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Mackenzie Carter
Mackenzie Carter

Published on Jun 18, 2024, updated on Jul 19, 2024

In project management, Gantt charts are a practical tool that helps us see the progress of a project and the relationship between tasks. Boardmix offers a variety of free Gantt chart templates, making it easier for us to create Gantt charts. In this article, we will introduce 13 free Gantt chart online templates for free and a step-by-step guide on how to use them online. Get ready? Let’s explore!

What is a Gantt Chart?


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The Gantt chart is a type of bar chart used to display the progress, timeline, and task relationships of a project. It represents each task as a bar, the length of which indicates the duration of the task, and the position signifies the start and end times. Arrows between tasks show their dependency.

In project management, Gantt charts help us specify the start and end times of each task, understand the interrelationships between tasks, and thus better control project progress.

13 Free Gantt Chart Online Templates on Boardmix

BoardMix offers various free Gantt chart templates, including basic Gantt chart templates, project plan Gantt chart templates, team workflow Gantt chart templates, etc. You can choose the appropriate template based on your project needs. Here, let’s explore 13 free Gantt chart online templates that are applied to different projects.🔔🔔🔔

1. Management Consulting Project Gantt Chart

The project schedule Gantt chart includes the planned start date and expected completion date of each specific activity. The management consulting project schedule is a plan developed for a management consulting project to clarify the project's timeline, tasks, and key milestones to effectively manage and monitor the project's progress. This plan usually contains detailed time arrangements, task allocations, progress forecasts, and project delivery schedules to ensure that the project proceeds according to the predetermined plan and goals.


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In the project schedule, risks and obstacles that the project may face can be identified and evaluated. This allows the team to take preventive measures or develop solutions before problems occur.

2. Project Iteration Gantt Chart

Project Iteration Gantt Chart, also known as Iteration Plan or Sprint Plan, is used to show the iterative process between different stages of a project. Iteration diagrams can be used as an effective communication tool to help team members, project managers, and stakeholders better understand project plans and changes. By showing the stages and key tasks of a project, project iteration diagrams help identify potential risks and problems, so that measures can be taken in advance to intervene and resolve them.


Overall, the project iteration diagram is a powerful tool that helps manage and promote the smooth progress of the project, improves the efficiency of team collaboration, and also provides stakeholders with a better understanding of the overall situation of the project.

3. Project Scheduling Plan Gantt Chart

Project Scheduling The Gantt chart is a tool for visualizing and managing project progress, usually showing the scheduling of tasks, activities, or stages in the project in the form of a Kanban board.


Use project management tools to create and update. You can view the task plan details, break down the project plan, start date, end date in the Gantt chart, and assign participants to each task, track tasks in real-time, and make each task clear, which is also part of progress monitoring.

Visual project scheduling helps reduce communication errors and improve work efficiency. Team members can understand the overall situation of the project more quickly and make more timely decisions. It helps to ensure that the team is moving steadily towards project goals and milestones. Members can intuitively see the current status of the project to ensure that the project is progressing as planned.

4. New Product Launch Marketing Gantt Chart

In marketing, the Gantt chart is a very effective tool and is used by more and more companies. This is a Gantt chart template suitable for new product launches. Through this Gantt chart template, the project team can clearly understand the time schedule and progress plan of the entire project, helping team members to better coordinate and cooperate and improve work efficiency.


5. Mobile Application Development Gantt Chart

In the effective planning and management of mobile application development projects, Gantt charts are widely used and help teams track progress and manage tasks efficiently. This mobile application development Gantt chart can help teams effectively plan the time nodes of the project and reasonably arrange the work of each stage such as development, testing, and launch. Through the Gantt chart, the team can see the tasks of each stage, adjust the progress in time, and ensure that the project is delivered on time.


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6. Project Requirements Schedule and Development Gantt Chart

Project requirements schedule and development Gantt chart are indispensable tools in project management. Whether it is a large enterprise or a startup, this precise and detailed schedule is needed to ensure that the project is delivered on time, with quality and quantity.


Development Gantt chart is an important tool in the project execution phase. It uses time as the axis to display the key activities and milestones of the project on the timeline, helping the project team to clearly understand the progress and key nodes of the project execution.

When developing a development Gantt chart, the project manager needs to subdivide the various tasks of the project into specific work packages and set clear start and end dates for each work package. This Gantt chart template explores the role, preparation steps and usage skills of the project requirements schedule and development Gantt chart from different dimensions to help you create the key to project success.

7. Software Development Project Management Gantt Chart

The software development project management Gantt chart is used to graphically display the project's tasks, schedule, and progress. The Gantt chart displays the project's timeline in the form of a horizontal bar chart, where each bar represents a task or activity, its length represents the task's duration, and its position represents the start and end time of the task.


With this software development project management Gantt chart, project managers can clearly understand the project's schedule, dependencies between tasks, and overall progress. This Gantt chart online template displays the project's timeline and task schedule in an intuitive graphical way, allowing project managers to quickly understand the overall progress of the project and the completion of each task.

8. New Product Development Project Management Gantt Chart

New product development project management is an important part of a company's launch of new products, and the Gantt chart is a structured project management tool that can effectively plan, monitor, and manage project progress.


The Gantt chart shows the progress of a new product development project based on time, and displays the start time, duration and completion time of tasks in the form of a bar chart. In new product development project management, the Gantt chart can clearly display the tasks and time nodes of each stage of the project, helping team members understand the project progress, division of labor and priority. Through the Gantt chart, the team can better coordinate work, reduce communication and management costs, and improve the overall efficiency of the project.

9. Event Planning Project Management Gantt Chart

The event planning Gantt chart can be used to visualize the plan, progress, and milestones of the project. With this event planning Gantt chart, team members can see the start and end time of each task in the project, as well as the dependencies between them, to better understand the progress of the project. In addition, project managers can use Gantt charts to support project strategy formulation and decision-making, such as adjusting the order of tasks, rescheduling resources, or delaying tasks.


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10. Skill Center Work Arrangement Gantt Chart

The Skill Center Work Schedule Gantt chart is used to show the schedule and task allocation of the Skill Center project. The Gantt chart uses a horizontal bar chart format, combining the timeline and task progress, and can clearly show the start time, end time, duration and progress of each task in the project.


In the work schedule Gantt chart, each task and activity will be displayed on the timeline in the form of a bar chart, clearly listing the specific work that the Skill Center needs to complete. The Skill Center Work Gantt chart can help you with project planning, resource and budget management, and is a good helper for your project management.

11. Construction Project Management Gantt Chart

In construction project management, Gantt charts can help project teams effectively plan, schedule, and control project progress. By making reasonable use of Gantt charts, project managers can improve work efficiency, optimize progress control, and ensure that projects are delivered on time and meet the expected quality.


The Gantt chart uses time as the axis to display the start time, end time, and duration of each task in the project, allowing team members to understand the schedule of the entire project at a glance. With this project management Gantt chart, the construction project team can quickly identify the critical path, task dependencies, and duration of each task, to better allocate resources, coordinate progress, and maximize work efficiency.

12. Restaurant Construction Gantt Chart

Gantt charts play an important role in the construction process of restaurants. By making reasonable use of Gantt charts, restaurant managers can efficiently organize and arrange various tasks, thereby improving construction efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the accuracy of planning to ensure the smooth progress of restaurant construction.


Gantt charts can clearly show the time nodes and dependencies of various tasks, helping managers to fully grasp the entire construction process. When formulating a Gantt chart, restaurant construction can be broken down into multiple stages, such as preliminary preparation, design planning, decoration construction, equipment procurement, etc. Each stage can be further subdivided into specific tasks, clarifying the specific requirements and completion time of each task to ensure that the entire construction process proceeds in an orderly manner.

13. House Decoration Project Management Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart for house renovation project management can be used to visually display the project's various tasks, schedules, and progress. It is usually presented in the form of a bar chart, with the horizontal axis representing time and the vertical axis representing tasks. The length of each task represents its duration and its position in the entire project cycle.


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This house renovation project management Gantt chart template provides a clear project plan, which helps communication and coordination between renovation team members, ensuring that everyone understands their tasks and the overall goals of the project. The team can use the Gantt chart to track the progress of the house renovation project, and promptly identify and resolve delays or problems to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly as planned.

How to Use Free Gantt Chart Online Templates on Boardmix?

1. Choose a template: First, log in to Boardmix and choose the Gantt chart template you need from the "Template Library."


2. Create a project: Next, click "Create New Project" and fill in the project information as prompted, such as project name, start date, end date, etc.

3. Add tasks: In the new project, click "Add Task" and enter the task information like task name, start date, end date, responsible person, etc. If there are dependencies between tasks, you can set arrows to indicate this.


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4. Monitor progress: In the Gantt chart, you can check the progress of each task at any time. If a task is delayed, the Gantt chart will adjust automatically to help you maintain clear control over project progress.


5. Share and collaborate: Lastly, you can share the Gantt chart with team members or other relevant individuals via a shareable link to facilitate collaboration.

In summary, the free Gantt chart templates on Boardmix provide a quick and convenient way to create Gantt charts in project management. Whether you are a project manager or a team member, you can try these free templates to see how they can help you complete your projects more effectively.

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