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Harry Foster
Harry Foster

Published on Aug 16, 2023, updated on May 20, 2024

Introduction to SIPOC Diagrams

The SIPOC diagram, an acronym for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers, is a visual tool utilized to map out a process at a high level. Primarily used in the Six Sigma methodology, the SIPOC diagram helps teams identify potential areas of improvement, streamlining processes and ensuring the best possible service delivery. Given the intricacies of healthcare, applying the SIPOC framework can greatly enhance the efficiency of various healthcare-related processes.


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4 SIPOC Examples for Healthcare

SIPOC Example for Healthcare - Patient Treatment

  • Supplier: Medical suppliers providing equipment, pharmaceuticals; patients seeking medical attention.
  • Input: Patient medical history, symptoms, medical equipment, and medications
  • Process: Medical professionals perform diagnosis, recommend treatments, administer medications, and monitor progress. Various departments like lab tests, radiology, and pharmacy might be involved.
  • Output: Improved health conditions, patient recovery, and satisfaction with the medical care provided.
  • Customer: Patients who rely on healthcare services to maintain or improve their well-being.sipoc-examples-healthcare-01

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SIPOC Example for Healthcare - Patient Admission

  • Suppliers: Emergency staff, reception staff, medical practitioners.
  • Inputs: Patient details, medical history, reason for admission.
  • Process: Assess the patient, complete admission forms, assign a bed, and inform relevant medical personnel.
  • Outputs: Admitted patient, medical records updated, and the healthcare team alerted.
  • Customers: Patients, family members, and healthcare providers.sipoc-examples-healthcare-02

SIPOC Example for Healthcare - Medical Lab Testing

  • Suppliers: Doctors, nurses, phlebotomists.
  • Inputs: Patient's blood or tissue sample, doctor's order form, patient details.
  • Process: Collect the sample, label and store it, conduct the required tests, and record the results.
  • Outputs: Lab test results, archived sample, and a report sent to the doctor.
  • Customers: Doctors, patients.sipoc-examples-healthcare-03

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SIPOC Example for Healthcare - Pharmacy Medicine Dispensation

  • Suppliers: Pharmaceutical companies, doctors.
  • Inputs: Doctor's prescription, patient details, stock of medicines.
  • Process: Verify the prescription, retrieve medicine from stock, label and package medicine, and provide the patient with usage instructions.
  • Outputs: Dispensed medicine to the patient, and updated medicine stock data.
  • Customers: Patients, doctors, caregivers.sipoc-examples-healthcare-04


SIPOC diagrams, particularly in the healthcare sector, serve as invaluable tools to map out and refine processes. As healthcare systems strive to provide optimal patient care, tools like Boardmix are pivotal in ensuring that these processes are clear, efficient, and patient-centric. Dive into the world of SIPOC with Boardmix and take your healthcare processes to the next level.


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