It is never too early to start practicing gratefulness. A classroom gratitude tree is a fun activity for kids that allows them to get acquainted with this mindful practice. This way, children start recognizing the positive things that surround them and feel the love in their lives.

In this article, we are going to explain what a classroom gratitude tree is and see multiple examples of it. Keep reading.

What Is a Gratitude Tree

A gratitude tree is a technique that utilizes the representation of a tree with big, bare branches. Then, the individual or a whole group attack leaves on the branches. These leaves contain all the things that people are grateful for.


Therefore, a classroom gratitude tree is a mindful activity that engages children and teaches them an important lesson. This is the reason why many teachers have chosen to include the gratitude tree in their lessons.

Why Is a Classroom Gratitude Tree Necessary

You might be wondering why a classroom gratitude tree is beneficial to children. Since they are still young, they don’t have increased levels of anxiety that make practicing gratefulness necessary. Nevertheless, a gratitude tree still has multiple benefits for the young ones. Namely, these are:

  • It teaches them an important life skill – learning how to focus on the positive things in their lives will help children in the long run.
  • It creates a warm and supportive classroom environment – with this practice, kids create strong bonds that will improve the classroom environment.
  • Enhances their social skills – a classroom gratitude tree is a social activity since all kids contribute. Therefore, they learn how to listen to their classmates and wait for their turn to talk.
  • Makes classroom more inclusive – during this activity, all the kids name the things they are grateful for. This also includes kids from different ethnicities and backgrounds, that might not have had the chance to express themselves up until now.
  • Reduces school bullying – gratitude is a positive feeling. Therefore, children who practice it feel empathy and are less likely to bully their classmates.

8 Classroom Gratitude Trees (Examples)

Classroom Gratitude Tree – 01

If you are a teacher looking for a fun classroom gratitude tree example, this is the perfect case. In this instance, all the kids are asked to talk about the people they are grateful for in their lives. Therefore, some of the answers you will find are the following:


Classroom Gratitude Tree – 02

The following gratitude tree example for the classroom aims to make children aware of nature. Therefore, you need to ask them about the beauty they have noticed all around them. This example becomes like this:


Classroom Gratitude Tree – 03

Another fun example is that of a gratitude tree about a specific holiday, for instance Christmas or Thanksgiving. This tree will allow kids to discover why holidays are such special days and will look like this:


Classroom Gratitude Tree – 04

Another example of a classroom gratitude tree is asking kids to say random things they love. This will create an exciting tree that is as unique as this classroom. For example, a tree like this might include:


Classroom Gratitude Tree – 05

If you want to strengthen the bonds of the calls, then you can ask the students to name the classmate they want to thank. This way, they will show their appreciation and the friendships will become stronger. This example will look like this:


Classroom Gratitude Tree – 06

One more example of a classroom gratitude tree can put the school at the center. This activity will help children realize how many good things school has to offer them. For instance, they can add these things:


Classroom Gratitude Tree – 07

A gratitude tree can also be very specific. In this example, the children have to write down all of the foods they are grateful for eating every day. Some of the answers might be the following:


Classroom Gratitude Tree – 08

The final example of a classroom gratitude tree can also focus on a particular lesson. For instance, children can write down what they have learned in physics:


Key Takeaway: A Printable Gratitude Tree Template and a One-stop Tool

As you can see from the examples, a classroom gratitude tree is a very versatile activity. Therefore, you can ask your class to write down anything that might capture their interest. However, you must first find the best template for a gratitude tree to do that. This is where Boardmix brings you the right solution.


This online tool offers you a high-quality gratitude tree template that you can use for free. Select it from the template library and save it as a printable image or PDF file. Then, you can hand it out to your students and have a fun time during class.


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