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Published on Jul 28, 2023, updated on Mar 15, 2024

What Is a Frayer Model

The Frayer model is a graphic organizer that demonstrates a detailed definition of a particular word using a four-square model. It prescribes a good technique to analyze a particular word deeply and other meanings related to that word. It is often recommended in learning settings because it uses appealing graphics to help students decipher the detailed meaning of a word and assimilate its attributes quickly.

Components of a Frayer Model

A Frayer Model consists of these components- Definition, Characteristics, Examples, and Non-examples. Each of these components is diagrammatically displayed in four boxes. When a word is selected for analysis, it becomes a term. The selected word will be analyzed based on the 4 components. Findings about the word are contently stated in the four boxes.

  • Term - This is the central section of the Frayer model where the selected word to be discussed is displayed. The selected word becomes the term- an important concept to be learned. It should have an application, examples, non-examples, and other words or meanings related to it.
  • Definition - This displays a simple description of the selected word (term). In this section, students may be asked to state the definition of the word from a dictionary or the teacher might be the one to do it.
  • Characteristics - This section shows the features that help to identify, and distinguish the word from other words. At this juncture, students are taught the key qualities and attributes of the word, and how to identify it.
  • Examples - It’s an important part of the Frayer model that talks about the synonyms, applications, and illustrations of the term (the selected word under discussion). Specific examples that illustrate the word are stated clearly. This is relevant to help reinforce the meaning of the word in different contexts.
  • Non-examples - This partshows the antonyms, or relevant illustrations that do not fit into the contextual characteristics of the word.

It’s necessary to cite application examples of the Frayer model in different subjects or contexts….Let’s begin!

10 Frayer Model Examples

Frayer model examples in this article will cover a few concepts in sciences, maths, vocabulary, e.t.c

Frayer Model Example 1

As a teacher, explaining the concept of mathematical even numbers to elementary school kids using Frayer Model would go like this:


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  • Term: Even numbers
  • Description: Even numbers are numbers divisible by 2.
  • Characteristics: Any number divisible by 2 without remaining. 1 is not an even number. Numbers gotten from multiples of 2 can be called an even number.
  • Examples: 2,4,6,8, 10,12,14, 16, 18,20
  • Non-examples 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,11,13,15,17,19

Frayer Model Example 2

If the concept of mathematical inequality expression is to be explained to basic college students using this model, it should be stated like this;


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  • Term: Inequality expression
  • Description: They’re signs used in comparingrelationships between two values that are not equal to each other. For example, if you want to buy a gamepad that costs $100, but you only have $75, it’s inequality if you compare values 100 and 75. In essence, 100 is greater than 75.
  • Characteristics: When you see ‘=’,it means two values are equal. If two values are not equal, the first value is greater than > or less than < the second value. ≥ means greater than or equal to while ≤ means less than or equal to.
  • Examples: 4+1 ≠ 3, 7>4, 6+2=8-6, x ≤ 9, etc
  • Non-examples: √4 , x cosx, x⅛, etc

Frayer Model Example 3

This Frayer model example shows an illustration of the concept of improper fractions for kids. 


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  • Term: Improper fraction
  • Definition: An improper fraction is a type of fraction in which the numerator is bigger than the denominator.
  • Characteristics: Ifthe denominator divisor is an odd number divided by a numerator dividend, then it would result in a remainder. Improper fractions can be gotten from mixed fraction. 
  • Example 7/3, 56/3, 67/3
  • Non-Examples 3/7,1/4, 10/2

Next let’s look at some uncommon words explained using the Frayer model.

Frayer Model Example 4

    This Frayer model example shows the true meaning of the word Hooligan. 


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  • Team: Hooligan
  • Definition: A violent troublesome person in the city or the neighborhood.
  • Characteristics: Thug, hoodlum, ruffian.
  • Example: Although his new friends think he is a good man, Charles is a hooligan who loves to make trouble in his neighborhood.
  • Non-example: Charles is a hooligan who always gives his hand to other people in need.

Frayer Model Example 5

This Frayer model example shows the true vocabulary meaning of Bailiwick.


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  • Term: Bailiwick
  • Definition: It means a person’s area of authority, knowledge, skill, or work.
  • Characteristics: Diocese, district, province, realm, jurisdiction.
  • Example: Each part of the region was divided into the bailiwick.
  • Non-example: All stores, houses and public buildings are not in the bailiwick of the Emperor of this country.

Frayer Model Example 6

Explaining the Human Bone for a layman in a more comprehensive manner using the Frayer model.


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  • Term: Human Bone
  • Definition: Rigid organ that makes up the skeletal system, providing support and structure.
  • Characteristics: Consists of collagen fibres, living cells, and minerals such as calcium, and phosphate
  • Examples: Humerus, femur, skull, tibia, fibula, tarsals, metatarsals...etc
  • Non-examples: Ligament, cartilage, and muscles.

 Frayer Model Example 7

Understanding quantum physics using the model.


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  • Term: Quantum Physics
  • Definition: A branch of physics that examines the behavior of matter and energy at the atomic level.
  • Characteristics: It exhibits properties like entanglement, where particles intertwine despite distance and superposition where matter can exist  in multiple states concurrently.
  • Example: In a double-slit experiment, particles exhibit wave-like and particle-like behavior while passing through slits concurrently.
  • Non-example: Classical physics is not aconcept of quantum physics. For instance, mechanics does not explain the characteristics of electrons around a nucleus.

Frayer Model Example 8

Understanding Hepatitis B virus with the Frayer model:


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  • Term: Hepatitis B Virus
  • Definition: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a virus that mainly inflames the liver and potentially results in long-term complication.
  • Characteristics: HBV is tiny. An enveloped DNA originates from the Hepadnaviridae family of viruses. It can penetrate and alter the host's DNA, causing chronic conditions. Modes of transmission contact with the infected blood, unprotected sex, and mother-to-child transmission during birth
  • Example: HBV is acquired through contact with infected blood, sharing of needles, and unprotected sex.
  • Non-example: HBV is distinct from HAV and HCV.

Frayer Model Example 9


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  • Term: Skin parasite
  • Definition: Parasites on the skin are usually small insects or worms that burrow into the skin to live there or lay their eggs.
  • Characteristics: Skin parasites are lice, ticks, and fleas. They are all small insects that feed on blood, tissue, and skin
  • Examples: Common ones are scabies mites and head lice.
  • Non-example: Skin parasites do not include bacteria, fungi, or viruses.

Frayer Model Example 10

This is a concise explanation of Down syndrome using the Frayer model. 


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  • Term: Down Syndrome
  • Definition: It is a genetic abnormality caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21. Consequently this results in poor intellectual development and growth.
  • Characteristic: Intellectual disability, physical traits showing almond-shaped eyes, a single crease across the palm, and flat facial outline. Slow speech development and prone to a heart defect.
  • Example: Down syndrome individuals live a normal life.
  • Non-examples: Health conditions not caused by an extra copy of chromosome21.

Get a Highly Recommended Frayer Model Graphic Organizer

As several Frayer model examples have been stated above, the Boardmix Frayer model organizer is highly recommended to spice analytical projects with various useful tools and powerful functionalities.


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This is because;

  • It has a customizablepreset Frayer model template - all sections of the template is editable and can be customized into several desired layouts. Boxes and texts can be colored with any choice to make the whole setup catchy and engaging.
  • It supports different file formats - created templates can be exported in different file formats like PNG/JPG/SVG/Excel/PPT/PDF/Markdown and more.
  • It has the real-time collaboration and easy-access sharing feature - implying work can be shared with any party via a sharing link and all changes can be presented in real time. People can comment along the way and vote their opinions if need be.
  • It is supported by an AI assistant - the AI tool helps the user to work on the fileseamlessly by providing practical answers to the questions asked.

How to create a Frayer Model using Boardmix

The following steps will guide you through the whole process of making a Frayer model using Boardmix.

  • Get into Boardmix, login, or sign up.boardmix-login
  • Get to the homepage and click all templates.
  • Scroll to select the Frayer model template or make use of the search tool to find it faster.
  • Select the template, click the Use buttonto place the template in the work space.frayer-model-template
  • Edit the template into any desired layout. Add the details needed.
  • Share your work with anyone in need. You can set different permissions for better mangement of file guests.boardmix-share

Note: You can always use the help center for clarification on how to use the whole setup.

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