Utilization: Seamlessly upload, tweak, and animate artworks through intuitive steps, ensuring a hassle-free creative process.

Web-Based Editing: Enjoy the convenience of directly uploading and refining artwork on web pages, streamlining the editing experience for users.

2. Sketch MetaDemoLab


Developed by Meta, this AI tool transforms static paintings into dynamic animations, making traditional art come to life in digital animation.

Key Features:

Dynamic Painting: Converts hand-drawn drafts into animated effects.

Simple Operation: Easy steps for uploading, editing, and animating paintings.

Online Editing: Direct upload and edit on web pages.

3. Quick, Draw!


An online AI tool by Google Creative Lab, Quick, Draw! helps users practice drawing while improving AI’s image recognition ability. It’s a fun way to learn drawing skills.

Key Features:

AI Interaction: Real-time guessing of user drawings.

Data Collection: Improves AI’s image recognition through user data.

Gamified Learning: Encourages practice in a game format.

Community Sharing: Learn different drawing styles from others.

AI Avatar Generators

4. Ready Player Me


Ready Player Me is an AI avatar generator for metaverse and virtual reality (VR) experiences. It allows users to create personalized 3D avatars for use in over 7000 supported applications and games.

Key Features:

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Use avatars across various platforms and applications.

Personalized Customization: Create 3D avatars with customizable options for facial features and more.

User-Friendly: Simple and intuitive interface for easy avatar creation.

5. Inworld


Inworld is a startup that provides an AI NPC (Non-Player Character) engine to simulate human behavior, enhancing player engagement in games and virtual environments.

Key Features:

Multi-Modal Character Expression: Creates realistic virtual characters by imitating human behavior.

Increased Engagement: Enhances immersion and interaction in games.

Wide Application: Useful for game development, VR, and educational simulations.

6. Avaturn


Avaturn is a 3D avatar creator for game and app development, driven by generative AI. It offers highly customizable and game-ready avatars that are easy to animate and integrate into various platforms.

Key Features:

Customizable: Create unique avatars with various body types, hairstyles, and accessories.

Game-Ready: Avatars are compatible with major animation software and easy to animate.

Easy Integration: Provides .glb file format for seamless integration into applications.

Free to Use: Offers resources and support via documentation, Discord, and LinkedIn.

AI Business Tools

7. Namelix


Namelix is an AI-driven business name generator that helps create unique and memorable names using advanced language models and user-provided keywords.

Key Features:

AI-Driven Generation: Generates business name suggestions based on keywords.

Personalized Recommendations: Learns user preferences for better suggestions.

Domain Availability Check: Searches for available domains.

Brand Logo Design: Integrates with Brandmark.io for logo creation.

8. Textio


Textio is an AI writing tool that optimizes job descriptions and recruitment ads using NLP and machine learning. It helps companies attract and screen talent effectively.

Key Features:

Recruitment Writing Assistant: Improves job descriptions to attract candidates.

Language Pattern Analysis: Scores documents based on appeal.

Gender Bias Detection: Promotes gender diversity by eliminating bias.

Integration: Compatible with various applications like Workday and Gmail.

9. Flatlogic


Flatlogic uses NLP to create database schemas and web applications based on user descriptions. It accelerates development cycles and is easy to use for non-technical users.

Key Features:

AI-Driven Development: Generates applications based on descriptions.

Quick Deployment: Creates web applications within minutes.

Cloud Hosting: Automatically hosts applications in the cloud.

Customization: Allows source code download for further development.

AI Research Tools

10. Genei


Genei is an AI-driven research tool that extracts key information from articles and research papers, enhancing productivity for researchers, students, and professionals.

Key Features:

AI-Generated Summaries: Quickly summarizes large amounts of text.

Keyword Extraction: Identifies important keywords in documents.

Chrome Extension: Summarizes and saves webpage content.

Pro Version: Offers advanced features like GPT-3 access and multi-document summaries.

11. Iris.ai


Iris.ai helps researchers handle tasks like content filtering, data extraction, and summary generation, improving efficiency in academic and industry research.

Key Features:

Document Management: Integrates documents with datasets for analysis.

Content Filtering: Identifies key content quickly.

Data Extraction: Supports research with important data extraction.

Context Understanding: Understands document context for better relevance.

12. Semantic Scholar


Developed by the Allen Institute for AI, Semantic Scholar helps researchers find and use academic literature efficiently with AI-driven search and semantic content understanding.

Key Features:

AI-Driven Search: Provides relevant and influential search results.

Free Full-Text: Offers a large number of free downloadable articles.

Wide Coverage: Includes multiple disciplines like computer science and biology.

Literature Recommendations: Shows trends and related content in research fields.


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The above 12 AI tools showcase the unique power and broad application fields of AI technology. They allow us to glimpse the significant impact AI can have on the future development of technology and society. Hope you can find tools that suit your needs among them, further expanding your understanding and application of AI.

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