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Harry Foster
Harry Foster

Published on Feb 15, 2023, updated on May 27, 2024

In today's business environment, presentations have a key position. It would be best if you had them virtually daily for brainstorming sessions or routine business meetings. Suppose you must depict organizational relationships and commercial networks or tie numerous concepts to a central notion. Cluster diagrams will best illustrate your ideas in this.

cluster diagram

What Is a Cluster Diagram

A cluster diagram is a visual organizer used to assist the structure of the idea-generating process. It aids in visualizing clusters of similar thoughts centred around a central topic. The diagram may be used for several purposes, including capturing ideas in brainstorming sessions and recording connections in a computer network. It may be used for brainstorming, information organization, and discovering new ideas.

what is a cluster diagram

We employ cluster diagram templates to organize information and graphically show links between numerous concepts or things organized in a cluster. Cluster diagrams generate presentations, show organizational networks, solve issues, and manage information. Every cluster diagram has a major theme, and we aggregate discrete pieces and components to depict their connection. It aids in project planning and brainstorming. A cluster diagram is also commonly known as a cloud diagram.

When to Use Cluster Diagram

Cluster diagrams are a useful analytical tool that may be used in many applications. The use cases for cluster diagrams are shown below.

  • Writing: When defining the boundaries and scope of a project early on in the writing process, clustering is a particularly successful method.
  • Marketing: Assist marketers in identifying unique client groups so that they may utilize this information to create focused marketing campaigns.
  • Insurance: Identifying categories of drivers with high average claim costs in the insurance industry.
  • City Planning: Identifying neighbourhoods of homes based on their architectural style, market value, and location.
  • Topic Study: Clustering may assist you in determining what you already know and what more research is necessary.

How to Create a Cluster Diagram Online

To easily create appealing cluster diagrams, Boardmix offers expert templates with a beautiful blend of circular forms, well-matched colour tones, and pleasant layouts. It assists you in organizing facts about novel subjects graphically for simple understanding.


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Do you want to arrange the fantastic ideas from a recent brainstorming or run a brainstorming session with your team and create a cluster diagram during the process? Find out the steps by reading on.

Step 1: Introduce a Theme

The remainder of your diagram will be organized according to this subject. Make it the focal point of the diagram, for instance, if you're talking about a brand-new product or feature. A key theme like "consumer feedback" may also be used if you're discussing the findings of a recent customer survey.

introduce a theme cluster diagram

Step Two: Define Subcategories

What subcategories will you use to arrange your thoughts? Consider at least a few ideas from which you may deviate. As you go through the diagramming process, this will assist you in knowing where to add the more particular elements.

define subcategories cluster diagram

Step 3: Fill in the Branches

Fill up your diagram by placing ideas and details beneath each subcategory. Go as far as necessary; if your subcategories need their subcategories, create them. Cluster diagrams may be structured in any manner that works for you since it is one of their benefits.

fill in branches cluster diagram

Step 4: Customize

You can rapidly decorate them to be more presentable and emphasize the various cluster diagram components for simpler analysis using the vast choice of colour themes available in Boardmix. Once finished, you may download it as an SVG, PNG, JPEG, or PDF to publish, embed in presentations, or print.

customize cluster diagram

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Examples of Cluster Diagrams

A cluster diagram may be made by combining objects with thematic connections to the primary subject. However, each diagram may have a different number of objects and connections. This indicates that there is no established structure for cluster diagrams. There is no set structure for diagram expansion; include components pertinent to the primary theme. You may choose the format that works best for you with the aid of the cluster diagram examples provided below. Take a look at these cluster diagram examples.

Example 1

cluster diagram example 1

Source: Edrawmax

Example 2

cluster diagram example 2

Source: Edrawmax

This is a cluster image shown by three sets of geometrical shapes. This is a three-stage process. The stages in this process are cluster, parallel, and held together.

Example 3

cluster diagram example 3

Source: Slideteam

This is a seven-stage process. The stages in this process are Radial Cluster Diagram Showing the Network Inside. 

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