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Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Published on Jun 25, 2024, updated on Jul 19, 2024

In today's digital age, the need for efficient and effective flowchart design is paramount. Flowcharts are crucial tools for visualizing processes, simplifying complex systems, and enhancing communication. An online app for flow chart design can significantly streamline this process, making it easier to create, edit, and share flowcharts.

This article explores the benefits of using an online app for flow design, introduces Boardmix as a comprehensive solution, and provides a step-by-step guide to creating effective flowcharts using Boardmix.


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Why Use an Online App for Flow Chart Design?

Common Challenges in Flowchart Design

Complexity Management: Designing a flowchart that accurately represents a complex process without becoming cluttered or confusing is challenging

Consistency and Standardization: Ensuring that all elements of the flowchart follow a consistent style and standard can be difficult.

Real-Time Collaboration: Collaborating on flowchart design in real-time can lead to version control issues and miscommunications.

Integration with Other Tools: Incorporating flowcharts into presentations, documents, and other software can be cumbersome.

Benefits for using an online app for flow chart design


Accessibility and Collaboration: An online app for flow chart design allows users to access their work from anywhere, facilitating remote collaboration. Team members can simultaneously work on a flowchart, providing real-time feedback and making adjustments on the go.

Ease of Use: These apps often come with user-friendly interfaces that require little to no learning curve. Drag-and-drop functionalities, pre-built templates, and intuitive design tools make the flowchart creation process straightforward.

Integration and Compatibility: Online flowchart apps typically support integration with other software and platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and various project management tools. This compatibility ensures that flowcharts can be seamlessly incorporated into existing workflows.

Cost-Effective: Many online flowchart tools offer free versions or affordable subscription plans, making them accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes. This cost-effectiveness does not compromise the quality and features of the app.

Boardmix: A Comprehensive Flowchart Design Solution


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Shape and Color Libraries: Boardmix provides a comprehensive library of shapes and customizable color themes, ensuring that users have all the necessary tools to create professional and clear flowcharts.

Customizable Themes: Users can select from various flow chart theme—UML, BPMN, ORG chart, etc.—allowing for personalized and visually appealing flowcharts.

Template Libraries: Boardmix provides a comprehensive library of template, users are free to choose the type of template they need to create flowcharts easily according to their needs.

Integration and Import/Export Options: Boardmix supports integration with various platforms and file formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, and popular document and spreadsheet formats. Users can import and export files seamlessly, enhancing compatibility with other tools.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Flowchart with Boardmix


1. Sign Up and Log In: Visit the Boardmix website and create a new account using your email or social media credentials. Once registered, log in to access the full suite of flowchart design tools.


2. Start a New Flowchart: Navigate to the dashboard and click on the "Create New Flowchart" button to start a new project. Boardmix provides a clean and intuitive workspace to begin your design.


3. Add Shapes and Elements: Utilize the extensive shape library to drag and drop a variety of shapes onto your canvas. Boardmix includes standard shapes like rectangles, circles, and diamonds, as well as industry-specific shapes for UML, BPMN, and more. Customize each shape by adjusting its size, color, and labels to fit your needs perfectly.


4. Connect the Elements: Use the various line styles provided by Boardmix to connect your shapes, indicating the flow of the process. Whether you need straight lines, curved connectors, or dashed arrows, Boardmix offers options to clearly represent different types of connections and dependencies.


5. Integrate with Other Tools: Import data or files from other tools and platforms directly into Boardmix. The app supports a wide range of file formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, Visio, and more. This seamless integration capability allows you to incorporate existing documents and datasets effortlessly.


6. Collaborate in Real-Time: Boardmix's real-time collaboration features enable multiple users to work on the same flowchart simultaneously. Invite team members, share the document, and use the built-in comment and chat features to communicate and make real-time adjustments. This functionality is crucial for teamwork and ensures everyone is on the same page.


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7. Save and Export: Once your flowchart is complete, save your work to the cloud with Boardmix’s secure storage options. Export the flowchart in various formats such as PDF, PNG, or SVG for easy sharing and integration into presentations, reports, and other documents. The export feature ensures that your flowchart maintains its quality and formatting across different platforms.

Example: Effective Flowchart Design with Boardmix

To illustrate the effectiveness of Boardmix, let's consider an example of designing a customer service process flowchart.

1. Define the Process: Begin by outlining the key steps in the customer service process. Identify stages such as receiving a customer query, categorizing the query, resolving the issue, and following up. This preliminary step ensures that you have a clear understanding of the workflow.

2. Choose a Layout: Select the hierarchical layout in Boardmix to organize the steps in a clear, top-down structure. This layout is ideal for showing the sequential nature of the customer service process and the hierarchy of decision-making.

3. Add Shapes and Connectors: Use Boardmix’s shape library to add rectangles for the process steps and diamonds for decision points. Drag and drop these shapes onto the canvas, positioning them according to the flow of the process. Connect the shapes with arrows to indicate the direction of the workflow, using Boardmix’s various line styles to differentiate between paths.

4. Customize the Design: Apply a custom theme that matches your company’s branding using Boardmix’s color customization options. Use different colors to highlight various types of steps, such as using one color for queries, another for resolutions, and a third for follow-ups. This color-coding makes the flowchart easier to understand at a glance.

5. Collaborate with Team Members: Share the flowchart with the customer service team for feedback. Use Boardmix’s real-time collaboration features to allow team members to make suggestions, add comments, and modify the flowchart as needed. This collaborative approach ensures that the flowchart accurately reflects the team’s collective knowledge and experience.

6. Finalize and Export: Once all feedback has been incorporated and the flowchart is finalized, export it as a PDF to include in the customer service training manual. Boardmix’s export feature ensures that the flowchart maintains its high quality and readability in the training materials.

By leveraging Boardmix's robust set of features, you can create detailed, visually appealing, and effective flowcharts that enhance communication and process understanding within your organization.



Using an online app for flow chart design like Boardmix can significantly enhance the process of creating, editing, and sharing flowcharts. The accessibility, ease of use, and powerful features of Boardmix make it an ideal choice for both individuals and teams. Whether you are designing a simple flowchart for personal use or a complex diagram for a business process, Boardmix provides all the tools you need to create professional and effective flowcharts.

Try Boardmix today and experience the difference for yourself!

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