Isn't it amazing once you take a moment to look around and realize that blessings are truly bountiful? A gratitude tree template is a creative craft to help you list everything you're grateful for. This activity is worth enjoying with the important people in your life. A thankful tree is a means to exercise gratitude simply yet meaningfully!

What is a gratitude tree?

A gratitude tree is exactly what it sounds like—a workable image of a tree with several branches. Each tree branch has enough space for leaves where you write the people, things, and experiences that fill you with thankfulness. You can create one for every member or print massive thankful tree wall decorations to work on collaboratively.

As a visual tool, this tree encourages positive thinking as you share the reasons for your gratitude. Often, people forget to say thanks because they do not recognize the blessings they have. A gratitude tree activity can open your eyes to what you have and block negative thoughts that fuel bad moods.

When to use the gratitude tree template?

Traditionally, making a thankful tree is one of the activities to do on Thanksgiving Day. Family members take turns to write down anything that makes them say thanks. More than an icebreaker, this craft can help start meaningful conversations and priceless memories for the future.

A gratitude tree's simple yet highly effective presence makes it a great activity even outside of the holiday. You can use it as a team-building tool, helping you acknowledge the remarkable feats you've achieved so far. The gratitude tree can foster appreciative thoughts, vital in creating an excellent company culture.

You can draw inspiration from the thankful tree and practice the essence of thanksgiving. After all, a heart of gratitude can change things for the better.

How to use the gratitude tree template in Boardmix?

Luckily, Boardmix has a great assortment of templates, including the thankful tree! You can get access to the ready-made template directly from this article. You can also visit and select one from various templates within the Boardmix workspace.

You can download the Boardmix app or use Boardmix online to start creating your gratitude tree template. Choose the template you wish to use and personalize it with your details to make it uniquely yours!

Multiple useful tools are placed at the left sidebar for you to utilize when needed. After finishing the tree, you can click to share it with your loves via a sharing link.

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