The Gantt chart was invented by Henry Lawrence Gantt while working for the U.S. government. It can visualize the progress and process of the overall project, effectively manage the team's workload, and monitor the progress of the project in real-time to achieve the lowest cost.The traditional Gantt chart is drawn by hand. Although this is the most basic method and is simple and quick, it has shortcomings such as space limitations, manual hand-drawing techniques, and difficulty in saving the file. Therefore, the traditional Gantt chart has long been replaced by a variety of online Gantt chart softwares.

The Boardmix online collaborative whiteboard, which has been very popular in project management and collaboration recently, is one of the best among those free Gantt chart softwares. Meanwhile, it offers free Gantt chart templates which can greatly help save your time and energy. Let's learn how to use the Boardmix free Gantt chart software and use the free Gantt chart template for your team, and see why it deserves your first choice.

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The Boardmix online collaboration whiteboard is a tool that can be used directly after opening it in a browser. This saves you the trouble of downloading the client, and can also avoid the problems of system incompatibility and incomplete computer configuration. It can also solve the problem of having to carry your office computer with you, if you need to travel frequently, it is very inconvenient to carry your computer with you. Using the Boardmix whiteboard can ensure that a terminal device with Internet access can complete the update of the Gantt chart and dynamic monitoring of the entire project anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient.

Free Gantt Chart Template with Powerful Drawing Function


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As a free Gantt chart software offering free templates, Boardmix online collaborative whiteboard supports comprehensive powerful functions including AI-generated content. It is called whiteboard software because it can complete a variety of designs and operations on the whiteboard. When making a Gantt chart, you only need to create a container first, then choose the suitable free Gantt chart template for your project and your team.

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Then you can re-edit the free Gantt chart template you choose. You can insert the basic graphics and connecting lines according to your needs, and then design different colors for different graphics to form your own Gantt chart. Of course, this is just the simplest approach. If you want your Gantt chart to be beautiful enough, you can also design a beautiful background color and shape based on appropriate free Gantt chart templates.

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Boardmix as a free Gantt chart software has a resource community function. There are a large number of templates in the resource community, which can be used directly with one click according to your needs. In this way, fill in the content you need in the template, and you can quickly get a beautiful Gantt chart!

Free Gantt Chart Software with Team Collaboration Support

In the process of making a Gantt chart, there are many situations that need collaboration with team members in by team members. For this situation, the Boardmix online collaboration whiteboard has a powerful team collaboration function. You can create his team in Boardmix, which can support the team's remote collaboration, and team meeting on the whiteboard and establish team-sharing files.

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If a meeting needs to be held, you can directly use the function of three-party conference access, the whole team can make a Gantt chart together while holding a meeting. When encountering problems, you can directly insert the brainstorming template on the whiteboard to start brainstorming and realize the production of project plans and project Gantt charts. Completing production, management, and project problem-solving on one online web page can greatly improve work efficiency!



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Apart from free Gantt chart template offered, the Boardmix online collaborative whiteboard is more than a free Gant chart software, you can explore much more comprehensive functions and templates in Boardmix. Registration is currently free, click on Boardmix to use it online!


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