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Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks

Published on May 31, 2024, updated on Jul 19, 2024

Many educational institutions, teachers, and students commonly use a type of mind map called a bubble chart. As one of the eight main types of mind maps, bubble charts are favored by teachers for teaching convenience and by students for better understanding studies.

Bubble mind maps help students expand their thinking and visualize knowledge. How do you create a bubble mind map? Let's explore what a bubble mind map is, its benefits, and how to draw one using the Boardmix online collaboration whiteboard. This multifunctional tool will make creating bubble mind maps effortless!

What is a Bubble Mind Map?


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There are various types of bubble mind maps, each serving different purposes. They are primarily used to describe different characteristics of a subject, helping us gain a comprehensive understanding of the central keyword's features. By leveraging the divergent thinking nature of mind maps, users can systematically organize known information. Bubble mind maps include single bubble charts, double bubble charts, data bubble charts, and more, suitable for various scenarios like teaching, concept reinforcement, deepening understanding, and describing activities.

Let's look at some common bubble mind map templates from Boardmix to understand better what bubble mind maps are. Additionally, if the templates do not meet user needs, Boardmix offers an infinitely scalable canvas to freely draw text and images, combined with various drawing tools such as basic shapes and arrows, allowing for creative and bold creations.

Benefits of Bubble Mind Maps

Single bubble mind maps can be seen as simplified mind maps with only one layer of logic, focusing on a central theme to explain and elaborate on key content.

Double bubble mind maps feature two central themes, describing two different subjects. However, the two central themes must have some similarity or comparability; otherwise, they are just two separate single bubble charts. Double bubble mind maps help compare two different or similar subjects, expanding thinking and quickly organizing known information. This process enhances our observation and reaction abilities and improves our information-processing skills.

Each type of bubble mind map has its benefits. Overall, bubble mind maps help us use a step-by-step approach to organize thoughts, structure content, and explore more information by focusing on a central theme, thus enhancing our information processing capabilities.

How to Draw a Bubble Mind Map

1. Define the Theme and Type of Mind Map


First, determine the keyword for the bubble mind map, which is the central theme we will discuss and create. The central theme is the core point of every mind map, guiding the direction of thought and helping generate more ideas. Once the theme is set, the next step is to determine the type of mind map, which is crucial as it influences the thinking mode during drawing.

2. Expand Ideas and Enrich Content


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Choosing the right bubble mind map tool can make the process much easier. Boardmix's online collaboration whiteboard allows us to draw our bubble mind maps on its infinite canvas. Here, we can zoom in and out, freely add various visual tools, and insert pre-existing shapes and arrows to add branches to the bubble chart. We can also modify the borders, fonts, and colors of symbols and shapes to enrich content, highlight relationships, and beautify the chart, aiding in organizing information and expanding ideas from different dimensions.

3. Export the diagram


Once the bubble mind map is complete, you can share it via Boardmix's sharing feature by copying and sharing the link. Additionally, Boardmix supports exporting in mainstream formats like PDF and Word, so you can directly import PNG, PDF, and other image formats for sharing.

Free Bubble Mind Map Templates

Pixso Note
Note: Click the "Try the Template for Free" button, choose all the elements on the canvas, and then create a new file and paste them in it. This way you can customize the template.

If you're unsure where to start, using a template can be a quick and efficient way to create a diagram. Boardmix's online collaboration whiteboard offers numerous detailed and logically clear scene templates. Users can find suitable templates in the resource community's template library and apply them with one click. By combining personal ideas with existing templates, users can quickly and creatively draw their charts.


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Bubble mind maps are not only in teaching but also in event planning, scheme discussions, and other business scenarios. In today's era of online education and remote work, Boardmix meets people's needs perfectly.

Boardmix allows for video conferencing and online presentations, simply by opening a browser and starting a meeting. This feature significantly enhances learning and work efficiency, making it easier to conduct educational sessions or team collaborations centered around bubble charts. Boardmix has even more features waiting for you to explore!

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