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Published on May 07, 2024, updated on May 09, 2024

Imagine having a tool that could capture the essence of your brand, a mirror reflecting its unique personality and values. That's the magic of a Brand Identity Prism. But how do you create one? As we delve into the world of Brand Identity Prisms, we will uncover templates and examples that are not only downloadable but also editable online. Ready to give your brand the identity it deserves? Let's explore these Brand Identity Prism templates and examples together.

Why Use Online Editable Brand Identity Prism Templates

The Brand Identity Prism offers a robust framework for defining and understanding a brand's identity. However, manually creating a brand identity prism can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. That's where online editable Brand Identity Prism templates come into play.


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1. Saves Time and Effort

With ready-to-use templates, you eliminate the need to create a Brand Identity Prism from scratch. All the facets of the prism are already outlined—you just need to fill in the information relevant to your brand. This can significantly save time and effort.

2. Provides Consistency

Using a standardized template ensures consistency in how the brand identity prism is created and used within your organization. This consistency is crucial in maintaining a clear and cohesive brand image across different platforms.

3. Encourages Collaboration

Online editable templates can be easily shared with team members or stakeholders. It allows for real-time collaboration, where individuals can simultaneously work on defining different facets of the brand identity. This collaborative approach can lead to a more comprehensive and well-rounded brand analysis.

4. Ensures Accuracy

Online templates can include guidelines or prompts that help you correctly and accurately fill out each facet of the Brand Identity Prism. These guidelines can be invaluable, especially for those new to this model.

5. Facilitates Tracking and Revisions

Most online platforms that offer editable templates also include features like version history, which allows you to track changes over time and make necessary revisions. This feature is particularly useful when revisiting your brand identity strategy and making adjustments.

6. Offers Flexibility

Online editable templates offer flexibility as they can be customized according to your brand's needs. You can add sections, incorporate visual elements, or modify existing facets as per your requirements.

7. Promotes Organization

Online templates help keep all of your information organized in one place. This organization aids in clarity, making it easier to review your brand identity strategy and present it to others.

All in all, online editable Brand Identity Prism templates are a powerful tool that brands can leverage. They streamline the process of defining brand identity, promote effective collaboration, and ensure a consistent, accurate, and organized approach to using the Brand Identity Prism model.

How to Download and Edit Brand Identity Prism Templates Online

Brand management has never been as straightforward as with Boardmix. Whether you are an entrepreneur striving to establish your brand in a saturated market or a well-established brand seeking to redefine your brand identity, Boardmix offers a practical and efficient solution. One such solution is the availability of downloadable and editable Brand Identity Prism templates online. Here is a guide on how you can use these online resources effectively.

Step 1: Search and Choose the Brand Identity Prism Template

Start by exploring the Brand Identity Prism templates available on Boardmix. Choose the one that best fits your brand's needs, whether you're starting from scratch or reevaluating an existing brand identity.


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Step 2: Edit the Brand Identity Prism Template

Begin by editing each facet of the Brand Identity Prism based on your understanding of your brand. Input details in each section: Physique, Personality, Culture, Relationship, Reflection, and Self-image.

Step 3: Incorporate Visuals

Visual elements can greatly enhance the impact of your Brand Identity Prism. Add images, links, or even videos related to each facet directly in the Boardmix template. The platform's drag-and-drop functionality makes this step simple and efficient.

Step 4: Download or Share Your Edited Template

Once you're satisfied with the edits, save your work. You can also download or share the completed Brand Identity Prism directly with stakeholders or use it in presentations or branding meetings. The download feature allows for easy offline access and sharing.

By leveraging Boardmix's downloadable and editable Brand Identity Prism templates, you can streamline the process of creating a unique and robust brand identity. Remember that revisiting and updating this template should be an integral part of your brand strategy as market trends, consumer behavior, and brand objectives evolve. So, embrace the flexibility that Boardmix provides and ensure your brand stays relevant, consistent, and powerful in the dynamic business landscape.

5 Brand Identity Prism Examples and Templates

The Brand Identity Prism provides a multi-faceted analysis of a brand's identity and helps strategize more targeted branding efforts. For more clarity, let's explore five examples of how renowned brands have applied the model effectively and templates you can utilize:

1. Amazon


Known for its vast product range and excellent customer service, Amazon's brand identity prism could look something like this:

Physique: Largest online marketplace, easy-to-navigate website.

Personality: Reliable, helpful, and customer-centric.

Culture: Innovation and customer obsession.

Relationship: Seamless customer service, creating trust among customers.

Reflection: Consumers see themselves as savvy online shoppers.

Self-image: Customers feel smart, efficient, and appreciate convenience.

2. Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola, a global soft drink brand, has an identity that can be described as follows:

Physique: Iconic red and white logo, distinctive bottle shape.

Personality: Fun-loving, youthful, refreshing.

Culture: Encouraging sharing and happiness.

Relationship: Associated with joyful moments and celebrations.

Reflection: Consumers perceive themselves as fun-loving, social beings.

Self-image: Consumers feel jovial and lively when consuming Coca-Cola.



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IKEA, the multinational furniture retailer known for its cost-effective solutions, could be described as:

Physique: Flat-pack furniture, minimalist design.

Personality: Practical, sustainable, and affordable.

Culture: Emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and Swedish heritage.

Relationship: Provides functional solutions to customers' everyday problems.

Reflection: Consumers perceive themselves as smart and cost-effective shoppers.

Self-image: Shoppers feel practical and efficient.

4. Apple


Apple, the technology giant known for its sleek design and innovation, can be represented by the Brand Identity Prism as follows:

Physique: Sleek design, innovative technology, distinctive logo.

Personality: Creative, forward-thinking, and quality-focused.

Culture: A blend of luxury, innovation, and exclusivity.

Relationship: Apple creates a relationship with its customers by offering top-notch customer service and cultivating a sense of belonging among its users.

Reflection: Consumers see themselves as modern, trendy, and tech-savvy.

Self-image: Apple users feel sophisticated and innovative.

5. Nike


Nike, the leading sportswear brand, communicates its identity in various ways:

Physique: The swoosh logo, innovative and comfortable sportswear.

Personality: Energetic, inspirational, and driven.

Culture: Embraces a culture of athletic performance and achievement.

Relationship: Encourages customers to reach their personal best and 'Just Do It.'

Reflection: Customers view themselves as athletes or individuals committed to fitness and performance.

Self-image: Nike customers feel motivated, empowered, and athletic.


Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of online editable brand identity prism templates to elevate your brand strategy. With accessible resources and practical examples, you can confidently shape your brand identity for success in the digital landscape. When building your Brand Identity Prism on Boardmix, you can invite your team members to review and contribute to your edited template. Boardmix's collaboration feature allows for real-time updates and feedback, fostering a more inclusive and comprehensive branding strategy. Start and try to build your own Brand Identity Prism on Boardmix!

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