The stress and anxiety of our daily lives often make us forget the blessings that have graced us. For this reason, it is important to take the time to practice gratefulness to remind ourselves that we are experiencing an abundance of good. A gratitude tree for adults is a technique that helps you count your blessings and remember all the things that make your life feel complete.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about the gratitude tree for adults and where to find a printable version of it.


What Is a Gratitude Tree

But what exactly is a gratitude tree for adults? In general, a gratitude tree is a sketch of a tree with big branches. Then, you have to fill these branches with all the things that make you feel grateful. This can be people in your life, small everyday actions, or even the beauty of nature. Bit by bit, the bare tree fills with colorful leaves that express your thanks.


A gratitude tree for adults is a mindful exercise that allows you to remember all the things you are thankful for. In fact, this technique is effective for people who suffer from anxiety, a condition that prevents them from seeing the positive things in their lives.

Why Do Adults Need Gratitude Tree

There are many reasons why a gratitude tree for adults is beneficial to everyone. The main reasons why you should start using it are the following:

  • Puts you in a positive mindset – remembering all the good things in your life, helps you view your every day in a positive light.
  • Reduces your stress levels – even when you are stressed, you have blessings in your life. Thinking about them will put your issues into perspective and make you relax.
  • Strengthen your bonds with your loved ones – with the gratitude tree, you are reminded of all the people that have supported you throughout the years.
  • Gives you a sense of purpose – all the good things in your life contribute to finding deeper meaning and motivation.

5 Gratitude Trees for Adults (Examples)

Gratitude Tree for Adults – 01

The first gratitude tree for adults that we are going to see is one that you can create with your family during Christmas. Every member of the family writes the things they are grateful for in leaves that you will later attach to the tree. In this example, the leaves are the following:


  • Thank my parents for bringing me into this world,
  • Thank my grandparents for bringing my Christmas presents,
  • Thank our cat for wanting to cuddle every morning,
  • Thank nature for the snow that allows us to make snowmen,
  • Thank my kids for having so much fun during the holidays,
  • Thank my mom for teaching me her love of reading.  

Gratitude Tree for Adults – 02

Another gratitude tree example is that of a young adult who has just begun college life. This tree will look like this:


  • Thank my parents for their financial support in my decision to attend this college,
  • I’m thankful for the opportunity to expand my horizons through learning,
  • I appreciate my morning bicycle rides on the campus,
  • I’m thankful for my healthy body that allows me to be so active,
  • I’m thankful that I have so many dreams that motivate me to try even harder.

Gratitude Tree for Adults – 03

The next gratitude tree for adults that we are going to see belongs to a young graduate student that has just started office work. The following example includes these leaves:


  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to work in this company,
  • I appreciate that I graduated from a prestigious college,
  • Thank my parents for supporting my new beginning,
  • Thank my partner for showing patience with my long working hours,
  • I’m thankful for my vivid imagination.

Gratitude Tree for Adults – 04

The next gratitude tree for adults is that of a newlywed couple. This is a great opportunity for them to bond and feel like a family. The tree will look like this:


  • We are grateful that we have found each other,
  • We are grateful for finding a place to call home,
  • We are thankful for a beautiful wedding ceremony that all of our loved ones attended,
  • We appreciate our close friends for always being there.

Gratitude Tree for Adults – 05

The final gratitude tree for adults that we are going to examine is that of a person living alone. In this case, the tree will look like this:


  • I’m grateful that I can support myself,
  • I appreciate that I have built a successful career,
  • Thank my parents for keeping in touch so frequently,
  • I’m grateful that I have found a hobby I’m passionate about,
  • Thank my dog for waiting for me every day to return from work.

Key Takeaway: A Printable Gratitude Tree Template and a One-stop Tool

Now, you can easily create your own gratitude tree for adults without spending too much time or effort. Boardmix has a ready-made template for a gratitude tree that you can find for free in your workspace.


Simply select the template and add as many leaves as you would like. When you are done, you have the option of saving the file as an image or a PDF file so that you can print it. Many, choose to print the tree from the template so that they attach physical leaves to their gratefulness trees. Sign up for Boardmix today to print your gratitude tree!

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