Online whiteboards revolutionize virtual collaboration and e-learning experiences with their versatile features. With this comprehensive guide at your fingertips, we hope you feel ready to confidently use online whiteboards to your advantage.

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Understanding Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards are interactive, digital platforms that enable users to draw, write, share files, and collaborate in real-time. Just like a traditional whiteboard in a physical setting, these digital tools facilitate brainstorming sessions, problem-solving exercises, presentations, teaching, and learning in a virtual environment.

Key Features of Online Whiteboards

Interactivity is a fundamental aspect of online whiteboards. The real-time collaboration feature allows users to simultaneously interact with shared content. Some key features include:

  • Drawing Tools: These comprise a range of options like pens, markers, shapes, and colors for users to draw or write.

  • Text Tools: These allow users to type text directly onto the whiteboard.

  • File Sharing: This feature facilitates the sharing of documents, images, or presentations on the whiteboard.

  • Collaborative Tools: These enable multiple users to interact with the board concurrently.

The Advantages of Using Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards present several benefits:

  • They promote collaborative work, bridging geographical boundaries.

  • They encourage visual learning, enhancing comprehension and retention of information.

  • They offer a reusable space for brainstorming and discussions that can be easily edited and shared.

Getting Started With Online Whiteboards

To begin using an online whiteboard, one needs to choose a suitable platform. Several online whiteboard tools are available with varying features. The choice depends on the user's specific needs and preferences. Most of these tools offer free versions with optional paid subscriptions for advanced features.

How to Choose an Online Whiteboard Tool

When selecting an online whiteboard tool, consider factors like:

  • Ease of use: The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Collaboration: The tool should enable multiple users to collaborate in real-time.

  • Customization: The tool should provide a variety of options for drawing, writing, and importing files.

  • Cost: Consider your budget and compare the tool's price with its features.

Top Online Whiteboard Tools


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Some widely used online whiteboard platforms include:

  • BoardMix: Known for its user-friendly interface and collaborative capabilities. It offers numerous templates and integrates with various project management tools.

  • Jamboard: Google's digital whiteboard solution is simple to use and integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace.

  • Microsoft Whiteboard: This tool offers robust features and integrates well with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 applications.

Tutorial - Using an Online Whiteboard

This part provides a step-by-step tutorial to use an online whiteboard.

Creating a New Board

After selecting and signing up on the chosen online whiteboard tool, creating a new board is typically the first step. The process may vary slightly based on the specific platform.

Drawing and Writing

Select the desired drawing or writing tool from the toolbar, usually present on the screen's side. Then, draw or write directly on the whiteboard.

Sharing and Collaborating

Invite collaborators by sharing a link or email invitation. Collaborators can view and interact with the board in real-time.

Importing Files

To add files, select the 'import' or 'upload' option, locate the file on your device, and click 'open.' The file will appear on the whiteboard.

Saving and Exporting

Most online whiteboards automatically save changes. To export the board, find and click the 'export' or 'download' option, and select the desired format.

Best Practices for Using Online Whiteboards

Online whiteboards provide a collaborative platform for individuals and teams to brainstorm ideas, plan projects, and conduct presentations in real-time, regardless of their geographical location. But how can we maximize the potential of these tools? Here are some best practices to consider.

Firstly, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the features of your chosen online whiteboard. Different platforms offer various functionalities, such as text boxes, drawing tools, sticky notes, and even video conferencing capabilities. By understanding these features, you can fully utilize the tool and streamline your workflow.

Secondly, setting clear objectives before starting a session is key. Whether you're planning a project or conducting a brainstorming session, having clear goals will keep everyone focused and ensure that all discussions contribute towards achieving these objectives.

Thirdly, encourage participation from all team members. Online whiteboards are designed for collaboration - make sure everyone feels comfortable contributing their ideas and feedback. This not only fosters a sense of belonging but also promotes diverse thinking which can lead to innovative solutions.

Lastly, remember to save and document your work after each session. This allows you to revisit your ideas at a later date and provides a reference point for future discussions or projects.

In summary, using online whiteboards effectively requires understanding its features, setting clear objectives, promoting active participation, and documenting your work. By adhering to these best practices, you can enhance collaboration within your team and drive productivity.

Tips to Use an Online Whiteboard Efficiently

Pre-Plan Your Content

To optimize your online whiteboard usage, pre-plan your content. This helps maintain a structured, clear, and concise presentation.

Make Full Use of Features

Utilize all available features to their maximum potential for a comprehensive visual experience.

Keep it Interactive

Encourage interaction among collaborators for enhanced learning and engagement.

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