There are various ways to convey a message to someone or an organization. With technology, you can now relay messages through email, text, or social networking sites. However, these are generally for simple communications. There might be complex topics that must be presented professionally. Here lies the use of a communication mind map.

What is a communication mind map?

It pays to know what a mind map is to understand this concept. A mind map is a visual tool that shows a map of words and sentences to connect ideas and define and clarify one's thoughts. In short, using a communication mind map allows teams and organizations to be aligned as they achieve their goals.


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12 communication mind map examples

You can expect different communication types in an organization; hence, you can use numerous communication mind maps. Look closely at the examples below.

Non-verbal communication mind map

In most cases, non-verbal communication can be confusing. However, mind mapping can make it simpler. To map your diagram, you can include the different types of non-verbal communication, like clothing and appearance, body language, facial expression, and vocal cues. You can digest these categories even more by placing examples for each type.

1 Non-verbal communication mind map

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Online communication mind map

Online communication mind maps promote transparency and collaboration among teams, especially with remote jobs. Your mind map can use a big circle as the central idea and draw smaller ones to specify the types of online communication channels for your team.

2 Online communication mind map

Communication skills mind map

Communication skills are more than just speaking since; generally, communication comprises different kinds. You can assign shapes for the main concepts like written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills to better illustrate the diagram. Ensure to provide examples for each type so it's easier to understand.

3 Communication skills mind map

Organizational communication mind map

To ensure your team is on the same page regarding communication channels, it's best to show how the organization uses specific channels through a mind map. For written communication, you can specify by type, like emails, reports, and memos. Of course, you can extend the map as much as you want if you plan to add more channels.

4 Organizational communication mind map

Oral communication mind map

Describe oral communication through a mind map. You can start the map from the top for the primary idea and then go down while adding the advantages, its types, and the skills required for effective oral communication.

5 Oral communication mind map

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Digital communication mind map

Digital communication includes all the modern ways you can communicate with people. You can divide your communication mind map in two if you're in a team. The first would be the members' messaging tools to relay updates, tasks, and other alerts. They include newsgroups, instant messaging, email, and chat rooms. The second section could communicate through sharing files, video conferences, and media streaming.

Digital communication mind map

Hormonal communication mind map

This mind map is relatively scientific. Students can use a mind map to illustrate hormonal communication and its effects while the hormones head toward their target cells. Mind mapping is a flexible diagram, so you can expand the branches to provide more information.

7 Hormonal communication mind map

Team communication mind map

A mind map about team communication is closely similar to organizational communication. This includes the channels, communication types, and strategies. It may also be helpful to allocate a section to write the benefits of good communication.

8 Team communication mind map

Barriers to effective communication mind map

To address communication gaps, it's essential to identify what hinders effective communication. As you know, there are factors affecting poor communication. In your mind map, remember to specify them and provide descriptions and examples. Physical barriers can include nose, poor lighting, and distance.

9 Barriers to effective communication mind map

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Business communication mind map

Another essential mind map about communication is business. The diagram may include external and internal stakeholders, which your team must communicate and collaborate with during product launches and marketing campaigns. They include marketing, internal, investor, and public relations departments.

10 Business communication mind map

Visual communication mind map

Another mind map about communication is the visual. Remember that you can include stickers and images to represent the main ideas when mind mapping. A camera can describe photography, a video camera for film and video, and many more. Ensure to input more additional details for each idea by using subcategories.

11 Visual communication mind map

Basic interpersonal communication mind map

This communication mind map can be an excellent guide for improving interpersonal communication skills. In creating such a mind map, you can have basic interpersonal communication as the central concept and provide subcategories by branching out from the center. Include the definition, skills needed, models, and benefits.

12 Basic interpersonal communication mind map

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FAQs about the communication mind map

What are the benefits of using a communication mind map?

Like any other mind map, the communication mind map lets you understand better the various communication types. Also, it will be easier for teams and organizations to adopt a specific type of communication-based on their needs.

How to make a communication mind map?

The first step would be to decide what diagramming software to use. Ensure the software also provides easy collaboration. You can develop your mind map by creating a central concept, then add more shapes, images, stickers, and texts when placing examples and subcategories. Mind maps are straightforward, but they can also be complex if you plan to add more subcategories.

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