SWOT analysis is one of the most commonly used marketing research methods, which was founded by Weirick, a management professor at the University of San Francisco. SWOT analysis is an analytical tool used to collect information, analyze the market environment, and competitors, and formulate strategies within and outside the enterprise. SWOT analysis can help companies focus resources and actions on their strengths and where they have the most opportunities, which represent strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats respectively. On the Boardmix whiteboard, you can use free templates to instantly create your own SWOT analysis table. The following will teach you how to use SWOT analysis in Boardmix in 3 minutes.

Create a Free SWOT Template


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After registering for Boardmix, click "Community" to enter the Boardmix template community, then enter "SWOT" in the search box to customize the name of the project, and click "Use this template".

Customize Your SWOT Template

The SWOT analysis template consists of four colored cards named: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, which are divided into two scenarios, internal and external. You can list the weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities that the company/product is currently facing from both internal and external sources, and write at least 2 aspects for each module.

Below is the SWOT analysis template of the Supreme solution. If you are a technical R&D personnel and you find that the supreme language is difficult to promote in China, now you need to find out the reasons for promoting the supreme language and how to change the status, it is best to use the SWOT method to analyze the promotion strategy from different perspectives.

SWOT analysis will help you see yourself and your business in a different light and quickly find ways to solve the problem. In the example below, you can see strengths and weaknesses that represent the current situation, while opportunities and threats reflect possible futures. Based on the analysis of these opportunities, advantages, and disadvantages, the corresponding strategies in each module, and then a set of systematic promotion strategies are derived.


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SWOT templates are composed of cards with customizable elements of different colors and functions. You can easily move them on the whiteboard, change text styles, draw, create lists, etc. using brushes, erasers, sticky notes, basic shapes, connecting lines, and other functions.

Boardmix whiteboard also supports creating mind maps, billboards, charts, roadmaps, brain maps, and flow charts and supports the import of PPT, Word, PDF, pictures, etc.  In Boardmix, there are no restrictions on the form, create freely, bringing you a new whiteboard use experience! Use the buttons on the left side of the screen to create text cards, doodle cards (where you can draw freely), upload files, and create lists.


Share SWOT

After completing the SWOT analysis, the Boardmix whiteboard can support one-click file sharing, helping you quickly share the analysis results with team members through invitation links. You can control access settings and decide who can edit or view the project. On the other hand, you can also share your projects publicly with the Boardmix whiteboard community for everyone to learn and communicate with. At the same time, the "Export" option is provided to facilitate local storage of works.

You can also change the cover, label (color of the items in the main menu) of the SWOT board, and create a copy. All pages of SWOT board displays are customizable and can fully meet your customization needs.


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In addition to SWOT analysis templates, Boardmix has many built-in scenario templates for users to choose from. These SWOT templates include user journey maps, user experience maps, and flow charts suitable for designers, there are also user storyboards and agile billboards suitable for agile development and include team brainstorming diagrams, SWOT analysis, and business model diagrams, which are suitable for product managers. Use scenario templates to quickly complete work results, ideas, processes, and plans, helping you quickly draw professional diagrams without starting from scratch.

The powerful online whiteboard tool Boardmix whiteboard can simplify the process and operation of drawing SWOT analysis diagrams, allowing you to complete the drawing of SWOT analysis diagrams more conveniently and efficiently. Hurry up and open the Boardmix whiteboard to experience it!

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