An executive summary is a concise and compelling document that provides an overview of a larger report, proposal, or business plan. It serves as a critical tool for decision-makers who may not have the time to read the entire document but need a quick understanding of its key points. Crafting an effective executive summary requires a strategic approach to ensure that it effectively communicates the essence of the main document. In this guide, we will explore the key steps and elements involved in creating a compelling executive summary.

executive summary

Part 1. What Is an Executive Summary?

An executive summary is a concise overview of a document, report, or business proposal that provides a high-level summary of the main points and key information. It is typically aimed at busy executives or decision-makers who may not have the time to read the entire document but need to grasp the essential details.

Part 2. How to Write an Executive Summary

Writing an effective executive summary involves distilling the key information from a document into a concise and compelling overview. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to write an executive summary:

Understand Your Audience:

Identify who will be reading the executive summary. Consider their background, interests, and what information is most relevant to them.

Read the Entire Document:

Before summarizing, thoroughly read the entire document to grasp its main points, objectives, findings, and recommendations.

Identify Key Information:

Identify the critical elements of the document that must be included in the summary. These may include objectives, methodology, key findings, recommendations, and supporting data.

Keep It Concise:

Aim for brevity. Executive summaries are typically brief, ranging from one to a few pages. Eliminate unnecessary details and focus on the most crucial information.

Structure the Summary:

lOrganize the summary in a logical structure. Common elements include:

lIntroduction: Provide a brief introduction to the document's purpose.

lObjectives: Clearly state the objectives of the document.

lKey Findings: Highlight the most important findings or results.

lRecommendations: Present any actionable recommendations.

lConclusion: Summarize the overall implications or conclusions.

Use Clear and Simple Language:

Write in clear, straightforward language. Avoid jargon and technical terms that your audience may not be familiar with.

Capture the Reader's Attention:

Begin with a compelling opening that grabs the reader's attention. Engage them from the start to encourage further reading.

Highlight Unique Selling Points:

If applicable, emphasize what makes your document or proposal stand out. Highlight unique insights, innovations, or benefits.

Include Metrics and Data:

Use relevant metrics and data to support your key points. Quantifiable information adds credibility and helps readers understand the significance of your findings.

Review and Revise:

After writing the initial draft, review and revise your executive summary. Ensure that it accurately reflects the document's content and effectively communicates the main points.

Seek Feedback:

If possible, seek feedback from colleagues or peers. They can provide valuable insights and help you refine the executive summary.

Remember that the goal of an executive summary is to provide a quick, comprehensive overview that allows the reader to grasp the main points and make informed decisions without having to read the entire document.

Part 3. Write an Executive Summary with Template

Boardmix's Executive Summary Template is a powerful tool designed to streamline your strategic planning process. This template provides a structured layout that helps you succinctly summarize your business plan or project proposal, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and make informed decisions. With Boardmix's Executive Summary Template, you can efficiently outline your objectives, strategies, and key performance indicators in one place. The intuitive interface allows for real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work together seamlessly regardless of their location. Whether you're a startup looking to pitch your idea to investors or an established company planning a new initiative, Boardmix's Executive Summary Template can help you create compelling presentations that drive action.

Key features of Boardmix:

lReal-Time Collaboration: Boardmix allows multiple users to work on the same whiteboard simultaneously, enabling efficient team collaboration regardless of geographical location.

lVariety of Templates: Boardmix offers a wide range of pre-designed templates including executive summaries, project plans, and brainstorming sessions, making it easier to start and structure your work.

lIntuitive Interface: The user-friendly interface of Boardmix makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical proficiency.

lHigh Customizability: With Boardmix, you can easily customize your whiteboards with different colors, shapes, and text styles to suit your specific needs.

How to Make an Executive Summary with Boardmix:

Step 1. Open Boardmix: Start by opening the Boardmix application on your preferred device.

make an executive summary in boardmix open

Step 2. Choose Template: Navigate to the template section and select the 'Executive Summary' template.

make an executive summary in boardmix template

Step 3. Customize: Begin customizing your executive summary by adding text, shapes, and colors as needed. You can outline your objectives, strategies, and key performance indicators in a structured layout.

make an executive summary in boardmix customization

Step 4. Collaborate: Invite team members to join the board for real-time collaboration. They can add their inputs, make changes or suggest edits instantly.

make an executive summary in boardmix collaboration

Step 5. Review & Finalize: Once all information is added and reviewed, finalize your executive summary.

Step 6. Share: Share the final version with stakeholders directly from Boardmix or export it in a suitable format.

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Part 4. Tips for Creating an Effective Executive Summary

Creating an effective executive summary requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling executive summary:

Know Your Audience:

Understand who will be reading the executive summary. Tailor your language, tone, and content to the needs and interests of your specific audience.

Focus on the Most Important Information:

Prioritize the key information and main points of the document. Focus on what is most crucial for the reader to know.

Start with a Strong Opening:

Capture the reader's attention from the beginning with a strong opening statement. Clearly communicate the purpose and significance of the document.

Be Concise and Clear:

Keep the summary concise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary details or filler content. Use clear and simple language to ensure easy understanding.

Use Headings and Subheadings:

Organize the executive summary with headings and subheadings to make it easy for readers to navigate and find specific information.

Include Relevant Metrics:

Whenever possible, incorporate relevant metrics, data, and key performance indicators to support your findings. This adds credibility to your summary.

By following these tips, you can create an executive summary that effectively communicates the key points and convinces your audience to engage further with the full document.


Crafting an effective executive summary requires careful consideration of your audience, a focus on key points, and a commitment to clarity and conciseness. By following these guidelines, you can create an executive summary that not only captures the attention of decision-makers but also conveys the essential information needed for informed decision-making.

Boardmix is an exceptional tool for creating executive summaries, offering a structured layout that simplifies the process of summarizing complex business plans or project proposals. Its real-time collaboration feature enables teams to work together seamlessly, enhancing productivity and efficiency. With Boardmix's intuitive interface and customizable templates, you can create compelling executive summaries that effectively communicate your strategic vision to stakeholders.

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