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Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Published on May 24, 2024, updated on Jun 06, 2024

The SCAMPER technique is an invaluable tool designed to ignite innovative thoughts, offering a robust approach to problem-solving. In this guide, we'll delve into the world of SCAMPER, providing real-life examples and free templates in various formats including Word, PDF, PPT, and more. Ready to explore? Keep reading!

What is the SCAMPER Model?


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The SCAMPER model is a valuable tool for prompting creative thinking and problem-solving. The acronym stands for:

Substitute: What elements of the product or process can you replace with something else?

Combine: How can you combine the product or process with something else to make it better?

Adapt: What can you change about the product or process to improve it?

Modify: Can you modify or change the product or process in any way?

Put to Another Use: Can you use the product or process in a different way or a different setting?

Eliminate: What parts of the product or process can you remove or simplify?

Reverse/Rearrange: Can you change the order of the product or process? Or reverse its components?

Each letter of SCAMPER represents a different strategy that prompts questions aimed at innovating and improving a product, process, or service. It's a practical method that encourages us to think about a problem from different perspectives, leading to fresh insights and novel solutions.

Real Examples of SCAMPER

SCAMPER is a creative thinking technique used to spark innovation and generate new ideas by asking specific questions about existing products or processes.

SCAMPER Example: Smartphone Evolution


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Let's take a real-world example: the evolution of the smartphone.

1. Substitute:

   - Original: Physical keyboards on smartphones (like BlackBerry).

   - New: Touchscreen keyboards (as popularized by the iPhone).

   - Effect: This substitution allowed for larger screens and a more versatile user interface, making smartphones more user-friendly and capable of supporting a wider range of applications.

2. Combine:

   - Original: Separate devices for phone calls, cameras, and music players.

   - New: Integrated devices that combine calling, photography, and music capabilities.

   - Effect: This combination has led to the development of multifunctional smartphones that can replace several standalone devices, increasing convenience and portability.

3. Adapt:

   - Original: Personal digital assistants (PDAs) with limited internet connectivity.

   - New: Smartphones with full internet capabilities, adapting features from computers.

   - Effect: Adapting computer-like internet capabilities into smartphones enabled users to browse the web, use email, and access a wide range of online services on the go.

4. Modify:

   - Original: Smartphones with fixed screen sizes.

   - New: Smartphones with flexible and foldable screens.

   - Effect: Modifying screen technology to create foldable phones has led to devices that can switch between a compact form and a larger display, offering enhanced versatility and user experience.

5. Put to another use:

   - Original: Smartphones primarily for communication.

   - New: Smartphones as payment devices using NFC technology.

   - Effect: This new use has transformed smartphones into convenient tools for cashless transactions, making them integral to modern financial practices.

6. Eliminate:

   - Original: Headphone jacks on smartphones.

   - New: Removal of headphone jacks in favor of wireless earbuds.

   - Effect: Eliminating the headphone jack has pushed the market towards wireless audio solutions, enhancing convenience and paving the way for advancements in Bluetooth technology.

7. Rearrange:

   - Original: Fixed camera positions on the back of the phone.

   - New: Pop-up, rotating, or under-display cameras.

   - Effect: Rearranging the camera positions has allowed for innovative design solutions that maximize screen real estate, creating a more immersive viewing experience and maintaining camera functionality.

Using the SCAMPER technique, companies have been able to continuously innovate and improve the smartphone, making it an indispensable part of modern life.

SCAMPER Technique in Writing

The SCAMPER technique, initially developed as a tool for product innovation, can also serve as a powerful ally in enhancing the creativity and effectiveness of your writing. Each of its seven strategies can be used to reframe your thinking and explore fresh perspectives. Let's delve into how each strategy applies to writing:


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1. Substitute

Consider replacing characters, settings, or events with alternatives that could add depth or create an unexpected twist. Substituting words and phrases can also change the tone and style of your writing.

2. Combine

Merge different stories or ideas to create something new and interesting. You can also combine different writing styles, genres, or perspectives to generate innovative narratives.

3. Adapt

Modify your writing style or voice to suit different audiences or contexts. Consider adapting successful structures or themes from other works and fitting them into your piece.

4. Modify

Alter aspects of your story, such as plot developments, character arcs, or conflict resolutions, to enhance engagement and intrigue. Modifying sentence structures and vocabulary can also enrich your text's stylistic range.

Put to Another Use

Reframe your story in a different context. A dramatic narrative can be reimagined as a comedic piece or a contemporary setting can shift to a historical one.

5. Eliminate

Remove unnecessary details, characters, or subplots that do not contribute to the main story. In the realm of language usage, eliminate redundancies and overly complex structures to enhance clarity.

6. Reverse/Rearrange

Change the order of events in your story, adopt a non-linear timeline, or tell the story from the end. Rearranging paragraphs and sentences can also improve the flow and coherence of your writing.

The SCAMPER technique is a dynamic approach to developing more creative and compelling content. Challenging conventional thinking and exploring diverse possibilities, it stimulates originality and inventiveness in your writing. So why not give it a try? The next time you're faced with writer's block or feel stuck in a creativity rut, remember SCAMPER and unleash your inner writer's full potential!

Boardmix: Your Free Gateway to SCAMPER Tool and SCAMPER Templates

Looking for a versatile tool that can enhance your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities? Boardmix brings you the perfect solution with its free SCAMPER tool and SCAMPER templates.

Advantages of Using Boardmix as A SCAMPER Tool

Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, product manager, or designer, Boardmix serves as a powerful ally to foster your creative potential. It allows you to:

- Reframe your established thinking patterns

- Generate out-of-the-box ideas

- Enhance problem-solving abilities

- Improve decision-making processes

By offering this dynamic tool for free, Boardmix ensures that everyone can access this method to enhance their creativity without worrying about the cost.

A Look at the SCAMPER Templates on Boardmix

To help users better navigate through the SCAMPER process, Boardmix provides a selection of ready-to-use SCAMPER templates. These templates provide a structured approach to applying the SCAMPER technique, saving time and energy that can be channeled into the creative process.

Using the templates is simple. Just navigate to the Template library, search for the SCAMPER template, and use it immediately! Each one is divided into sections corresponding to each of the SCAMPER strategies. Users can fill in their ideas and insights in the provided spaces. This makes it easy to see how different thoughts connect and interact under each strategy, promoting a holistic understanding of the issue at hand.

Export and Convert SCAMPER Templates in Various Formats

Besides the free template to use online, one of the remarkable features of Boardmix is its ability to export SCAMPER templates into various formats such as Word, PDF, PPT, Image, and more.


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SCAMPER Template in Word

Boardmix's ability to convert your SCAMPER template to a Word document offers a convenient way to create and manage your ideas. Microsoft Word's vast array of editing and formatting tools allows you to organize your thoughts efficiently under each SCAMPER category. Sharing and collaboration become effortless as Word files are universally accepted and easily accessible.

SCAMPER Template in PDF

If you're looking for a stable format that maintains the same appearance across different devices and operating systems, the PDF option provided by Boardmix is the perfect fit. The SCAMPER template in PDF format retains the original layout, providing a clear and concise view of your innovative ideas. Furthermore, PDF files can be secured with password protection, ensuring your data's safety and integrity.

SCAMPER Template in PPT

For those who wish to present their SCAMPER analysis creatively and visually, Boardmix enables conversion to PowerPoint (PPT)format. Just select your SCAMPER content and use the Boardmix AI to convert it easily! It's an ideal choice when discussing concepts with your team or during group brainstorming sessions.

SCAMPER Template as Image

Boardmix even allows you to convert your SCAMPER templates into image files. This can be particularly helpful if you want a quick visual representation of your ideas or if you need to insert the SCAMPER template into another document or presentation. Whichever format you choose, Boardmix ensures that your path to innovation remains smooth and hassle-free.

With Boardmix's powerful AI capabilities and intuitive interface, navigating through the SCAMPER technique becomes a seamless experience. The platform also enables real-time collaboration, making it easier for teams to brainstorm together, no matter where they are.

In conclusion, whether you're working on a personal project, exploring ideas for your startup, or engaging in an academic endeavor, Boardmix's free SCAMPER templates are valuable resources you shouldn't miss out on. So why wait? Start unlocking new perspectives and fostering creative growth with Boardmix today!

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