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Published on Nov 04, 2022, updated on Mar 15, 2024

For the past few years, the online space has taken a front seat in the organization of courses, training and workshops. The benefits of online space in the orchestration of similar events have been recognized to be an effective alternative to real-life sessions.

To successfully organize virtual workshops, several things have to be put in place to ensure the effect and engagement. This article explores the virtual workshop concept, the best practices and tools to make it productive. Keep reading.

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Know About Virtual Workshop

What Is a Virtual Workshop

A virtual workshop is as the name implies; conducting an event which is centered on educating and enlightening a specified audience on a specific subject matter. A virtual workshop may include health workshops, educational workshops, and onboarding and training programs for employees. Usually, virtual workshops are held by appointed experts in an organization or other professionals and heads in an organization to impart valuable knowledge and skills.

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Why Do You Choose a Virtual Workshop

The major appeal of virtual workshops and training is the absence of a need for a robust financial budget and promoting learning interactively and engagingly. Here are main features of a virtual workshop.

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  • Less Expensive to Organize: Organizing virtual workshop generally cost less in terms of money and time expended. This includes costs of travel accommodations, transportation and feeding.
  • Improve Interactions and Engagements: There is the flexibility that comes with organizing virtual training programs, with an abundance of engagement-enabling tools such as chat boxes and polling sections. These features make it easier to obtain input from participants of these virtual workshops and make it two-way learning traffic. This is often key as it will ensure that the objectives of the workshop are being met and the participants are gaining an understanding of the concepts.
  • Highly Accommodating: Virtual workshops can accommodate a large number of people from different geographic locations at a certain time. The convenience that comes with getting a lot of people together without expending many costs is unbeatable.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The flexibility and ease that comes with online of virtual workshops make them a more efficient alternative than a physical workshop, as there is no loss of time in logistical problems and the training can be held in shorter sessions across a period without impeding on comfort.
  • Adaptability: If you have gathered content on resources for an online workshop; this can just be in your bank of resources after the workshop and can be reused anytime there is a call for it. The contents and resources can also be adapted to suit different audience types and sectors.

How to Organize a Virtual Workshop

Highlight the Objectives of the Workshop

This is a crucial step to begin your virtual workshop online as it helps you gain clarity on the methodology and the path to sourcing the necessary content. You can attain the objectives of the workshop by providing answers to what the workshop seeks to attain the non-negotiables and the desired outputs of the workshop.

Design the Workshop with the Goals in Mind

After concluding the objectives of the workshop, the different segments and components of the workshop should be tailored towards the goals that are set to be achieved. All exercises and frameworks and other aspects should be broken down and completely relevant to the goal of the workshop. It is also necessary to take into consideration the different learning styles and knowledge levels of the audience of the virtual workshop.

Choose the Right Software

A key aspect that must not be missed is the selection of adequate software to aid with the delivery and development of the content for the virtual workshop. For effectiveness, the tool you choose should at least support multiplayer collaboration in real time and provide enough tools for interaction.

Conduct Testing before the Workshop Is Delivered

This involves testing the engaging elements of the software that might be used and ensuring that all of the technology is well functioning before the due time. Testing gives insights into loopholes and obstructions that may affect the effectiveness.

Choose the Right Tool for the Virtual Workshop - Boardmix

The mastery in delivering an effective online workshop lies in a thorough selection of the best tool to aid with the necessary aspects of a virtual workshop online.

Boardmix is an online collaborative whiteboard platform which provides all the necessary tools and elements to have a superb online workshop with the most efficiency, enhanced collaboration and engagement.

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It features an intuitive user interface with wide-ranging elements and tools which facilitates expressiveness and allows for better engagement with the team, improve the hosting of online workshops across varying channels in different formats and across different time zones.

To provide users with an extraordinary experience and amplify digital transformation across different platforms, Boardmix steps up as a one-of-a-kind on my platform with unlimited possibilities to scale up the efficiency of online workshops.


Now you know all the necessary aspects of a virtual workshop. With virtual workshops, the physical learning process is replicated and amplified with the best tools like Boardmix. Hosting virtual workshops online with Boardmix saves you from an exorbitant budget and allows organizations to obtain the maximum effectiveness. Just visit the website to get started for free!

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