In the rapid development of the digital world, artificial intelligence (AI) has broken the limitations of traditional writing methods and gradually formed a new online writing model. This article selects 7 AI online writing websites, that will help you become more proficient in business writing, creative writing, or academic writing, improve writing efficiency, and stimulate your potential innovative ability.

Boardmix AI


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Boardmix AI is an artificial intelligence writing assistant integrated into Boardmix, which provides a series of writing assistance functions designed to help users improve writing efficiency and content quality.

Features of Boardmix AI:

  • Text optimization & generation: Boardmix AI offers text optimization, article continuation, and content refinement services. It helps users improve article quality, including fixing typos, summarizing content, and enhancing writing skills.
  • Multi-lingual: Supports automatic article generation in various languages, areas like news, technology, lifestyle, health, and education.
  • Academic Writing: AI can quickly generate paper abstracts, automatically check references, and provide support for academic research.
  • Advertising Creation: AI can generate advertising scripts to different platforms based on user needs, boosting click-through and conversion rates.
  • Design Sketch Proposals: Generates multiple styled design sketches based on text content, inspiring visual accompaniment.
  • Digital Marketing Content: AI can create marketing plans, keyword analysis, and other practical digital marketing content.
  • One-click Canvas Integration: Users can seamlessly add AI-generated content to Boardmix canvases for further editing and optimization.
  • AI smart commands: Supports various intelligent commands like SWOT analysis, explanations, and brainstorming, expanding users' thinking horizons.
  • Immersive creation experience: Embed links, images, charts, videos, and other multimedia elements into content, offering an immersive creation experience.
  • Team collaboration: Enables real-time feedback and communication among multiple users, ideal for team projects.

These features of Boardmix AI make it a powerful writing tool that can significantly improve writing efficiency and content quality, whether for individual creation or team. Users can experience these AI writing functions through the Boardmix platform to receive support in various writing scenarios.

Semrush AI Text Generator

Semrush AI Text Generator is an AI online writing website provided by Semrush that helps users generate content for websites, advertising, social media posts, and more. This tool provides 75 different AI generation tools, and users can choose the appropriate tool to create content according to their needs. It is particularly suitable for users who need to save time and money as a tool to support website growth and content creation.


Features of Semrush AI Text Generator:

Diverse content generation tools: Includes product descriptions, article introductions, meta descriptions, email subject lines, social media posts, and more.

Time and money saving: Quickly generate content through the app, reducing to hiring professional writers.

Multilingual: Semrush AI Text Generator can produce content in 28 different languages.

Personalized content: Users can provide detailed prompts to generate content tailored to specific needs.

Free trial and subscription model: Offers a free trial with a limited number of credits. Users can choose a subscription service for unlimited credits.

User-friendly: Simply fill out prompts, click generate, and get content ready for editing and copying.

Plagiarism checker: Ensures the generated content is free from plagiarism issues.

Content saving and viewing: Save generated content for future reference and use.

Semrush AI Text Generator is a powerful tool that aids marketers, SEO experts, content creators, and website administrators in rapidly generating high-quality content. With its range of generation tools and language support, it caters to the needs of diverse users across various scenarios.

Magic Write

Magic Write by Canva is an AI-powered online writing website designed to help users generate drafts quickly. This tool is provided by the design platform Canva, which uses OpenAI technology to help users overcome writing barriers and improve writing efficiency.


Features of Magic Write:

Diversified writing assistance: Magic Write can assist users in generating various types of content, including product descriptions, marketing materials, social media posts, blog outlines, lists, personal profiles, and more.

Easy to use: Users only need to provide a prompt, and Magic Write can generate text within seconds. This makes it easy for even novice writers to quickly get started and produce creative content.

Personalized content: Users can adjust the generated text to ensure it aligns with their brand and style.

Unlimited usage: Canvas free users can use Magic Write up to 50 times. Meanwhile, users with Canva Pro, Team, Nonprofit Organization, or Educator status can enjoy up to 500 uses of Magic Write.

Integrated into Canva Docs: As a feature of Canva Docs, Magic Write allows users to leverage AI-assisted writing while creating rich media documents.

GPT-3 technology: Magic Write is powered by the GPT-3 model, an advanced language prediction model that can understand and generate natural language.

Inspiration booster: Magic Write aims to assist users in starting their writing process, providing inspiration and ideas, rather than completely replacing human creativity.

Magic Write by Canva is a powerful tool that can benefit content creators, marketers, bloggers, and other users who need to quickly generate text. With AI assistance, users can save time, enhance productivity, and gain fresh ideas during the writing process.

HIX.AI AI Text Generator

HIX.AI AI Text Generator is a comprehensive AI online writing website designed to help users quickly generate high-quality copywriting content. This platform offers more than 120 AI writing tools, supports multiple languages, and is suitable for various purposes such as advertisements, emails, blog posts, etc.


Features of HIX.AI AI Text Generator:

• Multi-functional writing tool: HIX.AI offers various tools, including paragraph generators, email composers, article rewriters, paraphrasing tools, prose writers, and essay expanders, to cater to different writing needs.

SEO-optimized content: With HIX.AI, users can generate search-engine-optimized content to enhance online visibility and rankings.

Multi-language support: Supporting over 50 languages, HIX.AI enables content creation without linguistic limitations, reaching a global audience.

Customized content: Users can tailor content to their needs, including length, target audience, and tone.

Original content: HIX.AI guarantees 100% original content, eliminating the risk of plagiarism.

Instant writing suggestions: HIX Chat provides instant writing suggestions and quick response queries, similar to a ChatGPT chatbot.

Editing and proofreading: The HIX Editor, similar to Notion AI, offers 120+ integrated writing tools to enhance content.

Browser extension: HIX.AI provides a Chrome extension for seamless access to AI writing features on preferred platforms.

Article generation: Article GPT easily creates keyword-optimized blog posts, data-backed product reviews, and news articles based on the latest information.

User-friendly: HIX.AI boasts an intuitive and simple interface, making it accessible even to non-technical users.

HIX.AI AI Text Generator is suitable for writers of all levels, including marketers, content creators, bloggers, social media managers, and more. It helps users overcome writing obstacles, improves writing efficiency, and enhances content quality through powerful AI support.

Grammarly AI Writing Tools

Grammarly AI Writing Tools is a powerful AI online writing website that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to help users improve their writing. Grammarly offers a range of features designed to help users improve the quality of their writing, whether in academic writing, business communications, or daily emails.


Features of Grammarly AI Writing Tools:

Grammar and spelling checks: Grammarly detects spelling errors, corrects punctuation usage, and fixes grammatical mistakes.

Style suggestions: The tool provides style recommendations to help users adjust their tone and style to suit different writing situations and audiences.

Clarity and fluency: Grammarly identifies and suggests improvements for sentence structures that may confuse readers, enhancing the clarity and flow of the text.

Writing goal settings: Users can set their writing goals (e.g., formal, informal, business) and Grammarly provides tailored writing suggestions based on these goals.

Cross-platform support: Grammarly is compatible with various platforms, including web, desktop apps, browser extensions, and integrations with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other applications.

Automatic citations: For academic writing, Grammarly offers an automatic citation feature that supports APA, MLA, Chicago, and other citation formats.

Privacy and security: Grammarly emphasizes the privacy and security of user data, ensuring the safety of user information.

Grammarly AI Writing Tools cater to writers of all levels, benefiting students, professionals, and general users alike. The free version provides basic writing suggestions, while the paid version offers more comprehensive writing feedback and advanced features. By using Grammarly, users can confidently write, ensuring their text caters to high standards in grammar, style, and clarity.

Write With Transformer

Write With Transformer by Hugging Face is an AI online writing website based on the Transformers library, which allows users to utilize pre-trained language models to generate, edit, and improve text. This tool is provided by Hugging Face, which has extensive influence in the field of artificial intelligence, especially natural language processing (NLP).


Features of Write With Transformer:

Hugging Face's Transformers library is an open-source deep learning framework that provides APIs and tools for downloading and utilizing state-of-the-art pre-trained models for various NLP tasks such as text classification, named entity recognition, machine translation, and question-answering systems. This library supports both PyTorch and TensorFlow frameworks and can run on different hardware accelerators like GPUs and TPUs.

Pre-trained models: Users can choose from various pre-trained models, including BERT, GPT, and Roberta, among others, that are trained on vast amounts of text data to understand and generate natural language.

Multi-task support: These models can be utilized for multiple NLP tasks, including but not limited to text generation, summarization, and translation.

Ease to use: Hugging Face offers simplified APIs and interfaces, making it effortless for even non-deep learning users to leverage these powerful models.

Community support: Hugging Face boasts an active community where users can seek help, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest NLP technology trends.

Education and resources: Hugging Face also provides a range of educational resources, including tutorials, courses, and hands-on guides, to aid users in better understanding and applying Transformer models.

The goal of the Write With Transformer tool is to lower the barrier to entry for natural language processing technology, enabling more people to leverage these advanced models to solve practical problems. Through this tool, users can directly input text on a webpage and let AI models assist in generating, and rewriting.

Ahrefs’ Paragraph Rewriter

Ahrefs’ Paragraph Rewriter is an online AI writing tool that helps users improve the readability of paragraphs and rewrite them into versions that are more like human language. This tool uses a language model that learns patterns, grammar, and vocabulary from large amounts of text data and then uses this knowledge to generate human-like text based on a given prompt or input.


Features of Paragraph Rewriter:

Academic writing and research: This tool can be used by students, researchers, and scholars to rewrite existing texts while maintaining their original meanings, helping to avoid plagiarism and ensure academic integrity.

Content creation and SEO: Content creators, bloggers, and website owners can leverage this tool to generate unique and original content. By inputting existing articles or texts, the tool can rewrite them, creating new content while preserving the main ideas. This is particularly useful for SEO as it helps avoid penalties from search engines for duplicate content and improves search rankings.

Language learning and vocabulary expansion: Language learners can use Paragraph Rewriter to improve their language skills and expand their vocabulary. By inputting sentences or paragraphs, they can obtain alternative versions using different vocabulary and sentence structures, thereby understanding different ways to express ideas.

Behind the technology: Ahrefs' Paragraph Rewriter utilizes a language model that combines learned information with an understanding of the input, generating text that incorporates both the model's knowledge and comprehension of the input.

In addition to Paragraph Rewriter, Ahrefs offers other writing tools such as Acronym Generator, Grammar Checker, and Conclusion Generator to help users enhance their writing quality. This tool from Ahrefs is free, and users can directly use it on the Ahrefs website without downloading or installing any software. Through this tool, users can quickly rewrite and reconstruct texts, improving writing efficiency.

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In summary, choosing the most suitable AI online writing website for your needs is crucial. You need to consider what writing issues you hope to address and what assistance you need from the tool. Hopefully, the AI online writing websites recommended above can help you find the one that best suits your needs.

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