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Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Published on Jun 04, 2024, updated on Jun 11, 2024

The Voice of Customer (VoC) is pivotal for gathering customer feedback for any business aiming to enhance its products and services. To streamline this process, we offer a free, editable, and downloadable Voice of Customer template. In this article, we’ll walk you through the importance of VoC, how to use the template, examples of implementing the VoC, and tips for increasing the Voice of Customer. Keep reading and unlock the full potential of customer feedback!

Why Voice of Customer is Important for Business?

The Voice of Customer helps you gather direct feedback from customers about your products or services, revealing issues that internal reviews might miss. This feedback is key to improving quality and ensuring your offerings meet or exceed customer expectations. By understanding customer preferences and pain points, you can tailor their overall experience, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

Additionally, VoC gives you a competitive edge by providing deeper insights into customer needs and guiding your product development, marketing, and customer service strategies. Satisfied customers are more likely to stay loyal and recommend your brand, driving growth and increasing sales. In essence, VoC is about using customer insights to shape better business strategies and decisions, ultimately fostering business growth and a stronger reputation.

What is Voice of Customer Template?

The Voice of the Customer template is used for collecting and organizing customer opinions and feedback. It helps organizations to understand customers' needs, expectations, and experiences to improve products, services, and business processes.


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As a customer-centric framework, it helps you understand who your customers are, their needs, expectations, understanding, and how to improve your products and services for them.

When organizations deeply understand their customers' needs and preferences, they can deliver a targeted (and successful) experience every time.

Also known as a customer translation matrix, a voice of the customer framework will typically reveal:

Verbatim or customer comments: what are customers saying, in their language?

Customer needs or issues: what do customers say they need?

Customer requirements: what do customers need to fulfill their requests successfully?

For businesses and brands, gaining an in-depth understanding of their customers' demands simplifies the intricate process of shaping brand image, orchestrating marketing engagements, addressing adverse reviews, and crafting products. Through the gathered feedback from each established framework, they can continually create winning personalized experiences.

Through completing this Voice of the Customer template, organizations can gather customer opinions, expectations, experiences, and suggestions better to understand customer needs, guide product and service improvements, increase customer satisfaction, and take the voice of the customer into account in business decisions. This helps to build closer customer relationships, enhance customer loyalty, and drive sustainable business growth.

Boardmix is an intuitive family diagram maker that allows users to create and share Voice of Customer seamlessly. It features an easy drag-and-drop interface, customizable templates, and collaboration tools, making it an excellent choice for people who want to work together on their business projects.


How to Use the Voice of Customer Template?

To use this Voice of the Customer template, you can navigate to the workspace of Boardmix, an online whiteboard that provides various free templates. This step-by-step guide will help you use the Voice of the Customer template effectively to streamline your drawing process.

Step 1: Log in to Your Boardmix Account

To get started, log into your Boardmix account using your credentials. If you're new to Boardmix, create an account by following their easy sign-up process.


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Step 2: Search and Choose Pros and Cons List Template 

Once you've logged in, navigate to the 'Templates' section available on the platform's main page. Here, you'll find a plethora of ready-to-use templates categorized under various topics, use the search bar for a quicker find.


Step 3: Customize and Edit Your Voice of the Customer template

After selecting the template, it will open in a new Boardmix workspace. Boardmix gives you complete freedom to customize it as per your unique needs. You can:

- Add or delete sections: Click on an existing section and hit the 'Delete' button on your keyboard to remove it. To add new sections or fields, select the 'Text' option from the toolbar and click on the board where you wish to add content.

- Modify text: To edit any text, click on it to open the text box and make your changes.

- Change visual elements: Boardmix allows you to modify colors, fonts, or border styles. These visual elements can be tailored to match your own needs.


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Step 4: Save Your Work, Share and Collaborate

Boardmix will save your work online anytime. Once you have customized the template to your satisfaction, you can then share it with other members for collaboration.


Boardmix's collaboration feature allows multiple people to view and edit the feedback form simultaneously in real time. All data is stored safely on Boardmix, making it a reliable tool for maintaining records over time. Get started and try it for free now!

VoC Example: Voice of the Customer for Amazon

Amazon has always prioritized its customers and leveraged the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to become one of the world's most customer-centric companies. Here's a look at how Amazon employs VoC:

1. Customer Reviews and Ratings

Amazon's product pages include detailed customer reviews and ratings, a key VoC source. These reviews give Amazon direct insight into product performance, customer satisfaction, and potential issues or improvements.

2. Q&A Sections

Each product page on Amazon includes a Q&A section, where prospective customers can ask questions and receive answers from previous purchasers or from Amazon itself. This tool helps Amazon identify common queries or misconceptions about products.

3. 'Amazon's Choice' and 'Best Seller' Tags

Amazon uses VoC data to tag certain products as 'Amazon's Choice' or 'Best Seller.' These tags are based on customer reviews, ratings, and popularity, helping other customers make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Personalized Recommendations

Amazon uses customers' browsing and purchasing histories to personalize product recommendations. This level of personalization enhances the customer experience, encouraging repeat visits and purchases.

5. Amazon Customer Service

Amazon's customer service, accessible through various channels like phone calls, chatbots, and emails, is another key VoC component. This direct interaction helps Amazon understand and address customer issues effectively and efficiently.

6. A/B Testing

Amazon conducts A/B testing on its website to understand user preferences better. For example, they might display two different webpage layouts to see which one results in better user engagement or sales.


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In conclusion, Amazon's success largely stems from its effective use of VoC. By continually listening to and acting on customer feedback, Amazon has been able to drive innovation, improve customer service, and ultimately remain a leading player in the e-commerce industry.

How to Increase Voice of the Customer?

Increasing the Voice of the Customer not only refers to gathering more customer feedback but also enhancing the quality and diversity of that feedback. Here are some strategies to accomplish this:


1. Utilize Various Feedback Channels

Make use of a range of feedback channels such as surveys, social media, customer reviews, website analytics, and customer service interactions. The more channels you use, the more comprehensive and representative your data will be.

2. Encourage Feedback

Sometimes customers might need a nudge to provide feedback. You can encourage feedback by making your surveys appealing and easy to complete, offering incentives for participation, or simply reminding customers that their opinion matters.

3. Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms can be a gold mine for VoC data. Regularly monitor and engage with comments, posts, and reviews about your brand. Social listening tools can help automate this process.

4. Optimize Survey Design

Ensure your surveys are designed effectively. They should be short, user-friendly, and include a mix of question types (open-ended, closed-ended, rating scales).

5. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Offering stellar customer service can not only resolve issues quickly but also encourage customers to share their positive experiences and provide constructive criticism.

6. Implement a Continuous Feedback Loop

The VoC program should not be viewed as a one-time project but as an ongoing feedback loop. Always show customers how their feedback has resulted in tangible changes - this transparency encourages further participation.

7. Personalize Interactions

Personalizing communication can make customers feel valued and more likely to provide feedback. Use customer data to tailor your surveys or follow-up emails to the individual’s purchasing history or preferences.


Harnessing customer feedback is crucial for driving improvements and staying competitive in market. The free Voice of Customer template on Boardmix provides a streamlined way to capture and analyze customer insights. By leveraging this tool, you can make informed decisions that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. Download the template today and start transforming your customer feedback into actionable strategies for success!

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