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Design your unique workflow in Boardmix

Build any diagram faster with our flexible flowchart maker

Create and build the next big thing together with Boardmix’s suite of diagramming tools. Develop a shared understanding and achieve your best work ever.

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Mapping & Diagramming

Map Out & Organize Ideas on Infinite Canvas

Capture and develop great ideas with Boardmix's mind mapping tool. Organize your mind maps into various layouts with different themes.

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Mapping & Diagramming

Ignite your plans from strategy to execution

Utilize templates for planning sessions, prioritization, and visual presentations to unleash the power of your strategy.

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Mapping & Diagramming

Team up anytime, anywhere

Enhance team collaboration with agile workflow templates, boosting efficiency, speed, and strength.

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Mapping & Diagramming

Efficiently direct sessions for enduring results

Increase productivity and engagement with meticulously designed meeting and workshop templates.

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Mapping & Diagramming

Visual collaboration tool for every team

  1. Project Management

    • Create your product roadmap
    • Brainstorm ideas with your team
    • Keep track of project progress
    • Develop buyer personas
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  2. Sales

    • Foster customer engagement
    • Collaborate with Sales teams
    • Enhance the customer experience
    • Gather and centralize critical information
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  3. Marketing

    • Empower every team with flexible workflows
    • Visualize roadmaps in a visual format
    • Leverage AI-powered writing assistance
    • Streamline tasks, documents, spreadsheets, and more
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  4. IT teams

    • Streamline agile task and issue management
    • Collaborate with your team to accelerate delivery
    • Enhance the hybrid experience for seamless collaboration
    • Utilize whiteboards and diagramming tools
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  5. UX&Design

    • Inform decisions with user research insights
    • Prioritize customers with powerful journey maps
    • Involve non-designers in iterations
    • Lead inclusive design sprints
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Project Management
IT teams

Boardmix AI

Boardmix combines advanced AI technology with the simplicity of a whiteboard, making it effortless to brainstorm ideas, analyze data, draft documents, and visualize information collaboratively or individually.

Everything your team needs is here

Boost team efficiently with real-time collaboration

Boardmix allows up to 500 people to collaborate simultaneously, making idea pitching during brainstorming sessions seamless. Communicate effortlessly with teammates through mentions, comments, and emojis to ensure smooth project progression.

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Boost team efficiently with real-time collaboration

Accelerate your work with AI assistance

Elevate your visual communication with Boardmix’s AI-powered online whiteboard. From diagramming and brainstorming to ideation and strategy sessions, Boardmix offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your entire creative process.

  • AI art
  • Presentations
  • Mind maps
  • Flowcharts
  • AI chat/writing
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AI artPresentationsMind mapsFlowcharts AI chat/writing

Streamlined workflow with integrated tools

Boardmix offers perfect integration capabilities, allowing seamless connection with all your tools to enhance work efficiency. With Boardmix's native integrations, you can effortlessly incorporate the visual workspace into your daily workflow and get started quickly.

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Streamlined workflow with integrated tools

Get a head start with templates

4 L's Retrospective Template

Mind Map

Using a mind map template, let your ideas and concepts flow strategically.

Mad Sad Glad Template


Simplify business process and development by using a flowchart template.

FMEA Template

Organizational Chart

Adopt an organizational chart template for better collaboration of team members in your company.

Lean Canvas Template

Concept Map

How concept maps can transform your learning process with ease.

SWOT Analysis Template

SWOT Analysis

Develop a SWOT analysis template to assess where you stand against your competition

Project Timeline Template

Project Timeline

Stay on track and ensure the timely completion of your project

Loved by 5M+ users worldwide

"Boardmix's user-friendly interface stands out from other whiteboard tools I've tried. While I found many of them initially confusing, Boardmix is refreshingly intuitive and easy to jump into, making it a great option for collaborative brainstorming, project planning, and visual thinking."
John H. IT Consultant
"It has significantly boosted our team's creativity and collaborative efforts. The intuitive interface and variety of tools make it easy to visualize complex ideas and work together seamlessly, regardless of location."
Jessica K. Creative Director
"Boardmix is perfect for creating interactive presentations. It allows me to engage my audience more effectively by turning static information into dynamic and interactive visuals. This has been particularly useful for client meetings and internal reviews."
Emily W. Head of Marketing
"It has become an essential tool for our strategic planning sessions. The versatile features allow us to map out our business strategies clearly and collaboratively, ensuring everyone is on the same page."
James R. Strategy Consultant
"Boardmix combines user-friendliness with high functionality, making it a top choice for our team. The ability to collaborate in real-time and access a comprehensive set of diagramming tools has transformed our workflow."
Sophia L. Co-Founder