About the Mind Map Template

Definition and Explanation

Too many ideas and insights are good for developing an organized structure once you categorize them. However, you need not worry; adapting an easy diagram lets you manage your ideas to create better analysis. A mind map template is a diagramming tool representing concepts and items related to and organized around one central subject. The diagram generally uses a non-linear layout.

History of Mind Maps

Tony Buzan gave the name min mapping to the diagram in 1974. He is a British TV presenter and psychology author who also termed this brainstorming method 'radiant thinking.' For those studying the diagram, it is likely inspired by the same methods utilized by Alber Einstein, Joseph Donald Novak, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Purpose of Mind Maps

A mind map is a flexible tool used in various aspects. A few of the common scenarios where mind mapping is essential include the following:

  • Brainstorming
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Notes taking
  • Presentations
  • Project management
  • Improved studying

Benefits of Mind Maps

  • The diagram presents a better illustration of the relationships between concepts and ideas.
  • It promotes efficiency in communicating through processes.
  • It provides better visibility to the target audience.
  • Mind mapping allows you to organize concepts and ideas effectively.

Creating a Mind Map

Tools Needed for Creating a Mind Map

While you can use markers and sticky notes to plot your mind map, most people today utilize diagramming software. There are various software providers today that you can choose from. Most of those mind maps created digitally are editable, so modifying your diagram is easier if necessary. It is also suitable and efficient for collaboration, as all members with a link to the project can view the mind map.

Step-by-Step Guide in Making a Mind Map

  1. Choosing a Central Idea. Remember to discuss the main subject of the mind map with your team. Once done, you can place the central concept at the center of your map.
  2. Creating Main Branches. Ensure to brainstorm the possible topics you must input around the central idea—no need to worry about the order of these ideas.
  3. Adding Subtopics. Provide subtopics for each main topic. This allows you to elaborate more on your ideas and be more specific with your mind map. Remember to use shorter words or phrases.
  4. Including Keywords and Images. Digital mind-mapping tools allow you to be creative with your diagram. Besides the lines and shapes, they let you add images to your mind map template. Keywords are also useful, especially if you have to place various subtopics on the diagram.
  5. Organizing and Reviewing the Mind Map. Refine your map, as there might be some topics and subtopics which you must rearrange. Ensure your team agrees with all insights in the mind map template before the final output.

Mind Map Examples

As you already know, mind maps can be used in various scenarios. Look closely at the examples below as your bases when creating your mind map template.

Business and Marketing

Product Launch

If your brand plans to introduce a new product to your target market, there will be many things to consider. As you can see in the example below, several subtopics are placed. It is also better to assign colors for every topic for better categorization. The diagram is neat yet comprehensive and uses fewer words, which is a plus.


SWOT Analysis

The Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threat (SWOT) analysis can easily be understood using the mind map template. The diagram can be handy if you want to analyze the performance of your business or organization. You can see that the mind map below shows concise and detailed insights for every category.


Sales Strategy

This sales strategy mind map is an excellent example of using the most out of digital diagramming software. Even the lines look like real tree branches. The creator here also used images for further emphasis. You can always play with your mind map template; ensure you will not leave out the most critical aspects of the diagram.


Education and Learning

Study Plan

Not everyone is studious. It might be ideal to have a study guide so you will attend all lessons at school. The mind map template below looks overwhelming at first glance. This is because of several subtopics with longer sentences. On the flip side, the template is very detailed, allowing learners of the exact thing to do.


Essay Writing

Whether it is a movie reflection, a news article, or a blog post, a mind map template will be useful to ensure you have all the essential details in your essay. While the template below has so many branches, remember that you can have lesser main topics if you wish to. Additionally, you can immediately place the essay's title as your central idea and support it with the points you want to include in your article.


Exam Review

The template below talks about the Cubital Fossa. This might look familiar to those who are in the medical field. Studying different body parts can be exhausting, and a mind map template is a helpful tool for organizing topics and their relation to the central idea. If your exam is all about identifying the types of bones in the human body, you can include images of them for better emphasis. This way, you’ll remember them easily while reviewing.


Personal Development and Goal Setting

Life Goals

You can use a mind map template as colorful as the example below. The diagram is well-made, and every main branch is provided with specific subtopics. Your life goals could change over the years, so using editable diagramming software will be useful.


New Year's Resolutions

The diagram below is all about a playful take on a mind map template. The creator also used light yet colored hues, which are pleasing to the eyes. You can add more subcategories for every resolution; probably a way to achieve your every new year's resolution.


Healthy Habits

Having healthy habits is more than just practicing a balanced diet. The mind map template below tells you that to have a healthy lifestyle, you must also focus on other things, including social, mental, and emotional habits. Be as playful as you can while plotting the map.


FAQs about Mind Maps

What is the difference between a mind map and a concept map?

Generally, a concept map involves several ideas and concepts in one diagram. Meanwhile, mind maps focus on one central idea with subtopics. Looking at its structure, the concept map has a radial framework, while a mind map is a tree-like diagram.

Can mind maps help improve memory?

Yes. A mind map improves your memory as it involves an individual's imagination. The colors, words, branches, and images promote mental focus and energy, allowing you to place concepts into memory.

Is it necessary to use images in a mind map?

Not necessarily. As the examples above show, you can utilize shapes and lines to form the mind map template. However, if you love to have more visuals on your diagram, you can use stickers and images to highlight significant points on the mind map.

Can I make a mind map without any software?

Yes, you can do it manually. However, it could be challenging to collaborate with your team members remotely to edit the diagram when needed. If it's for personal use, it's possible that you can make your mind map without software.

How can I use mind maps in team collaboration?

In most cases, you can provide your team with the link to your mind map project. Once they visit the link, they can see the actual mind map. Mind map software today also allows collaborators to get an edit access card to the template.


The mind map's job is to make brainstorming more organized quickly. If you're teaming up with people while creating the mind map, discuss with them first the elements you want to include in the chart. There might be ideas that are not ideal to be part of the map, so it pays to get more insights from everyone.

As you can see, whether it is for business, studies, or personal goals, you can adapt the concept of a mind map template. Also, the good thing is that there are hundreds of mind-mapping software that you can use to plot the diagram.

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