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Harry Foster
Harry Foster

Published on May 26, 2023, updated on Jul 19, 2024

A business model canvas is a tool designed for the strategic management of your company. It is a visual representation of a company’s business plan, featuring various building blocks that describe all the elements that influence the brand’s operation. The term first appeared in 2005 by Alexander Osterwalder in his PhD work.

As you may understand, this is a very useful tool to maintain your startup’s vision to mind at all times. For instance, an example of business model canvas for food can help you recognize the items on the menu that are the best for your brand. Below, we will get into more details about the business model canvas and see some examples. Keep reading.

business model canvas

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Business Model Canvas Components

However, before you start studying a business model canvas, it is important to understand its components. Since the its appearance in 2005, business model canvas consists of nine building blocks that go through all the company’s operations.

Once you get a good grasp of these nine components, you can start studying a business model canvas example of coffee shop or any other industry that interests you. Below, we will explain in more detail what these nine building blocks indicate:

  • Key Activities – in this section, you must write down all the activities that make your value proposition possible. For example, one key activity for a business model canvas example of coffee shop would be to roast the beans.
  • Key Resources – this is another section that refers to the infrastructure of the company. In reality, this component includes all the resources needed to produce what the business offers. In the previous example of the coffee shop, the key resources would include the coffee beans and the trained baristas.
  • Key Partners – this network includes all the other businesses that the company has cultivated relationships with. This could be suppliers, manufacturers, and other service providers.
  • Value Propositions – this component includes all the products and services that the business is offering to its customers. It is the main product they sell and the reason why customers will keep returning.
  • Customer Segments – this section of the business model canvas examples explains the company’s intended audience. This is crucial to its success, regardless if it’s a startup or an older company.
  • Channels – in this section of the diagram, you should write down all the channels that customers can use to reach your value proposition. In the example of business model canvas for food, the channels can be the actual restaurant or a food delivery app.
  • Customer Relationships – this part in all business model canvas examples shows how a company plans to attract new customers, how to convert them to returning customers, and how to increase the revenue they get from them.
  • Cost Structure – the component breaks down the business costs. Of course, you shouldn’t neglect the variable costs that might be different from month to month.
  • Revenue Streams – as the name suggests, this section includes all the possible ways that the business becomes profitable.

10 Business Model Canvas Examples

Creating a business model canvas sample from scratch might seem like a daunting process at first. That’s why, you will find several examples below to get inspiration from, whether it’s an example of business model canvas for food or a business model canvas example of coffee shop.

1. Business Model Canvas of Coffee Shop

business model canvas coffee shop

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First of all, we will begin with a business model canvas example of coffee shop. This is one of the most straightforward business model canvas examples since a café is a business with a fairly limited scope. This means that you can easily keep track of the products offered in-store, as well as all the other key components.

As you can see in this example, the main value propositions of a café are the drinks and food on the menu, as well as the inviting ambiance. The rest of the canvas focuses on how the company’s processes boost these value propositions to contribute to the revenue streams.

2. Business Model Canvas for Food (McDonald’s)

business model canvas mcdonalds

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An example of business model canvas for food can start comparatively small, just like the business model canvas example of coffee shop we have seen above. However, as the business expands, so does the business model canvas sample. This can easily be seen in the case of McDonald’s.

Here in this example, there is no longer a single restaurant, but a fast food chain. This means that its most profitable revenue streams are licensing and the restaurant locations since the organization has expanded all around the globe. Apart from that, this example of business model canvas for food needs to constantly change to meet the dietary requirements of its target audience. For instance, the addition of healthy items on the menu will approach a new customer segment that will boost McDonald’s existing revenue streams.

3. Business Model Canvas of Apple

business model canvas apple

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Departing from the food industry, it is also important to see business model canvas examples from other industries. In this case, you can check and analyze Apple’s business model canvas sample.

The tech giant offers a powerful value proposition, which is a high-end smartphone, accompanied by numerous apps and accessories. These products attract tech enthusiasts that remain loyal to the brand. This creates an interesting loop that keeps on generating sales and profit for the company.

One interesting element that we didn’t see in the previous example of business model canvas for food is that Apple keeps the operational costs low by having control over its manufacturing partners. This allows the company to have and maintain a high profit margin over the years.

4. Business Model Canvas of Uber

business model canvas uber

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Another business model canvas sample worth studying is that of Uber. When this company was first established it caused a stir in the industry. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the organization has quickly become the giant it is today with a presence in countries all over the world.

The thing that distinguishes this diagram from the other business model canvas examples is that the value proposition and the customer segment contains two separate groups. If you take a look at these sections, you will notice that it tries to cater to both customers and drivers.

5. Business Model Canvas of Netflix

business model canvas netflix

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Netflix hasn’t always been the company that we know today. After launching its subscription-based platform, its business model canvas sample has also been modified significantly. Right now, the brand’s value proposition is to offer on-demand entertainment from anywhere and on any device.

An interesting element while studying this business model canvas is the company’s customer segment. While it states movie lovers, we know that Netflix has attracted an even wider audience due to its immense catalog. This fact increases its main revenue stream, which you can see that it is subscriptions.

6. Business Model Canvas of Google

business model canvas google

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Out of all the business model canvas examples, Google offers a distinct approach that we have also seen in Uber. That is the clear distinction between the company’s user segments. Each one of them seeks a different value proposition that generates a different revenue stream.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that in this particular business model canvas the customer relationships and channels segments are empty. This is probably because one of Google’s main key partners is OEMs. This collaboration keeps on bringing more and more new users to the existing ones.

7. Business Model Canvas of Zara

business model canvas zara

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The next business model canvas sample that we will take a look at is that of Zara. This brand is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, being one of the top names in fast fashion. In fact, we can see that the business model has women, men, and children as its customer segment. This explains the wide range of clothing items that you can find in Zara stores.

One of the most interesting elements in this diagram that make it stand out from the rest is the key resources section. In this instance, we see that Zara lists as its main key resources the stock (which is expected), but also the large network of stores and the supply chain infrastructure. If you consider the speed that the brand is releasing new collections, it is easy to see why these elements are part of the brand’s resources.

8. Business Model Canvas of Tesla

business model canvas tesla

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Another business model canvas that you should seek inspiration from is that of Tesla. One of the distinctions that you will notice here is that this tech giant tries to attract a particular user segment. The green buyers are eco-conscious consumers that are willing to invest in new technologies that will be gentle to the environment. This is why Tesla’s key activities are super important. Electric power technologies are more sustainable compared to other vehicles. Moreover, the company has a strong research and development department that constantly tries to find improvements.

9. Business Model Canvas of Amazon

business model canvas amazon

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Taking a look at Amazon’s business model canvas, you will notice that it’s basically one that you would find in an online store. Of course, the business model canvas is much more expanded in Amazon’s case since it’s one of the biggest organizations in the world.

As we’ve seen in other cases, Amazon has multiple customer segments. In more detail, it aims to attract both retail customers and business partners. This is also apparent in its revenue streams that come from different sources.

10. Business Model Canvas of Airbnb


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The final business model canvas example that we are going to take a look at is that of Airbnb. This is another brand that has two separate customer segments, the hosts and the travelers. The brand offers a platform where the two types of its customer can communicate and interact. The revenue comes from the commissions that Airbnb takes from each booking.

How to Draw a Business Model Canvas

All of the above business model canvas examples were created with Boardmix. This online whiteboard tool provides you with an infinite canvas to create any type of diagram you might need. In fact, the app gives you a variety of ready-made templates to make the task even easier, such as an example of business model canvas of coffee shop. And once you are ready, you can share your business model canvas sample via a sharing link. This way, all of your team gains access to it from any device.

introducing boardmix

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The steps for designing a business model canvas sample with Boardmix are the following:

Step 1. Choose the business model canvas template from the template center.

business model canvas step 1.png

Step 2. Identify the nine key components and divide them into the appropriate sections. The templates you will find at Boardmix already divide the board into the necessary building blocks.

business model canvas step 2

Step 3. Create virtual post-it notes and place them on the most suitable component. In Boardmix, you can simply drag them around.

business model canvas step 3

Step 4. Edit the business model canvas sample until it meets your requirements. Click Share to allow the rest of your team members to access it.

business model canvas step 4

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The Bottom Line

In this article, we have seen multiple business model canvas examples that will inspire you. No matter if your requirements are that of the example of business model canvas for food, the business model canvas example of coffee shop, or the business canvas model of Tesla, you will find creative ideas to implement to your own one. Then, you can create your Boardmix account to start designing a business model canvas, as well as a variety of other diagrams.

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