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Harry Foster
Harry Foster

Published on Nov 29, 2022, updated on Jul 19, 2024

If a business organization wishes to adopt an agile model to deliver projects, then firstly it has to undergo agile transformation. The set of plans laid out to achieve this transformation is called the Agile Transformation Roadmap. Agile is a set of values and principles that comprises of different frameworks that help a business organization achieve agility, and ‘how’ a company transits to adopting an agile framework is what the agile transformation roadmap entails.

Sometimes the agile transformation roadmap requires changing the mindset by which the company exists, and introducing agile values and principles. Creating an agile transformation roadmap ought not to be cumbersome if you as a business owner or scrum master who don’t know where to start and what to do.

So this article provides you with an oversight strategy, steps on how to create the agile transformation roadmap as well as a top-notch tool that works for you. Stay tuned.

agile transformation roadmap

Strategies of Agile Transformation Roadmap

These strategies are a principal guide on how to create a unique agile transformation roadmap capable of driving transformation. Every organization should begin with the strategy that works for them. This strategy has three main levels.


Ask yourself what is the suitable transformation path or framework for your organization, considering the current nature of your company in terms of the kind of product or services offered. Then get everyone to align to it. This is achievable by running an agile workshop for all the executives, educating them on the fundamentals of successful transformation initiatives. Assess all your staff members to be able to identify areas that need transformation.

agile transformation align strategy

Your assessment effort will likely culminate into a list of improvements you want to start implementing immediately. It’s essential to get everyone on the same page by periodically communicating your agile transformation roadmap strategy.


After getting everyone on board, you need to sway into action. If your company has been experimenting with agile workflow and is serious about adopting it, your company can begin the organizational transformation. In this case, you need to set up a transformation guidance team to lead the improvement effort. Improvement efforts should initiate new cultural evolution such as changes in the way your staff works and the way they think. Then followed by assembling staff members into teams. Begin by focusing your transformation efforts on one team at a time, and move to another team if the first one becomes self-sustaining in the improvement.

agile transformation improve strategy

As the agile transformation roadmap strategy is working out, you need to train your agile transformation team to be able to impact transformation in other business areas that might not be IT-related. Adopt a business area starter kit which is a description of how to start at a given time with an agile approach to a particular business area. Over time, this will result in a change of thinking among the staff members. Hence, creating new productivity and growth.


This strategy of agile transformation roadmap seeks to make an organization a learning-transformed organization. This is achievable by making the teams work semi-autonomously reaching out to collaborate with other teams. Agile teams need to thrive in learning and improve over time. Certain barriers to workflow must be identified and removed. The team over time might go for retraining if the need arises.

agile transformation thrive strategy

Steps to a Create Unique Agile Transformation Roadmaps

  • Conduct an initial assessment: Discover where your company stands in terms of workflow, and structure. This helps you to know the first areas that need agile transformation, and come up with an agile transformation roadmap strategy.
  • Work on the mindset of your staff: Like they say “the way you think is the way you behave”. You need to inculcate agile values and perceptions in your staff members and give them time to adjust. While giving them the chance to adjust their mindset, you have to address any apprehension that can impede the acceptance of agile concepts and principles. This will ensure that the agile concepts are mindfully well-received.
  • Agile coaching: Practical is key to mastery. Having a competent agile coach will most likely yield faster results on your agile transformation roadmap strategy.
  • Set a realistic target: Every process in agile transformation should have a timely target and goals. You need to ask yourself “how much time do I need to be able to achieve a particular task?” and “How can you and your team get the task done?”
  • Have a clear vision: You and your leadership team need to have a clear vision of where the company is headed in the agile transformation process.
  • Facilitate consistent communication: Agile approach means flexibility to customer feedback and fast responsiveness to change, and consistent communication is a means to achieve this. To facilitate this communication, you need to set multiple communication routes to accommodate staff’s preferences and as well display formidable agility in internal communication.
  • Adjust your management strategy with an agile concept: Agile concept for management is different from the traditional management concept. So it’s paramount to change management strategy. This can facilitate an agile transformation roadmap strategy.

A Customized Tool for Agile Transformation Roadmap - Boardmix

After acquiring the strategies and detailed steps for an agile transformation roadmap, now you only need a customized tool that can help you finish all these things.

Boardmix is a highly flexible roadmap maker online designed for business teams to collaborate and work remotely. Unlike other similar tools, Boardmix is a more versatile tool as it provides various ready-made templates relevant to the agile transformation roadmap.

Boardmix banner

Here are some of the relevant tools available for creating a unique agile transformation roadmap in Boardmix.

Project Management Tool

Under this category you see templates for timelines. You can use this timeline to check the past and future milestones in agile transformation. It is a template used to monitor the effectiveness of your agile transformation roadmap. More to these tools are daily scrum meetings and weekly plan templates. Online video meetings and communication channels are set up using daily scrum meeting templates. The weekly plan template is used to create weekly tasks to carry out the agile transformation process.

project management template Boardmix

Strategy and Planning Tool

It has several templates ranging from Business Model Canvas to PEST analysis. Each of these templates can be customized for an agile transformation roadmap.

strategy and planning tool Boardmix

Besides all of these, you can still use multiple tools like stickers, sticky notes, connection lines, hyperlinks and more to enrich your roadmap. And you can communicate and collaborate with your teammates in real time! More useful tools are waiting for you to explore. Just try it out today!

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