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Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Published on Jun 21, 2024, updated on Jul 19, 2024

Organizing events requires a sophisticated blend of planning, coordination, and on-the-fly problem-solving. The right event project management software can make all the difference by streamlining these processes and ensuring successful execution.

This article reviews 15 event project management software options ideal for event planning, offering insights into their functionalities and specific use cases for event project management.


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What Makes Event Management Unique?

Event project management is distinct because it must orchestrate a blend of tasks, often under tight deadlines and with high stakes. It demands flexibility, real-time coordination, and quick response to challenges. Consequently, tools that provide seamless communication, task management, and real-time updates are critical for success.

Key Features to Look for in Event Project Management Software

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication Tools

Effective project management software for events empowers real-time collaboration among team members, stakeholders, and clients.

Budget Tracking and Financial Management

Financial management tools in event project management software help track expenses, forecast costs, and manage vendor payments, keeping the event within financial constraints.

Top Event Project Management Software

1. Boardmix


(1) Mind Mapping Tools for Idea Organization:


AI-Generated Mind Maps: Swiftly compile and showcase project information.

Import and Export Support: Import mind maps from various formats and export to formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, Markdown, and more.

(2) Flowchart Creation for Process Visualization:


Variety of Shapes and Themes: Create detailed flowcharts with pre-defined shapes, colors, and specific themes like UML, BPMN, and ERD.

(3) Real-time Whiteboard for Collaborative Brainstorming:


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Versatile Canvas: Use various shapes, connectors, and text options for brainstorming.

Real-Time Collaboration: Multiple users can interact and contribute simultaneously.


Intuitive Design: Enhances usability with user-friendly interfaces.

Real-Time Collaboration: Fosters collaboration among team members.

Versatile Functionality: Suitable for various stages of event planning, from brainstorming to execution.


Subscription Model: Advanced features may require a paid subscription for access.

Impact on Event Project Management:

Boardmix enhances event project management with its powerful tools, including hierarchical and AI-generated mind maps for organized idea generation, detailed flowcharts for process visualization, and a real-time whiteboard for seamless collaboration. This enables team members to brainstorm and resolve issues effectively.

Additionally, Boardmix’s presentation tools streamline the creation of professional slides for stakeholder meetings, ensuring clear communication of project updates. The platform supports various import and export formats, enhancing flexibility across different project stages. While some advanced features require a subscription, Boardmix's comprehensive tools significantly boost creativity, teamwork, and project efficiency.

2. Eventbrite



Event registration and ticketing

Promotional tools for event marketing

Performance tracking and analytics


User-friendly and widely adopted

Simplifies ticketing and registrations


Limited beyond ticketing and marketing management

Impact on Event Project Management: Eventbrite is ideal for managing attendee lists and marketing but lacks comprehensive project management tools, making it a partial solution for broader event planning needs.

3. Cvent



Venue sourcing tools

Marketing automation

On-site event management solutions


Comprehensive solution for large events

Advanced analytics


Complex and expensive

Impact on Event Project Management: Cvent excels in managing large-scale events, offering detailed venue information and robust tracking features, essential for complex logistics and high-profile events.

4. Bizzabo



Customizable event websites

Registration and ticketing management

Real-time audience engagement tools


Focus on user engagement

Customizable and comprehensive


May lack depth for intricate project management tasks

Impact on Event Project Management: Bizzabo’s strong engagement tools are perfect for creating dynamic events and gathering real-time feedback, though it might not cover all aspects of project management.

5. Whova



Attendee engagement and networking

Marketing tools

Comprehensive event analytics


Strong on attendee engagement



Basic project management beyond engagement

Impact on Event Project Management: Whova elevates attendee participation but falls short in handling detailed project management, making it better suited for engagement-focused events.




Registration and marketing

Event networking tools

Detailed data analytics


Robust analytics

Versatile management tools


High pricing for smaller events

Impact on Event Project Management: STOVA’s strong analytics and versatile tools boost informed decision-making, essential for optimizing event outcomes and improving efficiencies.

7. Monday.com



Customizable workflow management

Task tracking and assignment

Time management tools


Highly customizable

Strong collaboration features


Time-consuming setup

Impact on Event Project Management: Monday.com’s flexibility allows for detailed planning and task tracking, ensuring every aspect of the event is managed efficiently.

8. Trello



Kanban-style boards

Task management

Integration with other tools


Simple and visual interface

Flexible and versatile


Limited advanced features

Impact on Event Project Management: Trello is ideal for visual task management, helping teams organize and prioritize tasks effectively, though it may lack depth for complex projects.

9. Asana



Task and project tracking

Workflow automation

Collaborative tools


Extensive integration capabilities

Comprehensive task management


Potentially overwhelming with features

Impact on Event Project Management: Asana helps manage various tasks and deadlines, ensuring all phases of event planning are covered, though its extensive feature set might be daunting for simple projects.

10. Wrike



Detailed project management tools

Time tracking and reporting

Real-time updates


Extensive capabilities

Customizable workflows


Steeper learning curve

Impact on Event Project Management: Wrike’s detailed management and real-time updates are crucial for coordinating and executing complex events accurately.

11. Social Tables



Event diagramming for layout planning

Seating and guest list management

Collaborative tools


Specialized event planning tools

Easy interface


Limited overall project management

Impact on Event Project Management: Social Tables is specialized for spatial planning, ensuring efficient use of event space, though broader project management needs might require additional tools.

12. RingCentral



On-site check-in and printing

Attendee management

Lead retrieval


Excellent on-site features

Effective attendee tracking


Limited pre-event management features

Impact on Event Project Management: RingCentral enhances on-site management and engagement, essential for smoothly running the event day, but lacks comprehensive planning tools.

13. EventMobi



Custom event app creation

Engagement and networking tools

Extensive analytics


Highly customizable

Strong engagement features


Higher cost for smaller events

Impact on Event Project Management: EventMobi allows for extensive customization, creating bespoke event experiences and strong attendee interaction, albeit at a higher cost.

14. Demio



Virtual event management

Networking and engagement tools



Focused on virtual events

Robust engagement features


Limited physical event management tools

Impact on Event Project Management: Demio is essential for virtual event management, providing tools for an engaging online experience, though it may not fully cater to physical events.

15. Conferize



Event website creation

Registration and ticketing

Content sharing


Easy setup and use

Focus on engagement


Limited advanced management features

Impact on Event Project Management: Conferize is excellent for setting up engaging event websites and managing registrations, but lacks advanced project management functionalities.

Quick Answers to Help Event Planners

What project management software for events is good for managing large-scale events?

Boardmix offers a comprehensive suite of tools ideal for managing large-scale events. With features like mind maps for planning, flowcharts for process visualization, and a real-time collaborative whiteboard, Boardmix helps event planners organize, manage, and execute events seamlessly.

Which tool works best for virtual events?

Boardmix excels in managing virtual events with its powerful collaborative features. The whiteboard tool supports real-time interaction, allowing planners and participants to brainstorm, share ideas, and make decisions collaboratively. Additionally, the presentation and diagram tools help create engaging virtual event content, making Boardmix a versatile choice for virtual event management.



Boardmix provides an array of tools that cater specifically to the nuances of event project management. Its intuitive interface and real-time collaboration features make it indispensable for event planners looking to organize, delegate, and execute tasks seamlessly.

While other project management software for events like Cvent and Eventbrite offer specialized features, Boardmix shines with its versatility and ease of use, particularly in visual task management and stakeholder presentations. Whether planning a small event or a large conference, Boardmix equips event planners with the essential tools to ensure every aspect is managed efficiently.

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