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Harry Foster
Harry Foster

Published on Nov 04, 2022, updated on Jun 19, 2024

In the modern workplace where teamwork and collaboration are markers of productivity, the need for an intervention to smoothen the communication process and aid the execution of tasks is crucial. Scrum is a modern agile methodology that aims to resolve this and cement great team relationships and collaboration.

This piece will take a look at the best scrum tools highlighting the features and their peculiarities.

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Introduction to Scrum/Agile Tools

What Is a Scrum/Agile Tool

Scrum methodology is extracted from a principle in rugby that is targeted at harnessing the individual strengths of every team member and fostering collaboration. Scrum and agile tools are designed based on this notion with features to help with project management amongst teams. It is a great medium to facilitate effective communication between teams to achieve a certain goal. These tools vary in the features and functionality they offer teams and organizations.

Often these tools are centered on promoting effective collaboration and communication and thereby preventing the possibility of project failures. It is typically a digital whiteboard where tasks can be managed, and goals and tasks can be displayed for members of a team to follow.

How to Choose Between Scrum Tools

Without any doubt, scrum is instrumental to fast-tracking the success of teams in a workplace opening possibilities for problem-solving, quick decision-making, and synchronization during project developments. With an abundance of scrum tools, each with its peculiarities, it can be difficult to select which is right for your needs as a team.

Your choice of tool should be dependent on the ability to provide certain functions that are relevant to your business or project management. This could include the ability to create sprints, backlog management, burndown and burn-up charts, scrum board management, and reporting features. It is also a plus if you can integrate it with other project management tools.

Top 6 Scrum/Agile Tools


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Boardmix is a top-notch scrum tool that adopts the scrum and agile framework of enhancing teamwork and collaboration. It provides scrum team members with the best features to allow for efficient communication, delivery, and dissemination of information. This tool supports real-time collaboration and contains various expressive elements for communication during meetings or project discussions. It also enhances the seamless delivery of materials and resources to teams.

  • Schedule tasks without any hassle.
  • Allow for easy collaboration by simplifying the assignment of tasks to teams and also setting a priority. With tasks delegated, every member of the team can be aware of what is required from them.
  • Enhance transparency and proper monitoring of completed tasks within a given period. This fosters accountability and responsibility.
  • Available for free on the website and also offers great pricing plans depending on your priority.



Clickup is a common and popular scrum tool that offers several beneficial features to organizational teams. It helps enhance project delivery and goal achievement amongst teams. It has a select board view where tasks can be created through drag and drop and also has features that allow for tasks management, time, and resource management. Clickup offers a Gantt view which allows users to manage time and resources adequately.

  • Offers an option of streamlining and automating recurring tasks for efficiency.
  • It can be integrated into Google calendar, Microsoft and other similar work applications.
  • Clickup has a free plan suitable for individuals and teams of all sizes; the plan is free forever and does not require a subscription.
  • Might not be suitable for hybrid teams.
  • Some functions are not as powerful and smooth as it says.



Wrike is a scrum project management that allows for pleasurable team collaboration and project management. It contains a highly customizable sprint dashboard that allows members to watch and observe projects from a central place.

  • With different reporting tools integrated, it is superior for delivering real-time reports for different kinds of projects.
  • With the pristine scheduling and sharing feature, team members can immediately share interactive reports which are great for quick decision-making.
  • The integration with email makes it easy for cross-channel communication.
  • It doesn't offer a feature to prioritize tasks.
  • There is an absence of alerts to notify teams of assigned or intact tasks.



Trello has in recent times made waves as one of the best scrum project management tools due to the simplicity and ease of navigation that it offers. With Trello, personal projects can be monitored. For your project sprints and collaboration, you can create Kanban boards for tracking and monitoring.

  • It offers great integration with several other project management tools in the scrum framework.
  • For easy accessibility, cards can be utilized to add comments, create attachments, and even checklists.
  • Not very broad in the features offered.
  • The user interface is not very polished.
  • The price of paid plans is not competitive as other tools.



Jira is a powerful scrum project management tool that boasts accessibility and ease of use. It mainly offers team members backlog management, and integration into other projects.

  • It is easily customizable and has a great kanban and scrum board.
  • The free version is quite adequate for team management and it is a cheap option with a subscription of about $10 per month.
  • It might not be useful for hybrid teams.
  • Some users complaint Jira on their computers crashed every now and then.



Asana is a well-known tool utilized for assigning tasks and automating processes in a scrum framework. It provides teams with custom templates and milestone-tracking integrations to allow for easy collaboration.

  • It is designed in a way where you can quickly view and streamline your projects without any problems.
  • You can easily synchronize your features across several devices.
  • The time tracking feature is limited and cannot be adequate for some certain products.
  • It only offers a 30-day free trial which limits some core functions.
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