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Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Published on Jun 04, 2024, updated on Jun 06, 2024

A system functional structure diagram is a graphical tool used to describe the functionality of a system. Unlike traditional functional structure diagrams, system functional structure diagrams pay more attention to the interrelationships between different subsystems in a system, helping engineers better understand the structure and performance of the system. There are many uses of system functional structure diagram, this article shares how to draw system structure diagram through 6 steps to help you carry out system design work more efficiently!

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1. Determine the scope of the system

Determine the scope and boundaries of the system and identify the inputs, outputs, environment and constraints of the system.

Divide the system into subsystems: divide the system into subsystems, each of which can be a hardware or software component or a different functional unit of the system.

2. Determine the relationships between subsystems

For each subsystem, determine the relationships between it and other subsystems. These relationships can be data flow, energy flow, information flow, material flow, etc.

3. Draw the system box


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Draw a system box diagram on the canvas to represent the general structure of the system. Draw different subsystem boxes inside that box and connect them to the system box.

4. Identify the subsystems

For each subsystem, identify its name and function for understanding and description.

5. Draw the links between subsystems

Represent the links between the subsystems with connecting lines to show the dependencies between them. These connections can be data flow, energy flow, information flow, material flow, etc.

6. Refinement of the system functional structure diagram

Necessary details are added to the system functional structure diagram, such as detail descriptions, operating instructions, and manufacturing requirements.

It should be noted that the production of the system functional structure diagram may vary depending on the specific system, so the production of the system functional structure diagram should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Meanwhile, professional graphical tools or online tools can be used to create and manage system functional structure diagrams. For more convenient methods, dry tips and useful resources for diagramming, you can visit the Boardmix drawing topic page.


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